Manticore Trading

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Manticore Trading
Manticore Trading Logo.jpg
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Natasha Morgan
Owner Assurian Fury
Headquarters Boonta VI
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 9
Dissolved Year 15 Day 166
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions
Zann Consortium
De` Cobray
Pressure Pirates
Industry Trading
Holosite Manticore Trading

Manticore Trading Banner.jpg

CEO Assurian Fury and the founding members of Manticore Trading have put the company on the map. Having opened several trade stations and facilities to the public they offer trade asset management at 10% and data cards to the public at great prices. The Corporation has holdings in the Dubrillion sector, with mines and facilities in Boonta and Ottega. Diplomat Natasha Morgan will soon seek an audience with his Majesty King Jude Vatz of Tresario Star Kingdom. Manticore hopes to negotiate with the King to allow them to manage some of their stations and construct new ones where required.

On Day 110 of Year 15, Manticore rebranded themselves as Witches of Dathomir. Within a few months of the rebranding, they company would dissolve from the galactic scene.


  • Assurian Fury (Founding Leader)
  • Natasha Morgan (Year 15 Day 16 - Current)