Maradin Sandwalker

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Maradin Sandwalker was elected the first Chief of State of the New Republic on Year 8 Day 121.

Long before the birth of the New Republic, Maradin was an important figure of the SoroSuub Coporation's Middle Management team. Maradin distinguished himself in leadership roles in both Riviera Medical and Riviera Ship Shop. Prior to the New Republic, Sandwalker worked as Chief of Production for the entire SoroSuub Conglomerate, and he also assisted in their early tax planet projects. In the first Chief of State election, Maradin edged out the Rebel Alliance's Supreme Commander Phymp Mindano to become the New Republic's first Chief of State. Maradin maintained a fairly good relationship with the Senate and helped oversee a smooth merger between the Rebel Alliance and the SoroSuub Corporation which resulted in the restoration of the Republic as the New Republic.

Due to a catastrophic series of technical problems and engine failures Maradin was stranded in the outer-reaches and unable to perform his duties as Chief of State as he would wish. While he was cut off from the rest of the galaxy his second in command, Minister Phymp Mindano, took the reigns and exercised his extensive leadership experience to guide the New Republic in Maradin's stead. Maradin returned briefly after Ingo R. Vailis was elected Chief of State, but he disappeared soon after again.