Marc Hamkins

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Marc Hamkins
Marc Hamkins.png
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh (Former Qiraash)
Homeworld Qat Chrystak
Mother Skylar Hamkins
Father James Hamkins
Spouse None
Born Y-6 D02
Quote "Dragons rule the sky!"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 Meters
Coloring Red Skin
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition


Rank Commander

Marc Hamkins is a well decorated Commander in the Triumvirate Coalition Navy Force. He was born a Qiraash on Qat Chrystak but after contact with the Metamorphosis Plague in the Derra sector he now is a Kallesh. He maintains an ongoing search for those responsible for his friend Rj’s death in his free time. He wears Mandalorian armor as a symbol of his commitment to his friend. From criminal beginnings as a thief and con-man he turned a new leaf after meeting another Mandalorian Thor, who would help him in his search. He decided to join the Navy hoping it would aid him in his search for those responsible for Rj’s death. His knowledge of the underworld and criminal activities has proved to be a valuable asset in his ability in keeping peace and other military operations.

Criminal Past

Early Life


Marc Hamkins was born Y-6 D02 on the planet Qat Chrystak to a Skylar and James Hamkins. His father didn’t have the most honest trade on the planet but he was good enough that times were never exactly tough. He specialized in acquiring others valuables without being seen, not exactly the best kind of role model for his son. Marc’s uncle on the other hand was the charming and charismatic one of the two. He was more of a con artist tricking his marks into giving their money to him; he could practically talk people out of their own cloths. Marc was raised in that atmosphere, and just like the rest of his family he seemed to thrive. Marc grew up with confidence and he could see he was better than his peers. It seemed he inherited the best of what his father and uncle had to best to offer. From a young age his mind was keen, reflexes sharp and had a personality one would like but forget in a heartbeat. As Marc grew up he learned from his father and uncle, he learned to perform everything from the classic pickpocket to helping his uncle run a salting con. With the training and experience provided by his family he felt it was time for him to go into business for himself in his mid-teen years.

The First Adventure

The time was finally right for young Marc to leave home, so at fourteen he left Qiraa and began hopping from planet to planet. He tried along the way to perform jobs but none of them challenged him. The jobs he did run would barely end up covering the expenses of his travel. He finally devised a plan to steal resources from a capital ship that was used to transport along the southern rim. Marc figured he could sneak in and steal some of the resources and escape; his plan didn’t go exactly as he planned. Marc got his hands on ship maintenance uniform and cleared through security to assist on some malfunctions on the ship. The guards were not thorough enough and it led to them being knocked out by a stun gun courtesy of Marc. He quickly moved as much materials as he could have loaded into his ship and prepared to leave. His plan took a drastic change when the alarms began to sound, he could no longer leave in his ship. He figured he had a better chance escaping in a Y-Wing rather than his now red flagged YT-1300, so he decided to ditch the loot and make his escape. Shortly after escaping he discovered other fighters were in hot pursuit and Marc found himself near useless behind the controls of fighter and his chances were near zero to outrun a squad of fighters. Enemy fire hit his right wing and began to spin out heading for the planet’s surface; trying as he might behind the controls he feared all was lost. Luck found his side and he was able to level his plane and make a crash landing.

Pick a Pocket and Punch 'em in the Face

Meeting the Mandalorian

Marc regained his consciousness and looked around the battered Y-Wing, after deciding it was a lump of scrap he planned to move on. He was sure people from the capital ship were on their way to check the crash; in fact a FK-7 Airspeeder was already on the horizon. Marc decided to try and make a run for it and the speeder was in hot pursuit. The speeder would stop in front of him and Marc got ready to fight or flee. The hatch opened and out walked a man with a big ol’ grin, he waved towards Marc. Marc relaxed a bit and walked up to the man whom introduced himself as Rj. Rj offered him a ride in to town when a large group of speeders appeared in the distance. The group got closer and the FK-7’s all bared the same logo as the capital ship, Marc began to panic. The group surrounded them and approached Rj and Marc. Rj took lead and talked with their leader, he convinced them that Marc was his assistant. It seemed Marc had caught a break by meeting Rj and also may have just gained a new friend. Rj covering for him turned out to be the start to a beautiful and prosperous relationship. Marc could bring thieving and cons to the table while Rj could back him up with his piloting and shooting skills. They both learned from each other, and soon they worked together like a well oiled machine.

Kill Them All

After a few years of running together, right around when Marc turned 18, Rj revealed to him that he was a Mandalorian. After this revelation Marc saw Rj in a whole new light and it made sense now on how easily Rj adapted to combat orientated situations. He explained his past to Marc, how he tried to leave his clan behind him in his past. The clan didn’t let its members do this and Rj feared one day it would catch up to him. A few months after Rj confided to Marc, Rj never returned from one of his jobs. Marc began to dig around into what had happened, after a good month of search he came up on a hot lead. After making a house call to what he discovered was one of the people responsible, he learned from this guy that he and another man were hired to kidnap and execute Rj. Finding out that information didn’t require that much “convincing”, though Marc let his emotions get the best of him. Before he could find out any information on who had hired them or why Marc executed him like he had done to his friend. Marc swore he would avenge his friend and so he procured armor near to that of the Mandalorians.

Another Mandalorian

Marc’s search for the murderer took him to the famed Eclipse Bar on board of a Triumvirate trading station. At this bar he discovered an Iktotchi Mandalorian named Thor, he was a ranking member of the Triumvirate Navy. Marc decided to confront the Iktotchi to see if he could get any information about Mandalorians and the guys who killed his friend. Things escalated quickly and before they both knew it Marc and Thor were engaged in a classic bar brawl. Things didn’t go so well for Marc and he found himself on the south side of this fight, but before he was thrown out the Mandalorian lifted him up and sat him on a chair. Thor ordered two strong drinks and sat one of them in front of Marc and was told to drink up. After the drink Marc was told to explain, so he told him what had happened to his friend Rj. To his surprise Thor revealed he used to be good friends with Rj in what he described as a past life, but he knew nothing of his death much less that he was dead. Marc was not sure if he believed the Mandalorian but he couldn’t seem to find a reason not to. As Marc collected himself and got up to leave Thor grabbed him by the shoulder, he proposed joining the Triumvirate Navy. He told Marc that if he joined he would help him find out what had happened to his friend. After some consideration Marc reached out to shake the man in acceptance of his offer, thinking that this may be the best opportunity to avenge his fallen friend. Initial training wouldn’t prove difficult for Marc due to his prior training with his buddy Rj. The Triumvirate would keep a close eye on this recruit, seeing a possible future star in the making they placed him in the Navy’s Third Fleet Division after graduation.

Triumvirate Coalition


New Way Of Life


With his enlistment into the Triumvirate Coalition Navy he shipped off to initial training. The mentality of a soldier was vastly different than that of a thief and con-man, Marc would find that to be the most difficult part of his training. He was conflicted with the free spirited independent thinking that was required in the trade he learned growing up. It would take time but he focused his attention on turning this into more of a strength then a weakness. His framed of mind helped him become a natural leader amongst the men around him. The rest of the training would come easy to him; from piloting to hand to hand combat Marc was already proficient from his time with Rj. He learned how to watch his tongue and to follow orders in training, and shortly after he proved to be a model recruit. He graduated near the top of his class, excelling in both tactics and marksmanship. Command would find a home in Third Fleet for Marc after graduation; they hoped placing more model soldiers would help Third Fleet shape up into a premier fighting force. So after the ceremony Marc with bags in tow shipped off to his new family.

3rd Fleet Dragons

Marc would spend his time focusing on furthering his career, but on any day he was off duty he would spend trying to track down any information on the men responsible for Rj’s death. He bonded with the other personnel in Dragon Fleet, and amongst the whole crew they would find mutual respects. From working in a small team Marc moved up the ranks, so running his own small squad of ships. The fleet found him to be a very capable leader. During Operation New Horizon Marc found a promotion to Lt. Commander, the details are classified. Only released information point that the operation involved finding and securing a new found system in the galaxy. Marc would spend his time as Lt. Commander in Third Fleet till after Operation Peacekeeper.

Metamorphosis Plague

Operation Peacekeeper or otherwise known as the Derra Conflict would prove to be a moment of glory for Marc. Marc and the rest of Third Fleet found themselves in the Derra system; they were deployed there with the other fleets. At first they were kept in the dark about what was happening planet side. After seeing enemy forces in orbit around the planet and no combat ensuing between them they began to wonder what was happening. It seemed an all out war was breaking out planet side, and some disease was at the heart of it. Marc’s buddy Stickz was sent planet side to recover a person that was sick, but after numerous days with no contact he took it upon himself to go find his comrade. He landed on the planet surface and discovered a gruesome sight, bloody and mutilated corpses were all over the place. This was no war on the ground it was an all out massacre, with no sides drawn. Marc was unsure of what he was seeing when he saw a figure step out from behind a tree. The figure appeared friendly so Marc let his guard down and that was when the figure rushed him. In shock Marc was pinned to the ground and felt a horrible pain in his shoulder as the figure bit into it. With a pistol in hand Marc was able to fend off the creature with a well timed shot through its skull. Pushing the limp body off of him he tended to his wound and got set to move on. Little did Marc know that was the start to a transformation he was about to have to endure. Marc continued to move through the forest looking for any sign of life, he began to notice a headache and slight nausea creeping on. A ship could be heard not too far from his location and he went to investigate, the ship bore the Third Fleet logo. He approached the ship as troops began to exit the hanger, his legs felt weak and he began to stumble. A splitting headache clouded his vision and he collapsed in front of his fellow men. He would wake up in a hospital bed, and a doctor bearing disturbing news. Unlike some who went raving crazy he was one of those that changed permanently. He collapsed as a Qiraash and now found himself to be a Kaleesh and it would take a week to recover completely from this disease. Marc would later embrace this change but for now it would take some getting used to. Instead of waiting the full week Marc immediately went back into the action.

Third Fleet Dissolution

After his reaction to the plague Marc geared up and went back planet side. He met up with Thor Nighthammer and resumed his role in Third Fleet. After meeting up in the main Galactic Alliance compound Marc received orders to lead thirty two men out into battle. During this operation Marc led his troops into successively defeating over hundred enemies. These enemies included standard troops and what is believed to be between 4 and 6 Galactic Empire Officers. With his decisive tactics Marc returned back after over two weeks in the field suffering little losses. This led to his promotion from Lt. Commander to Commander when the Third Fleet would see its dissolution. After its dissolution the Triumvirate would establish a Fifth Fleet with Marc acting as the Wing Commanding Officer.

5th Fleet

-Under Construction-

Ranks and Awards in Triumvirate Coalition


  • Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander


  • OpNewHorizons.pngBalamakCampaign.pngOp-peacekeeper.pngOp lightyear.png
  • RenService.pngCentrality-Service-Award.pngNRFriendship.png

In Order of Appearance:

  • Operation New Horizons- For participating in Operation New Horizons, to search for unexplored systems in the galaxy.
  • Balamak Campaign- For participating in the operation to colonise and secure the Balamak system.
  • Operation Peacekeeper- For participating in Operation Peacekeeper, defending the inhabitants of Derra IV from hostile forces in Year 14.
  • Operation Lightyear- For participating in Operation Lightyear, coming to the aid and defence of the Infinite Empire in Year 14.
  • Pesmenben Service award- Awarded by the people of Pesmenben for work done to aid them or the Triumvirate over a period of six months.
  • Teraab Service Award- Awarded by the people of Teraab for work done to aid them or the Triumvirate over a period of one year.
  • New Republic Friendship Award- Awarded to those who took part in joint projects with the New Republic and showed a high degree of cooperation.


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