Mark DeMeer

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Mark DeMeer
Mark DeMeer Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian[1]
Homeworld Corellia[1]
Mother Risha DeMeer[1]
Father Magnus DeMeer[1]
Siblings Tyr DeMeer[2]
Died Circa Year 4 Day 250[3]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank General
Awards [IDM] [CMR] [DB1] [CSR6][1]

Lieutenant Colonel Mark DeMeer was a Corellian male and the elder brother of Tyr DeMeer, the Warrior Eminence of Mandalore.[2] After an impoverished upbringing on Tatooine, Mark DeMeer became a notable Imperial Army officer and commanded the Imperial Army's 2rd Battalion — more infamously known as the Dark Blade Legion.[4]

Following the overthrow of Emperor Charon by Warlord Vodo Bonias and Greyson Uebles, DeMeer became openly critical of the new Imperial High Command.[5] He reportedly conspired with Grand Vizier Corell Aintab to depose Emperor Uebles and Warlord Bonias. He was summarily executed by Uebles' Imperial Security Bureau circa Year 4 Day 250.[3][6] His younger sibling Tyr was told by Imperial authorities that Mark had died battling pirates during a perilous operation.[2]


Mark DeMeer was born on the planet of Corellia.[1] He was the child of Magnus and Rishna DeMeer. The DeMeer family lived in the metropolis of Coronet, the capital of the Corellian system. Here they had a small business, repairing and selling speeder bikes. But business was slow and it was time for a change. The family moved to Tatooine when Mark was nine years old, and they started a business repairing and selling hyperdrive parts for starships. When Mark was about the age of fourteen his family was caught in the crossfire between a local Hutt gangster and a bounty hunter. Both of Mark's parents were hit and was killed.[1]

A close friend to the family, a man called Jonan Sanand and his wife Emma, native to Tatooine, took care of the DeMeer children from this point. Jonan owned a cantina together with a Noghri called Zhile in the area around the spaceports at Anchorhead. Since the DeMeer brothers spent most of their free time there, playing with the children of Jonan and Emma, they heard stories about the galaxy and great adventures.[2]

When he turned twenty, Mark departed Tatooine and traveled around the galaxy for some time. His travels stopped at Berchest where he enlisted in the Imperial Army circa Year 3 Day 92.[7] He quickly finished his basic training and rose up through the ranks. He was eventually transferred to the planet of his origin, Corellia. During this time, DeMeer served under Colonel Maureen York and was a contemporary of Sergeant Squall Chitose, a future brigand in the Eidola Pirates.[8] Mark was promoted to Major and became CO of the 2nd Battalion, the Dark Blade Legion.[4] His subordinates included Sergeant First Class Banquo Knox,[3] Sergeant Caravon Thamin, and Corporal Vic Lazlo.[1]

Circa Year 4 Day 133, Warlord Vodo Bonias and his confederates deposed Charon as emperor, and Greyson Uebles ascended the Imperial throne. Believing Uebles and Bonias to be unfit to lead the Empire, DeMeer repeatedly denounced them in holonet transmissions.[5] Circa Year 4 Day 241, he is believed to have joined a coup d'etat planned by Imperial Grand Vizier Corell Aintab against Emperor Uebles.[3] Their coup d'etat did not succeed. According to fragmented records, the Imperial Security Bureau agent Banquo Knox — acting upon clandestine orders likely given by Bonias or Uebles — carried out the summary execution of Mark DeMeer.[6] Angered by the death of their commander, many of DeMeer's legionnaires departed the Core Worlds and disappeared into the Unknown Regions. One of DeMeer's most unruly subordinates, Sergeant First Class (E-7) Konar Siosk-Baas,[3] was later caught and murdered by the Eidola Pirates.[9]


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