Marko Lee

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Marko Lee
Marko Lee Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Unknown (Corellia)
Died Year 11 Day 113
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Dark hair
Eye Color Black eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Tapani Starships Cooperative
Positions Director
Prior Affiliation Guri-n Krayt (Year 10)
D`Este Realty (Year 10)

Marko Lee was a Corellian male and the director of the Tapani Starship Cooperative circa Year 11. An average-sized human, Lee had black charismatic eyes and dark curly hair. He had a short beard and wore a robe that protected him from sand and wind. Under the robe was a pilot suit with a dragon's head symbol embroidered upon it — the emblem of Guri-n Krayt. Previously, Lee had served in Guri-n Krayt, a paramilitary outfit led by Eshaar Gnor, and in D`Este Realty, a development company. Lee later perished when his personal starship was vaporized by a dying star. After his demise, Davik Kaisho returned to lead Tapani Starships during the transition phase.


The sentient being known to the galaxy as Marko Lee was a melancholy amnesiac who could not recall his past. Years ago, he awoke in a garbage-strewn alley on Corellia with a deep cut above his brow and a terrible headache. Groggy and disoriented, he realized he could not remember... anything. A laminated ID Card tucked in his right pocket bore an unfamiliar name: "Marko Lee." Seeking his forgotten identity, he wandered across the temperate planet and mixed with its various social strata. Although being Corellian is supposedly something one can sense in their blood, Lee remained unsure of his heritage. He worked odd jobs and took night-classes at Coronet University, but this seemed useless as he was a poor scholar. He made the decision to leave Corellia and to search for his past somewhere else in the galaxy...

The stars! Vast space and the stars! Lee felt more secure when traveling in hyperspace. It was somehow familiar. Although space is dark and unseen, he could sense a living presence there, and it astonished him. Alone in the endless cosmos for the first time in a loaned ETA-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor, he didn't feel lonely at all. It reminded him of home. Well, he didn't remember home, but it reminded him of a warm feeling of belonging. He must have spent long hours, days or years in space before.

Eventually, in dire need of funds, Lee enlisted in Guri-n Krayt, a paramilitary unit led by Eshaar Gnor. He was assigned a swift Ginivex-class Starfighter. His first mission was to explore the distant Unknown Regions of the galaxy and to map hyperspace routes to uncharted planets. Although isolated for weeks in the small cramped cockpit, the Ginivex starship became familiar and comforting. His quest to pursue his forgotten identity became less urgent now. Flying around was all he wanted to do.

After several months traveling in space, something changed. The questions about his past loomed again in his mind. While on a leave of absence, Lee clandestinely returned to Corellia for a short while. Gazing at strange people and stranger edifices, he tried to recall anything but with no luck. Perhaps it was the short amount of time he spent there as he was in a hurry or maybe he was standing in the wrong places or maybe Corellia was the wrong place to look. Disappointed, he left Corellia once again.

Lee continued to serve in Guri-n Krayt and was promoted to Midshipman on Year 10 Day 251. On this day, he also discarded his often-worn flight helmet and revealed his face to his fellow comrades. He no longer cared about suspected assassinations. Although still uncertain of his past, he was confident of the present and assured of aid from his brothers and sisters in the mercenary unit.

To his relief, Lee discovered that he was insensitive to the Force. Another mystery would be too much to cope with. Shortly thereafter, he won a podracer's treasure hunt. On Year 10 Day 314, he officially left Guri-n Krayt to seek new adventures and explore the unknown. He acquired the Silent Shot, a starship that he purchased from a fellow Guri-n Krayt officer named David Crow, and departed the organization.

Ultimately, Lee gained employment with D`Este Realty. With the responsibility of leading construction teams, his leadership skills increased. He enjoyed watching new cities grow from empty ground and expand into cultural centers. Also, he learned to operate different types of facilities such as mines and shipyards as well as accrued experience in dealing with larger freighters. During this happy era, while slumming in a seedy cantina on a orbital space-station above Utos with his comrade Marcus Blue, he recruited a young Human from Tatooine named [[Qard Sharq] to join D`Este Realty and its sister-organization Tapani Starship Cooperative.

For months, Lee dutifully worked for D`Este Realty and journeyed among the stars in his favorite ship, the YT-2000 Desert Wind, manufactured by Guri-n Krayt. His talents in all areas were rapidly increasing. After a year of hard work, on Year 11 Day 77, Lee was appointed by Dorn Zeke as the director of Tapani Starship Cooperative. Tragically, he died soonafter when the trajectory of his vessel carried him into a nearby sun. Marko was incinerated without ever uncovering his past.


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Marko Lee
  • Year 10 Day 91: Guri-n Krayt is formed by Eshaar Gnor as a proxy of D`Este Realty.
  • Year 10 Day 172: Marko Lee joins Guri-n Krayt.
  • Year 10 Day 251: He is promoted to Midshipman in Guri-n Krayt.
  • Year 10 Day 314: Marko leaves Guri-n Krayt to seek new adventures and explore the unknown.
  • Year 11 Day 77: Marko Lee becomes the new director of the Tapani Starship Cooperative.
  • Year 11 Day 113: Marko Lee is killed when he and his ship are vaporized by a dying star.
  • Year 11 Day 113: After Lee's demise, Davik Kaisho returns to lead Tapani Starships.

Director of Tapani Starships
Preceded By:
Jonas Lander
Marko Lee
Year 11
Succeeded By:
Davik Kaisho