Matrel Byden

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Matrel Byden
Matrel Byden Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Grand Vizier
Chairwoman of COMPNOR
Fleet Commanding Officer

Matrel Byden — also known as Targeter — was a Human female who became a highly decorated Imperial officer in the Imperial Navy and served in various capacities in the Army and judiciary. She later was appointed Grand Vizier of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order.


Byden enlisted in the Galactic Empire circa Year -3 and was assigned to the Second Naval Recon, Sword Squadron. She was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and executive officer of Sword Squadron in Year -2 and eventually was appointed to the bench in the newly-created Imperial Judiciary. After serving for several months in that capacity, she returned to the Navy and was appointed Vice Admiral Mccarthur's executive officer in the Red Fleet also known as the Imperial Command Fleet (ICF). She eventually became CO of the ICF upon Mccarthur reassignment and selected with Captain Ratman as XO. Back then she commanded the ISD Eradicator.

After a leave of absence, she was reassigned to the First Naval Recon as its commanding officer in Year 1. Little is known of Byden's career between her command in the First Naval Recon and her appointment as General of the Imperial Security Bureau under Emperor Charon. It was during this period that she dropped her assumed name of Targeter and became known as Matrel Byden.

During the Second Imperial Civil War that ravaged the galaxy circa Year 3, Byden played a prominent role in Charon's campaign to exterminate Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire. Together with Grand Admiral Black Lodge, Byden supported the creation of the Hutt Council as an Imperial suzerainty. The latter syndicate became the apex of a propaganda war between Charon's Empire and Bonias' separatist movement. In the eyes of Warlord Bonias, it was contemptible that a humanocentric regime such as Charon's Empire should publicly align itself with a criminal syndicate of Hutts. On Year 3 Day 240, the Hutt Council captured Black Sun Vigo Acria Larkin and extradited her to Byden's Imperial Security Bureau to be arraigned for high crimes against the Empire.[1] The event would later result in the resignation of Larkin's husband, Aves Larkin, from the Falleen Federation, and a cold war between the Empire and Black Sun.

Some months later, negotiations commenced for the reunification of the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire. Charon, ever distrustful of Vodo and his followers, agreed to the merger reluctantly but retained his position as Emperor. Count Greyson Uebles, an Imperial aristocrat and member of the Dark Empire, was appointed Executor. Many Dark Empire officers were similarly integrated into the Galactic Empire in a variety of positions. These same officers would later use their positions to overthrow Charon. Warlord Vodo formed a secretive fleet outside the chain of command that incorporated many loyal and high ranking officers as well as several Dark Jedi. Later this sect would become known as the Order of the Dark Hand. Vodo also managed to preserve the secretive MJ-12 intelligence branch which had been essential in the Dark Empire's success.

As the months passed, the merger between the Galactic Empire and Dark Empire proved disastrous. Suspicion and in-fighting were rampant. It was at this time, the terms "Charonist" and "Vodoist" arose to describe those who remained loyal to Charon and those who supported Vodo in his bid for the Imperial throne respectively. Eventually, Charon ordered Byden to arrest Vice Admiral Jennifer Dreighton for a protocol violation. At the time, Dreighton was commander of the Dark Hand Fleet and a personal confidant of Vodo Bonias. The arrest of Dreighton proved to be the final straw for Vodo's followers, who rose up against Emperor Charon. Executor Uebles seized the opportunity and ascended the throne, overthrowing Charon as the new Emperor on Day 133 of Year 4.


Grand Vizier of COMPNOR
Preceded By:
Orphaea Imperium
Matrel Byden
Year 10 Day 164Year 11 Day 37
Succeeded By:

Director of Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Wilhelm von Ismay
Matrel Byden
Year 5
Succeeded By:
Tala Stalak