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General Information
Status Active
Leader Dac Kain
2IC Alysia Kain
Owner Dac Kain
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 286
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Trade Conglomerate
Holosite Mecrotica Conglomerate

Mecrosa is the head of the Mecrotica Conglomerate and operates as a trading, sales, and entertainment enterprise. Mecrosa is led by Dac Kain, who is also the Executive Director of the entire Mecrotica Conglomerate.


Mecrosa's life can be divided into two distinct pieces, the first being its beginnings as a small group under a much bigger company. The second, and current, being its independence and growth into a company.


The story of Mecrosa begins in Year 8. The private security company known as The Damned lead by Tara Tylger and Banquo Knox were expanding their influence in the galaxy and established a small trading and transport company to augment their growing set of daughter companies. Its first director was Draith Shadux, a member of The Damned. After a little over 200 days in office, Shadux left the organization and Mikel von Bianchi took the helm in Year 9 Day 138. Fourty days later, he also stepped down. After two weeks of logistical reorganizing with help from The Damned members Cirxis Cronossk and Dren, the office passed to Roan Axios in Year 9, Day 192.

Ms. Axios, another member of The Damned, began the process of developing Mecrosa from being a daughter group under her employer's umbrella to a self-sustaining company. Axios was a former member of Renegade Inc., a corporation specializing in everything from transport to construction to paramilitary work. While she was in that company she had met an industrious young man who had been rising through the ranks via his own initiative, a man named Dac Kain. It did not take her very long to determine that her colleague, was a perfect fit for the task of running Mecrosa as a fully fledged company.

Kain Services

Prior to taking control of Mecrosa. Kain was already a successful businessman. While he was officially employed by Renegade Inc., the company's leader, Roy Starkiller encouraged him to pursue additional work. Motivated by Starkiller's confidence and his own ambition, Kain established Kain Services, a hauling and transportation company. At its height, Kain Services employed over 20 pilots and performed tasks all over the galaxy. They acted as pilots for spacers with no transport of their own, and haulers of goods like ships, vehicles, raw materials, and other goods. In fact, the driving force behind Mecrosa's growth and independence was inspired by Kain's ambition and pre-existing business and workforce. If The Damned was the scaffolding of Mecrosa, then Kain Services was to be the structure itself.


At this point, Mecrosa was owned and sponsored by Lord Regent and Minister of the Interior Alexander Tylger of the Hapes Consortium. Axios suggested to Lord Tylger that Kain become the next true leader of Mecrosa. She recognized that Kain's previous business experience made him well-suited for the job, and Tylger agreed. During her time as leader, she worked with Kain and Tylger to smoothly transfer command to Kain. This included obtaining the use of a fleet of Mammoth-class Heavy Haulers, Modular Taskforce Cruisers, BFF-1 Bulk Freighters, Modular Conveyors, and AA-9 Coruscant Freighters from Lord Tylger to haul a variety of cargo across the galaxy.

At the completion of her work, Ms. Axios stepped down from a leadership role in Mecrosa on Day 212 of Year 9. At that point, Kain took the reigns and began the task of fostering and growing the fledgling company, merging it with Kain Services and combining the resources and staff from Kain Services with the additional fleet strength, territory, and monetary support of Renegade Inc., Lord Tylger, and The Damned.

Setting Up Shop

Kain Services was no more and Roan Axios had handed over the keys to the castle. Later, Lord Tylger would formally transfer full ownership of the company over to its new owner. Dac Kain’s Mecrosa was open for business.


Mecrosa did not suffer from a lack of territory. In fact, Kain had procured an entire sector for his new company: Phu. Within were four systems: Hjaff, Trunska, the eponymous Phu system, and Candoria:

  • The Hjaff system was originally owned by Renegade Inc., a company which Kain worked with extensively prior to following his own ambitions. In fact, Kain was a key component in obtaining the planets in the system for his former employer.
  • Trunska I was obtained in a similar manner as how Kain gained control of the Hjaff system. Trunska II, however, is actually governed by a Verpine named Wes Reed. Reed had been a member of Mecrosa nearly since its inception. He continues to govern the planet as of this writing.
  • Like the Hjaff system, the Phu system was a gift to Kain from Renegade Inc. Kain put almost all of the planets in the system in Mecrosa’s possession. He kept Phu Companion, the sole moon of Phu I, for his own personal use.

Both Renegade Inc. and The Damned wanted to see Kain's new company hit the ground running. By contributing the planets they did, Mecrosa gained control of the entire sector.

Back to Business

At first, Mecrosa was simply a scaled-up version of Kain Services. Kain's many employees enjoyed work very similar to that they had under their old company. However, now things were different. Lord Tylger approached Kain shortly after Mecrosa was up and running, promising new business opportunities on much larger scales--the perfect way to jumpstart a new company. By vouching for Kain, the Hapan Lord and Minister had opened new doors to larger hauling deals not just for individuals, but for entire companies and even governments. For several years, Mecrosa operated in the same way, providing their services to the galaxy while simultaneously building up infrastructure on the Phu sector. Things changed, however, once Kain had expanded so much that he was looking for more ways to increase Mecrosa's financial presence in the galaxy. This marked the beginning of Kain's business conglomerate known as Mecrotica. Through this conglomerate, Kain slowly branched into medical supply production, ship and station production, and finally miscellaneous goods. When this happened, Mecrosa transformed from simply a hauling and transportation company to the head of a multi-pronged production and trading company. A form that it still maintains to today.

Company Services

Mecrosa serves as the main liaison and representative of the entire Mecrotica Conglomerate as it continues to enjoy its commerce.

The Hub

At first, Kain simply sold his wares directly out of the Phu sector’s planetary systems. As his customer base grew, however, so did the within-system traffic. The massive amount of individuals entering and exiting his systems were causing interference with the local population’s communication and transportation. Seeing as how he did not want to interrupt the citizens of the systems he controlled, he decided a centralized, deep space location would serve as a better location for Mecrosa to conduct its galactic trade. Kain’s total control of the Phu sector made establishing such a location a trivial task. In a few standard months, he had deep space coordinates (-80,-80) manned and opened for customers to pick up their purchases.

Currently there are two XQ-2 Hospital Platforms, a zoo station, a small campus of the Phu Sector University located in a Class I Research & Development Station, and a massive trade station in the center of everything.

Current Operations

Mecrosa is the commercial face of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Its sister factions all contribute items for retail on the Trade Federation’s Holonet Marketplace. Additionally, it operates hundreds of casinos, starports, and other entertainment venues generating revenues for Mecrotica operations. Mecrosa prides itself on “having their thumb on the pulse of galactic culture and commerce”.


  • Mecrosa Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)
  • Mecrosa-hbanner.png (Year 17)

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