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General Information
Status Active
Leader n/a, Family Council
Headquarters Corellia
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation n/a
Type Trading

Since all data files on the origins of Medusa have been deleted, it is unknown exactly when it was founded. The company is on the other hand regarded as a trust owned and managed by the Bourne family and handed down from generation to generation for as long as the galaxy has been known to exist.

Its operations are primarily in the shadows, but it can be confirmed that Medusa is registered as a corporation both on the planets Corellia and Coruscant. Numerous other registrations are believed to exist in territories across the galaxy but these threads are woven via subsidiaries and pseudo-names that can be difficult to trace. Attempts to infiltrate and reveal the nature of its dealings have so far existed only in unfounded rumour or have been met with little success, but it is known that they are a trading firm with significant incomings and outgoings for 'Miscellaneous services'.

Traditionally, Medusa has always been led by the Patriach of the Bourne family, but in his absence it is ruled by a family council made up of family members and important associates who as a group operate as caretakers of the Bourne dynasty.