Melukien Tar’Shakaar

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Melukien Tar’Shakaar
Melukien Tar’Shakaar Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Marisha Tar´Shakaar
Father Kendor Tar´Shakaar
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Political Information
Affiliation Chimera Order (Year 3)
Title Lord Prophet of Tatooine
Prior Affiliation The Wraiths (Year 2)

Melukien Tar’Shakaar was a male Human. Born on Tatooine, he departed his homeworld as a young adventurer and served as a captain in The Wraiths. He later returned to Tatooine and became a religious zealot. Circa Year 3, he proclaimed himself to be a desert prophet of the Chimera Order, a strange cult that subsisted in the Jundland Wastes. Tar’Shakaar became the ringleader of a general uprising against Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire and Angobba Desilijic Lucar's Hutt Council. The revolt was brutally suppressed by several Imperial legions commanded by Grand Admiral Black Lodge. Most of the Chimeran cultists fled the planet and scattered across the galaxy.


...Beginning of biographical fragment...

Twenty three years ago, a child was born on the desolate planet of Tatooine, the only child of Kendor Tar´Shakaar and his wife Marisha. The first breath of the newborn was taken in the moment of his mother's death. She died due to fatal wounds inflicted by Imperial weapons. Kendor Tar´Shakaar mourned his lost wife and swore to protect his son, an oath that within a few years would cost him his life.

Eighteen years ago was the year of tragedy, the child became an orphan. Imperial troops assaulted the home of Kendor Tar´Shakaar and they left nothing untorched behind. The young child were saved by his father that hid him inside a ventilation shaft just seconds before the Imperial forces breached the home. A brutal act of inhumanity ended Kendor´s life that morning. One day later a group of slavers found him crying in the torched ruins that used to be his home, during the following years he learned how to survive as a slave on Tatooine.

Four years ago he managed to escape and searched his way back to the ruins of his childhood memories, but there was nothing but bones left of his beloved father. After the improvised burial ceremony he found his way to his fathers hidden freighter, it was hidden in a nearby cave, this small and old freighter became the home for the young refugee. He repaired the freighter and within a few months he flew for the fist time, quickly he gained skills that helped him in his vendetta upon the Imperial forces. But this would not hold for many years.

Three years ago he finally was defeated by Imperial troops, and with nothing but pure luck he escaped certain death. Equipped with only a comlink and his clothes he managed to flee aboard a landed freighter, this freighter belonged to one of The Wraiths' officers. To escape he joined the Wraiths and escaped the clutches of death. After joining the Wraiths, he quickly climbed to the rank of captain, and with this rank he also gained more allies in other groups.

Two years ago, he returned to Tatooine to meet a new contact on behalf of the Wraiths, during this mission he had a minor engine failure and were forced to land in the dunelands. As he began to repair the ship he saw something strange, after a closer look he found the pillar that had been hidden in the sand since the dawn of human presence on Tatooine. After a few days of hard work he managed to move the pillar aboard the ship, and at this point he began to realize his heritage, the tales of the Exile war and the history of the noble houses would soon prove to be true, and within a few months he would find evidence enough to claim the rulership over House Tar´Shakaar. One year later Melukien re-established the Chimera Order and began his career as a mercenary...

...End of biographical fragment...

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