Mercedes Morgan

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Mercedes Morgan
Biographical Information
Alias Mercy
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Sandra Morgan
Father Patrick Morgan
Marital Status Married
Partner Avelyn ca Vella, Zoe di Vigne
Age 31 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -9
Died Year 22
Languages Fluent:
Galactic Basic

Limited Understanding:

Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 170cm / 5'7"
Weight 59kg / 130lb
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate, Fath Industries
Title President: Cantrell Conglomerate

Owner/Leader: Fath Industries

Mercedes 'Mercy' Morgan (born year -9) was a Thyferran doctor and business woman affiliated with both the Cantrell Conglomerate and Fath Industries based out of Ord Cantrell in the Fath sector.

Early Life

Mercedes Morgan was born on Thyferra in year -9, to Patrick and Sandra Morgan, workers in a local bacta refinery. As an only child, Mercedes would want for nothing. Her parents nurtured every whim and fancy that Mercedes was favouring that week, whether she wanted to be a dancer or a zoologist, her parents made sure that she had the tools and means to see it through to its conclusion, even if that meant picking up extra shifts at the refinery. Some hobbies she stuck with, other lasted on a short time, however two of these interests would shape her into the woman she was to become. Medicine and Capital Ships.

After completing her government funded schooling, Mercedes was accepted into a prestigious medical school, based in the capital, on a partial scholarship. Not wanting to be more of a financial burden on her parents, who had already given so much of their time and energy making sure that she had a stable and fulfilling childhood, Mercedes looked into ways to not only pay for her lodging, but also to supplement the scholarship that she had been given. Weeks went by to no avail. Mercedes had been rejected numerous times by agencies and grants, victim to the realities of Thyferra's political climate, before coming across an ad on the universities holo-site promoting the benefits of Reserve Officer Training. Eligible for those who did not get full scholarships, and coming from less influential backgrounds, the ad offered to cover off the rest of the tuition, and all she had to do was sacrifice one weekend a month, and time during every break in the school schedule, as well as a two year stint in the military once she graduated. Mercedes set up an appointment for the following week, and received her acceptance into the program a few days later.

Her career path was now laid out for her. She would focus her schooling on medicine, and her Officer training would be in Capital Ship Command. It was during this time in Officer Training, that she would earn the nickname 'Mercy'.

Beg for Mercy

During her second year of University, Mercedes enrolled herself in self defense classes. She had always been in good shape, despite what her buxom physique implied, thanks to years of dance training, however she wanted to be able to use her natural ability to be able to protect herself should she ever have the need to.

One night, during a grappling and submission exercise, Mercedes was paired up with a rather large alpha male named Chad. Taken by surprise when the instructor abruptly started the match, Mercedes found herself pinned to the ground, her arm wrenched up behind her back, and Chad close to her ear, whispering loud enough for others to hear, for her to say his name, only releasing his grip once she had complied.

Shaking off the instructors inquiry as to whether she wanted a new pairing, Mercedes rolled her shoulder a couple of times to loosen it up. Getting back into her opening stance, Mercedes was more prepared for Chad's speed the second time around. Using her natural dexterity honed through years of dance, Mercedes tripped the bigger man up, and pinning him to the ground with her knee, she wrenched his arm up, straining it against the socket. Her normally cool exterior broke slightly, and jerking the mans arm, ordered him to say her name. Tapping his free hand on the practice mat, Chad begged, yelling out the word "mercy" several times. After a few seconds of this, Mercedes let go of the bigger man's arm and stood up, brushing herself off and spat out a final "Close enough".

Military Career

Upon Graduation, Mercedes was a fully licensed and certified Doctor, who now only had to complete two years of service in the Thyferran Armed Forces before she had fulfilled her contractual requirement.

Having surprisingly, both to herself and those that knew her as a care free and fun loving young woman, excelled in the Capital Command program and saw herself rise to the top of the program by the time she had graduated. Though not a large or powerful Navy, Thyferra did boast some of the best Medical Frigates that were available. This made them suited to act more as a support unit than an actual military force, and this is where Mercy had found herself. Given the rank of Captain, as was customary of all doctors in the military, she found herself in command of an Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate, the 'Endless Twilight' and assigned to support the Imperial Navy.

The two years went by rather quickly, with short bursts of chaos followed by long periods of monotony, and with Mercy leading her ship with a steady but firm hand and a calm and cool demeanor. The crew learned rather quickly that just because she was not a career military woman, didn't mean that she would let things slide. She took her posting seriously and would not do anything to make her homeworld look bad in the eyes of the Empire.

It was during this time that her personality changed from being open and fun loving, to cold and aloof, a requirement that was needed in order to command the respect of those working under her. The few times that the 'Endless Twilight' was called upon, she and her crew performed admirably, to the point where she was offered both a Professorship in the Officer Training Program, and as the full time Captain of the 'Endless Twilight'. Both offers were more than expected, and for a brief moment, Mercy did consider them, however her heart was on helping others while seeing the galaxy.

After handing over her rank insignia and signing the discharge documents, Mercy booked her first ever solo vacation and boarded a shuttle to Alderaan, wanting to see mountains and snow for the first time. Alderaan was also renowned for its hospitals and medical advancements, so once her vacation was over, she hoped to find something that suited her talents as a doctor and working side by side with some of the best physicians in the galaxy.

Doctors Without Borders

Cantrell Conglomerate

Revival of Fath Industries

With the sudden disappearance of owner Cleo Kolasha, Machinehead was left adrift for a number of days, its employees confused about future projects and job security, and its shareholders scrambling to prepare for the worst, but hoping for the best. Having been in the company for a few months in an advisory role, and seeing the chaos expanding around her, Mercedes stepped in and called a meeting of the shareholders. Despite having no real stake in Machinehead, Mercedes was able to convince, cajole and generally win them over, with the unequivocal support of both Avelyn ca Vella and Artemis de Chatillon of the Cantrell Conglomerate . On Day 236 of Year 21, Mercedes signed the documents ceding full ownership over to her. That same day, Mercedes submitted the forms for an official name change, and once again, Fath Industries was born.

Personal Life

Normally a very reserved person, Mercedes has publicly confirmed that she is in a relationship with Avelyn ca Vella, whom she met while applying for a job within the burgeoning Cantrell Conglomerate. While she has skillfully dodged any questions about a possible marriage between the two of them, Mercedes has stated many times that the Zeltron was the love of her life, and her soulmate.

In early Year 21, it had been speculated among the locals that the tall, leggy blonde mechanic seen spending a vast amount of time in the presence of the two women had in fact become a live in paramour. When questioned about this, Mercedes would only smile coyly, not giving into the rumours of Zoe di Vigne or her potential role within their household, but also not denying them.


Mercedes has been described as cold, aloof and calculating. She is naturally shy, however once she warms up to someone, or if you get her talking about something that she is passionate about, or has a strong opinion towards, you will find that she is quite friendly and personable. She is also very strong-willed and bullheaded, and will dig her heels in if forced to do something that she doesn't want to do.



Mercedes has taken her love of Capital ships and sunk the majority of her funds into it. Her collection ranges from the common YV-666 Light Freighter to the rare Bayonet-class Light Cruiser.

The fist ship that she purchased was an Arquitens Light Cruiser, which she dubbed 'Valkyrie'.

Her current Flag Ship is the Corona-class frigate, 'Beg for Mercy'.


Mercedes has taken her love for creatures of all shapes and sizes, and translated that into a passion as an amateur Exozoologist and rescue foster, where she rescues and rehabilitates creatures which would normally be considered wild and untamed, and would not naturally interact with the sentient species of the galaxy. She currently fosters her rescues on the planet or Ord Cantrell itself, using the lush jungles and green spaces as a way to acclimatize the animals, and to gain their trust by interacting in a more natural habitat.

Having successfully found forever homes to a few of her fosters, Mercedes is always on the look out for others that may need a little extra love before they are ready to move on.

Personal Guard