Meteora Enterprises

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Meteora Enterprises
MEFactionlogoSmall zps68755b5e.png~320x480.png
General Information
Motto "Always on the Rise"
Status Active
Leader Chester Riddick
2IC Philip Gannicus
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 353
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Meteora Enterprises

Meteora Enterprises is a shipwright firm led by Chester Riddick.


Chester Riddick was looking for adventure after leaving his recent organization and going freelance. The possibilities were endless and Chester wanted to be his own boss and work on his own time, so he started ~\\CR//~ Riddick Enterprises, a trading company. Chester made enough credits from this venture that he was able to buy his first shipyard and his interest in ship-building was born. Chester then decided he needed to find a partner to help build his organization into a full-fledged shipwright firm that he now couldn't stop thinking and dreaming about. Mr. Riddick then came in contact with an old friend he had met when he first joined the Avance Coalition, Philip Gannicus. Mr. Gannicus shared his interest in building a new shipwright firm and after many drinks in the local tavern on Gannaria the two agreed to join forces. With the leadership in place Mr. Riddick had a short internship at RSD where Chuck Merrell and Bannor Skyglow were good enough to show him the finer points of ship-building. Armed with the knowledge from RSD and now with a new partner, a new venture was ready to rise and aimed to build some of the best ships the galaxy has ever seen. [ME] Meteora Enterprises was born and in a short time became a premier private ship-building company. Stopping at nothing to continue to improve and grow as an elite company, nothing could stand in their way to accomplish these tasks. [ME] Meteora Enterprises rose from the ashes and so will be "Always On The Rise"...




Shipyard/Factory Management

ME Management.png

  • We offer Shipyard and Factory management
  • Fees are production cost +10% to cover expenses (*Fees can be waived thru Diplomacy)
  • Once credits paid for production assets madeover
  • Customer provides own RM's, workers, and DCs.
  • Customer makes [ME] manager of shipyard/factory and all workers before production begins
  • Once production begins we get bill which we send to Customer who pays the production cost +10% and ships/vehicles are then madeover to Customer per production run.

To order please DM/PM Philip Gannicus or Chester Riddick

Station Building

ME Station Building.png

Currently Station Building is Closed to the Public

Research & Development

Since opening its doors ME has cultivated a top notch R&D Department featuring superb engineers from around the galaxy, they continually are working on modifying existing ships with new purposes. It is hoped within a year or two that new models will be offered by the aspiring team as they seek to supply the galaxy

Here is a picture of one of the researchers working on a modified Brayl class design:

ME R&D.jpg

Cities and Operations

ME operates facilities in several cities on a number of planets seeking to expand its reach and share of the market.

ME is HQ in Paradise City pictured here:

ParadiseCity2 zps01a8c883.png

The mobile HQ/flagship of ME is a M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner called Space Chinchilla pictured here:

ME Space Chinchilla.pngME MonCal3 zpsa30e0df6.png

Production City is an early factory city built by ME to assist in their needs. Here is a picture of the city:

MEFACTORYCITY zps3178dc98.png~320x480.png

The third major city of ME is Riverwood located near the mouth of a river.

ME Riverwood.jpg

The fourth oldest city of ME is Blackgate and it remains an important city to the corporation.

ME Blackgate.png

The fifth oldest and important city of ME is Primus pictured here:

ME Primus.jpg


Historical archive of Logos, Banners and Customs used by ME.


MELOGO1 zps2ee49517.png~320x480.png ME logo6 zps435af8ab.png~320x480.png


  • MEFactionbanner01 zps5c294532.png
  • MESIGTRY1 zps3455fe19.png~320x480.png
  • ME bban zps0b1c2045.png~320x480.png

Ship Customs