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The Mid Rim, also known as Mid Rim Territories, is a region of the galaxy located between the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim Territories.


Notable Events


Though smaller than the Outer Rim, the Mid Rim is a very politically diverse region of space. 8 governments in the galaxy control sectors in this region of space.

Government Sectors Owned Population Notable System Leader
Kingdom of Elysia 4 48,985,449,432 Quaensan Gideon Bodnari
Trade Federation 3 120,768,940 New Apsolon Nohv Schiller
Falleen Federation 7 1,484,648,634,655 Mon Gazza Jado Dur`rik
Krath 1 1,082,474 Lannik Lazarus Kell
New Republic 3 220,232,183,586 Rakhuuun Orion Chran
Triumvirate Coalition 3 475,394,172,443 Sanza Dero Racto
Tresario Star Kingdom 2 320,708,226,380 Anzat Jude Vatz
Aurodium Legion 2 1,596,591 Vretha Sob Conners
Galactic Empire 1 69,186,259,056 Anison Guinar Ndengin
Sienar Conglomerate 1 93,390,292,617 Moobia Bart Roberts
  • Population as of Year 18 Day 78


Many businesses have holdings in the Mid Rim, with mining companies in the fore. However, medical and manufacturing organizations also bolster the economy of the region. Due to a close vicinity to the Core, and with many sectors under the control of several governments, the Mid Rim has a very stable economy. Much of the goods produced in the area and either purchased and used by the regional governments, or sold to buyers in the Outer Rim.