Minerva Umgee

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Minerva Umgee
Minerva Umgee.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Unknown (birth), Diathim (1st Infection), Togorian (2nd Infection), Gotal (3rd Infection), Aleena (4th Infection)
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Rank Unknown
Positions Unknown
Prior Affiliation Corsair

On Year 14 Day 292 Minerva attempted to raffle off a Bayonet Light Cruiser, however the Raffle was cancelled by Year 14 Day 295 and all tickets refunded. [1] . Around this same time Megan Weima mentioned that Minerva Umgee was the preferred middle for Vulker Hodrix in the transaction of a Veltraa this after he had refused all middles normally accepted for such trades that Megan had suggested. Ultimately the trade fell apart as Vulker had stated he found a better deal.[2]

On Year 14 Day 358 0:08 it was revealed that Minerva Umgee had been arrested by Syn.[3]

Syn arrests Minerva.png

It is not clear at this time what Syn's motivation was. However, Syn was considering the bounty Sven Wan had placed on Minerva Umgee's head with the promised paying of an A-Wing Fighter. Sven had placed the bounty on Minerva after having scammed the galaxy himself in his Big Ship Giveaway II and Sven's Investment Opportunity #2. He claimed the bounty was in response to Minerva being involved in the death of his friend Dar Batra. Sven's death just 4 days after his big heist left no one to pay such a bounty and it appears that Syn released Minerva thereafter.

The Mandroxan Cartel offered Minerva sanctuary after she was released by Syn. Minerva would use this position in an attempt to assassinate Ruetsavii Kuro Neko, Steward of Alissma and servant of Ara on Skeebo around Year 15 Day 18. The attack on Kuro's life was unsuccessful. Minerva herself was then temporarily detained by Zarthra Zoid but managed to escape back to her own ship and flee to parts unknown. In the report she is listed as goat-girl this derogatory term might indicate she has had another metamorphosis into a Gotal prior to the assassination attempt.[4]

After her betrayal of the Cartel they posted a bounty on her head of 200 million credits.