Moebius Ventures

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Moebius Ventures
General Information
Status Active
Leader Nat`rhon L`uukh
2IC Jeb`el Ras
Owner Nat`rhon L`uukh
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 134
Dissolved Year 16 Day 164
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Moebius Ventures

Moebius Ventures is a one-kind company. Nothing similar has appeared on the industry market so far. The concept behind its foundation is so wide and deep that many words would be necessary to explain it. Or, perhaps, no words at all, only actions. Moebius aims at changing the galaxy future in practical ways. Our goal is to go beyond existing boundaries by improving what already exists and by creating what doesn’t exist yet. Our staff works together to redesign and rebuild developed systems, making them more efficient therefore making them yield higher results and performances. We do not focus specifically on what the object is, rather we focus on how we can improve the process to get to the best end product. Faster done than said, we are better at talking on practical matters rather than theoretical hypotheses, therefore contact us with your inquiry and we will be glad to explain you how we can turn your company or private business into something that you yourself didn’t believe it was possible to obtain. Moebius Ventures, solid projects for a fluid future.


The original idea about a new galaxy-wide project came to Nat`rhon L`uukh in Year 13. For two years he meditated on his vision and refined the details. Then, one of his old acquaintances that was considered lost reappeared, and he felt that the times were ripe to set up the company together with the other renowned and reliable Defel: Jeb`el Ras.


  • Moebius-horizontal-banner.png (Year 15)

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