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Biographical Information
Alias Deathstroke
Race Kiffar / Zeltron
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Anna Nah`utal

Unknown (biological)
Gregor Kolczynski (adopted)

Marital Status Married
Spouse Moretti'ciri'nasso (Year 19, Day 223)
Siblings Adelaide Kolczynski, Musashi Kensen
Children Moretti'vai'nasso (Deceased)
Age 31 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -12
Died Year 19, Day 360 (Assassinated)
Languages Fluent:

Kiffu (Mothertongue)
Galactic Basic
High Galactic

Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 168cm / 5'6"
Weight 66kg / 145lb
Coloring Pale Pink
Hair Color Blonde (dyed - natural brown)
Eye Color Blue (right), Violet (left)
Political Information
Affiliation Galactica Group
Positions Cybot Galactica

Raas-Moretti Industries
Owner/Chief Financial Officer
Harlequin Auction Company
Founder & Middle

Prior Affiliation Black Sun, Galactic Empire
Awards Black Sun
Bsaward-cac-01.png Civilian Administration Commendation
Bsaward-mcc-01.png Military Command Commendation
Bsaward-rc-01.png Recruitment Citation
Bsaward-tc-01.png Taspir Campaign
Bsaward-ac-01.png Altora Campaign
Bsaward-obl-01.png Operation Black Light Award
Bsaward-obl-01.png Operation Neon Lights Award
Bsaward-im-01.png Interior Member
Bsaward-ecc-01.png Exceptional Combatant Citation
Bsaward-ecoc-01.png Exceptional Comp Ops Citation
Bsaward-csa-01.png 1 Year Service Award
Galactic Empire
Geaward-iabg-h.png Imperial Academy Honours Graduate
Geaward-mid.png Mentioned in Dispatches
Geaward-iam.png Imperial Activity Medal
Geaward-ism.png Imperial Service Medal
Signature AMoretti-sig.png

Moretti'ameli'arose (born Amelia Rose Kolczynski) was a half-Kiffar, half-Zeltron hybrid born into Clan Nah`utal. She was also known as Deathstroke. Formerly, she was a Consigliere in Black Sun and served in the Imperial Army as an officer. Later reports placed her in the Asher system, working with Dex Sehrin in the Galactica Group.


Early Life

Amelia was born on Kiffex into Clan Nah`utal, niece to Decessus Nah`utal, the clan leader. On birth, it was obvious the girl was different - her skin was a pale pink instead of the usual tan of the Kiffar. Her mother, Anna, admitted to a fling with an offworlder almost ten months prior but hadn't thought anything of it as protection was used. Kiffar tend to have rather open relationships, so the issue of Amelia's parentage wasn't much of a problem. In order to make the young girl’s life easier, though, they applied a special bronzer to her skin which gave her a mostly normal appearance. Thankfully for her, her hair was the same shade of brown as her mother's.

Records indicate the hybrid disappeared when she was a young child, with the family staying mum on the subject to curious outsiders. Their sorrow was obvious, but the Kiffar don't often trust austerder.

Amelia was not heard of for a very long time, until she was booked into a mental hospital on Corellia, only giving a strange call sign of Deathstroke. It took almost a year of therapy for the woman to recall her birth name and where she was from. Her family was contacted but warned that their lost daughter was not the same person and would need to stay institutionalized for longer.

After three Galactic Standard years, the hybrid, now twenty-eight years old, was released into society into the care of one Musashi Kensen. Sources close to her state that she wasn't comfortable with returning home so soon. After a few months, she did return to Kiffex to be reunited with her family - at long last, the prodigal daughter had returned.

Imperial Service

Shortly thereafter Amelia enlisted in the Imperial Army after convincing their doctors of the successful conclusion of her previous treatment. However, she only lasted four months post Academy graduation before quietly retiring. With a source stating Amelia had issues with foul language, deriding the formality of Imperial affairs and disrupting daily operations to "lighten the mood". Said, source was unable to provide any direct evidence and the reader is advised to take that into consideration.

Black Sun

Disappearing again after her retirement, Amelia reappeared a few months later as a member of Black Sun in the indoctrination department, which handles Collective recruitment. Rising quickly through the ranks, Amelia was named the Minister of Indoctrination after less than a year and then also named the second in command of Defense shortly after, which gave her a spot on the advisory council known as the Consiglio.

Halfway through year 19, she stepped down from the Consiglio in order to enjoy more time with her wife. Whilst still a member of Black Sun, Amelia enjoyed a less prominent role within their ranks. Further around the same time rumours of pregnancy floated around her as the market saw a decrease in demand for Corellian whiskey that caused a slight drop in stock prices.

Wanted by Black Sun

After a vehement disagreement with the Family Council, though primarily with Vigos Banquo Knox and Thrall Lothbrok, Amelia was summoned for punishment. Unconfirmed rumours stipulate she was summoned to undergo the Gift of Flesh, however, whilst on her way to meet with Vigo Christine Apotheosis to take her punishment Amelia received a priority message. The priority message was from her newlywed wife, stating that she'd been locked out of her controls and left adrift. Before Amelia could react she received a message from Vigo Lothbrok stating that her wife would remain unharmed if she cooperated.

Incensed by this demand, Amelia sought external aid to rescue her partner and jumped to the coordinates calculated with a tool provided by "Honest" Jic Uiji of Eidola. Thankfully, she made it in time to save her newlywed spouse and the couple sought asylum in the neutral manufacturing group Cybot Galactica. As Cybot Galactica had taken in the fugitives, Black Sun blacklisted the company, whilst also issuing an arrest warrant of 250,000,000 credits for the arrest or execution of Amelia.

Galactica Group

A few months after joining the Galactica Group, Amelia, along with Chrii`kkt Raas, formed a new recycling company, Raas-Moretti Industries. Their main goal was to salvage from wrecks to create 'uglies' for smaller sentients looking to leave their homeworld for the first time.


On D360, per the confession of Chrii`kkt Raas, Amelia was assassinated, along with her unborn child, by Taranjeek O`Cuinn at his direction, in order to gain control of Raas-Moretti Industries. She dropped out of hyperspace in an asteroid field nearby the Asher system, only to be boarded and promptly arrested. Even before she could even consider what had happened to her, she was executed.


On Nar Shaddaa

Standing at 5'6", Amelia is easily discernable from her Kiffar brethren thanks to her mixed heritage, which had her born with the trademark rosy skin of a Zeltron. On top of that, the facial scars she had received during her confrontation with the Sith known as Darth Chaakat have made her even more noticeable towards the denizens of the Galaxy. As is customary per all Kiffar, Amelia has dedicated a fair amount of time and skin to tattoos, both clan and individual motifs.

The first she'd ever received, a wolf's head symbolizing her allegiance to the Nah'utal, has been placed under her left breast. The right side of her abdomen has been decorated with a trio of roses, stretching all the way to her hip. Her left hip boasts a large, heart-shaped tattoo with yet another rose inside. Her wrists have been the carriers of her two Black Sun banners; her right displaying their logo and her left carrying their motto - Family, Honour, Profit. The logo had since been mostly burned off after an unfortunate accident.

Love Interests

Amelia and Cirina in mid Y19.

Amelia Moretti has a wide and storied history in the romantic department, being a regular subject of gossip amidst numerous social circles. While she was married to Cas Waryn, rumors and stories of her pursuit of extramarital affairs, particularly with women, circulated through the gossip networks. The most credible rumor from varied sources linked her to a lengthy affair with a Chiss, Moretti'ciri'nasso.

Confirmed Affair

Half way through Year 19, her affair with Moretti'ciri'nasso was exposed by the paparazzi when the two were spotted together on a romantic rendezvous. When confronted by the media the following day, Amelia confirmed the affair and then stated that she was divorcing her husband, citing irreconcilable differences.

True Love

As soon as the affair was confirmed, the newly open couple moved in together, seeming to be quite happy. It didn't take long, and about a month after the divorce, Amelia was already spotted with a rather large ring on her finger -- when asked when the wedding was, the hybrid offered no official comment. The press was left to assume that her marriage to Casten was a farce and her heart truly belonged to the mysterious Chiss. She has neither confirmed nor denied this, but with her exploits it's clear she's only romantically interested in women.


Amelia is most well known for being a socialite and party animal, with a strong interest in dressing up in costumes, which has spawned a small series of action figures. She is rarely seen without some sort of drink in her hand or nearby, with rumors of alcohol dependence constantly surrounding her. Painting is a passion of hers, with a few of them catching quite the amount of credits at auction.