Morgan Sathel

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Morgan Sathel
Morgan sathel.png
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Amlee Sathel (Deceased)
Father Zentar Sathel (Deceased)
Drax Jakkan (Adoptive father)
Partner Xyre Weltmon
Children Riley Weltmon (adopted)
Born Year -6 Day 291
Died Year 22 Day 68
Languages Galactic Basic
Olys Corellisi
Religion Jawa Industrial Magi
Quote "Live fast, die young."
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 178 cm (5 ft 8)
Weight 66 kg (145 pounds)
Coloring Fair
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue and Red (cybernetic implant)
Political Information
Affiliation Exelis Crime Syndicate
Rank Underlord
Positions Faction Leader
Signature Morgan sathel-signature.png

Morgan Sathel (pronounced /ˈmɔɹɡən ˈseɪthel/ or [mor·gn sei-thel]; born Year -6 Day 291) was a Kiffar cyborg crime boss and the leader of the Exelis Crime Syndicate. She was known for leading a coup against the Chagrian Force-user Darin Byrch and the Order of the One Sith, which resulted in the organization being pillaged and ultimately destroyed by Sathel's loyalists. Prior to the insurrection, she held the role of Captain of the Bando Gora, and later Dread Marshal of the Order of the One Sith. Violent, unpredictable, and unstable, the self-proclaimed Underlord of the Exelis Syndicate was guilty of numerous crimes in multiple sectors. She resided on the shady and dangerous planet of Venaari, which she governed with an iron fist.


Early Life

Plundering And Mayhem

A New Direction In Bando Gora

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