Morobe (System)

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ON Morobe.png
General information
Sector Morobe
Galactic Coordinates (91, -1)
Date of Discovery Year 14 Day 110
Planets 4
Suns 2
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By One Nation Under Jou
Astrographic Entry Morobe

Morobe is a binary star system located in the Morobe sector of the Colonies region. The system consists of two suns, Morobe Major and Minor, and four planets. Moroa and Talasea orbit the suns at the right distance and formed into lush garden worlds, while Morta suffered the most from its close proximity to one of the suns and is the most hostile planet in the system. Morabora has the widest orbit and is permanently covered in snow and ice.

Despite its proximity to the Core region, there are no records of the Morobe system in the galactic star-charts before Year 14. The system was surveyed by an independent group in that year and its location was released to the public domain on Day 110. By the time the discovery reached galactic news outlets, the group that discovered the system colonised it with the help from Damorian Manufacturing Corporation. The corporation relieved control of the system several months later when the founding group created Sienar Fleet Systems to develop a shipbuilding industry.

Thanks to being only a short distance away from the galactic economic and political powerhouse of the Core region, Morobe’s industry has developed quickly and over the next two years the system saw an influx of colonists looking for work and a place to live. Governance of the system was mostly driven by corporate enterprise, offering colonists relative freedom and respite from the Galactic Civil War. This boom in population and economic growth facilitated the need for defence of the system, which resulted in creation of Permanent Solutions in Year 16, a mercenary company that provided security for the system and held control over the colonies.

The Morobe system remained independent from any major government until late Year 18 when it became the protectorate of Tion Hegemony. Permanent Solutions and their fleet was turned into the 3rd Fleet of the Tion Navy, also known as the Tion Defence Division. With support from the government Morobe saw exponential growth in population thanks to planet-wide construction efforts on Morabora. This partnership lasted for three years, steadily increasing industrial capabilities of the system and building up its defences. Morobe ceased to be protectorate of Tion Hegemony in Year 21 when One Nation Under Jou declared sovereignty over the system.


Planet Position Type Size Population Controller
Moroa (6, 2) Temperate/breathable 10x10 585,559,241 One Nation Under Jou
Talasea (10, 14) Temperate/breathable 12x12 42,830,114 One Nation Under Jou
Morta (13, 5) Hot/no Atmosphere 6x6 31,287,173 One Nation Under Jou
Morabora (18, 18) Cold/toxic Atmosphere 13x13 6,194,960,856 One Nation Under Jou