Mouse Carrelbee

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Mouse Carrelbee
Mouse Carrellbee.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro
Born Year 12 Day 351
Died Year 13 Day 199
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Political Information
Affiliation The Galactic Stock Exchange
Positions Owner, Leader

Mouse Carrelbee was a Duros male responsible for creating the Galactic Stock Exchange who was ultimately captured and executed by the Galactic Empire for entering a restricted system.


After being raised on the planet Manaan, Mouse was originally identified as a Chiss. Mouse soon left his home and quickly found employment with James Were and his company; Galactic Weapons Systems. Delivering shipments throughout the galaxy, Mouse grew found of both business and travelling. Before long, James Were soon became business partners with Jacen Bae'le forming the newly christened Chaotic Systems Engineering.

It was during this time that Mouse got the idea to start the revolutionary stock trading company. He would often pass the time during long hyperspace trips checking the fluctuating stock prices of the various companies he has invested in. With full support from his previous business partners, Mouse formed the Galactic Stock Exchange.

The Galactic Stock Exchange

GSE Banner.png

The Galactic Stock Exchange was a revolutionary financial institution offering information regarding the stocks and shares of the companies in the galaxy. Starting a daily Stock Price Index, Mouse tracked the daily fluctuations that meant potential investors could determine the best company to invest in. Alongside this, Mouse also started up his stock trading company, becoming a renowned trader and making many allies in the process. Data would feed in to his deep space station known as the Carrelport Stock Exchange' where Mouse analysed and created reports based on this information.

Gaining galactic wide attention from his endeavours, the dubious Duros Durtan Formel would give Mouse a considerable amount of assets that Durtan had stolen during his criminal career. While the reason why Durtan entrusted this all to Mouse could never be ascertained, it was speculated that he had grown rather fond of his fellow Duros and wanted to help him out. While Mouse had every right to keep the items, he gave as much back as possible to their original owners due to Durtan's shady trading scams.

Imprisonment & Death

After being in the vicinity of the recently discovered planet of Ralltiir, Mouse decided to check out the unexplored planet to try and set up a base for future operations. Unbeknownst to Mouse, the Galactic Empire had claimed sovereignty of the entire system so declared Mouse to be a trespasser. Arrested while trying to construct a statue, Mouse alongside his builders were arrested.

Despite pleas from the trading community and even from some within the Empire itself, Mouse was executed after his short trial. The last message from Mouse indicated he had been executed on Year 13 Day 199. In the wake of his death, the Galactic Stock Exchange was placed under the leadership of Andy Longshot, an old friend of Mouse's. Mouse's death also unwittingly caused the capture of Kyber Nights by Dark Star Hellions who would take him to Black Sun when the ship Kyber was piloting was returned to the InterGalactic Banking Clan[1]

At some point after his death, a memorial space station was built in the Skeebo system to commemorate Mouse's life.


(Small) Action VI.png Mouse would often use a heavily customised Action VI Transport sporting the image of his namesake; the mouse.