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MS Logo
General Information
Motto Shado Tee-tocka
Status NFG
Leader Rick Bender
Owner Rick Bender
Historical Information
Formed from Autonomous Claim
Founded Year 21 Day 336
Dissolved Year 25 Day 86
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining

Mummer Salvage


In order to independently supply his own private ventures, founder and owner Val Aen made the initial investment in the company's first prospecting and excavating machinery. He would be well on his way to increasing the profit margins of any future enterprises if he relied solely on his own labour and reduced the overhead to merely local fees. But ultimately, it was the resource extraction and salvaging infrastructure itself that turned out to be one of his most prosperous endeavours. On Day 336 of Year 21 CGT, Autonomous Claim (AC) was officially registered as a Guild-licensed commercial raw material extraction and recycling firm with an undisclosed headquarters located in the Outer Rim.

On Day 98 of Year 24, Val Aen hired Doctor Rick Bender to serve on the Board of Directors as Chief Data Officer, and on Day 121, he lost the company to Bender in a gentleman's wager over a game of dejarik. Aen withdrew his private fleet and handed the company over on Day 122. The middle management positions vacated by Aen's cabinet were filled by a few of Bender's associates from Theed, and Autonomous Claim was rebranded as Mummer Salvage.

The Mummers specialised in legal deep-space wreckage recovery. Plans were underway to establish a raw material trading hub near The Wheel in Besh Gorgon, but they were never completed. Mummers already routed their transmissions through The Wheel, and manufacturers purchased Datacard downloads through Centrepoint, the Trade Federation, and through private transactions. The Mummers were also associated with the Gallo distilleries of Naboo, which use mountain springwater to produce the finest spiced hooch on the Enarc Run. Guaranteed to refresh, a number of exclusive agents still serve hand-crafted Gallo spirits at select bounty posts across the galaxy.

It was Doctor Bender's dealings with the bounty hub networks that brought him into contact with the order of the Guri-n Krayt. Working for the order as a tavern consultant, a new business relationship grew that resulted in the Mummers being rebranded once again as Ithilleron Exploration on Day 69 of Year 25 before merging with Guri-n Krayt on Day 86.

Dr Rickard L Bender Y24


The Mummers are a fraternal order from planet Naboo that has a reputation with the Royal Naboo Security Forces as a criminal organisation. Mummers claim that this classification is unfair, as they are only a simple merchant's association, bonded by regional commonality and specialising in restricted products. The Mummers have never taken up arms against the local authorities or adopted any particularly extreme views or political causes. They consistently avoid the hassle of licencing, citing that regulations are harmful to profits. Mummer Salvage did not hesitate to associate itself with this fraternity. Doctor Bender was quoted as saying, "There is nothing immoral about wanting to prosper. Mummer Salvage pays local fees just like everyone else. Mummers who need to take a break from Naboo, expand their horizons, and earn some legitimate credits can find a whole new life in the stars with us."


Previously circulated in a members gazette and focusing on Naboo establishments, the Mummers Compendium went public in Year 24 CGT with a series of reviews on galaxy-wide bounty-hunting franchises. Doctor Bender was inclined towards a poor estimation of the industry in general, awarding no three-star reviews. A philanthropist, Bender implemented a tavern rescue project at his own expense to help improve some of the more derelict properties. He continues to consult with Guildmasters to assist in streamlining their operations and attracting better customers. The Mummers Compendium is an annual publication available for free on GNS.

Mummers Compendium #24

Mummers Supplemental

Mummers Compendium #25