Murishani Unubunko

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Murishani Unubunko
Murishani Logo.jpg
General Information
Motto "We do not deal with weakness, for we are born from your worst nightmare."
Status Active
Leader Diabolus`ut Persolvo
2IC Simeon Promethion
Owner Diabolus`ut Persolvo
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 73
Dissolved Year 16 Day 166
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite Murishani Unubunko

Murishani Unubunko is the creative construct of the renowned Morgukai and bounty hunter, Diabolus`ut Persolvo. Diabolus, however, is not the only leader inside Murishani Unubunko he is a member of "the founding five". This "founding five" will always consist of three Morgukai warriors and two murishani. There will never be more and there will never be less in this council for the Murishani. It it thought by some to consists of the galaxy's best hunters. Even members of the azalus (dangerous) Nikto assassins, the Morgukai, have been rumoured to be operating from within Murishani and they lend their experience and tenacity to the organization.

Murishani Unubunko embodies the skill and dedication that Diabolus has cultivated in himself. He works with his those who are called "the founding five" to successful run and operate everything in the Murishani Unubunko. All of those who stand beside him are held to his ideals and they will either comply and succeed; or fail and be removed. Whether it be pawa (strength) and skill with a punyoo (weapon) or leadership and poonoo (business) every Murishani is held to this chinka (charge).

Capture By Design, Kill By Necessity.

This is the motto of the organization:

Jee-jee ap-xmasi bargon gee mora'ga, che jee-jee wachari tuta gan gula lunee. (We do not deal with weakness, for we are born from your worst nightmare.)

Murishani Unubunko has grown out of the skill and passion of galaxy's finest hunters. It continues to grow.

This warning is for the enemies of the organization:

Tinka me chasa hopoe ma booty na nolia an mo killee ma klounkee. (You think we know nothing and it will be the end for you.)