Myorzo Weapon Systems

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Myorzo Weapon Systems
Myorzo Weapon Systems Logo Year 9.png
General Information
Motto "Quality Products. Quality Price."
Status Active
Leader Kavash Orr (Year 13)
Zorva Sobek (Year 9)
Owner Galactic Empire
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 115
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (post-Year 10)
Corporate Sector Authority (pre-Year 10)
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Myorzo Weapon Systems

Myorzo Weapon Systems is the leading weapons producer of the Galactic Empire. Prior to its nationalization in Year 10 by the Empire, the corporation was a subsidiary of the now-defunct Corporate Sector Authority.


Myorzo Weapon Systems was formed from the ashes of other groups, who's members banded together to become today's leading weapons producer. These members emerged from such factions as Infinite Dark, Universal Network Bank, Juganoth Mining, Intergalactic Research & Exploration Centre and Nisshutsu Shipyards, which was on the brink of a corporate takeover. When the members discovered they could create an even better group by combining their assets, they decided to seek out better opportunities in other regions. Here they found the Corporate Sector to be a lush region full of everything they would need. Founders Mystiel Raleigh, Orion Silverhelm, and Zorran Black began recruiting and pulling out their compatriots from the companies they had left. On Year 10 Day 72 the Galactic Empire forcibly nationalised the Corporate Sector Authority and all of its subsidiaries, therefore Myorzo Weapon Systems became an Imperial NAT.

Now under the leadership of Kavash Orr, Myorzo Weapon Systems is the premier weapons producer in the galaxy. Our weapons are made from the highest quality materials which are obtained from the best Imperial mines across the galaxy. Our specialist staff delivers weapons to those who need them when they need them. Besides producing weapons we also make hundreds of trades each day allowing the end consumer to get the best product at the best price.


  • Myorzo Weapon Systems Banner Year 9.png (Year 9)

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