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Welcome to the Galactic News Service

Veritas News Exclusive: The Executor and the Pirate
Hacked by: Kiie Cristal - Faction: Veritas Press
Date: Year 14 Day 264 Location Unknown

Veritas News Exclusive



The fallout of recent events in the Empire continues with the Throne`s monthly broadcast to the Empire notably interrupted by an Imperial Army commander with a public denouncement of the Imperial Throne and a commentary on the slow decline of the Empire under its current leadership.

Major Lane Rendell, decorated war hero and commanding officer of the 2nd Brigade, interrupted Executor Seele, recently released from Eidolan captivity, to address the Empire from Derra IV. Noting his service in the New Imperial Order separatist movement that had "sought to overthrow a corrupt Emperor [Vodo Bonias], who appointed incompetent people to positions of power for which they lacked the capability to perform," Major Rendell stated that he "[was] ashamed to see the old seeds of nepotism simply re-planted" in the Ndengin regime.

"I am leaving this Empire; hopefully one day the integrity this New Order stands for can be re-established," closed Major Rendell.


Imperial Security Bureau officers were quick to act, revoking Rendell`s access codes only seconds after he cut off his transmission. The Throne`s broadcast continued as if uninterrupted, though Major Rendell`s dishonourable discharge from the Imperial Army was processed within the hour, at which time Executor Seele denied Rendell`s claims of corruption within the Ndengin regime. .

Major Rendell`s departure is seen as a moral blow to the Ndengin regime given Rendell`s long period of service, including joining then-Ensign Ndengin in the formation of the New Imperial Order. Rendell was awarded the Imperial Army Cross in Year 7 for his efforts in building up the New Imperial Army, and Emperor Ndengin often acknowledged Major Rendell directly throughout their joint service in the New Imperial Order and later in the Galactic Empire proper. More recently, the Emperor publicly commended Major Rendell for his service to the Imperial Army.

Reception over Major Rendell`s attack and Executor Seele`s subsequent response was mixed within the Empire, although the former found greater support with retired officers. "Seele is simply Vodo in a pair of white robes instead of black. His egomania is completely similar," offered a retired officer on condition of anonymity.


Some Imperials spoke of Rendell`s comments:

"I thought he was really brave to stick up for his beliefs in an environment that sometimes discourages that."

"I thought it was a disappointing end to his career. All he did was embarrass himself and upset the Executor."

After Major Rendell`s departure, soldiers in the 2nd Brigade were reportedly interrogated by the Imperial Security Bureau about his potential whereabouts and rumored intentions to form another New Imperial Order. No arrests have been made, and ISB interrogations are expected to continue among the brigades that have served with Major Rendell on Derra IV.

With records recently presented to the galaxy by Veritas Press of the Super Star Destroyer renamed Ragnarok now in the possession of the Eidolan pirate Syn, Imperials are now in the position of having to believe that the published documents have been forged or to disbelieve the Throne`s denial of an SSD being part of the ransom paid to secure Executor Seele`s release. To some, comments made in support of Seele by members of High Command -- such as Vizier Jarek Sankin of the Coalition of Diplomacy, who stated that the Executor`s "wealth of experience alone makes him more valuable than a single Super Star Destroyer" -- are a testament that the Empire did, in fact, capitulate to Syn`s demands.

One such officer was brave enough to come forward and be named. Lilith Sarka, a retired Lieutenant Junior Grade of the Imperial Navy now serving the Regional Government of the Corellian Sector, had this to say:

"The Throne says that the Empire is bigger than any one of us, and yet we negotiated with terrorists for the return of one man. I can only hope that the life of this one man is worth the thousands of lives that will end, innocent victims of galactic piracy as Eidola`s new toy runs rampant. I can only hope that this one man`s life is worth the hundreds of brave Imperial pilots who will die fighting it. May Kochik have mercy on them."

It is clear that Major Rendell is not alone in his denouncement of the Ndengin regime. For the brave few who have come forward, there are many more who are afraid to openly question the actions of the Imperial Throne. Only time will tell if these Imperials will find the courage to make a stand or resign themselves to keeping their concerns close to the chest as they continue to serve the Empire under the Ndengin regime.


For additional information on groups and persons mentioned in this transmission:



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The Galactic Empire, though often perceived as a body of unity, order and stability, has been defined as we know it today by a series of conflicts known as Imperial Civil Wars. Historians most commonly organize these conflicts into four individual wars which stretch across the Empire`s lengthy existence. Dr. En Peecee, professor of Imperial history at Corulag University, explained in detail to Veritas Press reporters.

"I could talk on this subject for hours, but in the interest of brevity I`ll provide you with a shorter version than my students enjoy! The Empire has been characterized by feuds and battles between members of its own Imperial High Command, some even involving figures still prominent today. Around sixteen years ago we begin to see this first emerging with a major crisis between the Galactic Empire under Emperor Suntzu (and the Sith, Vodo Bonias) and the Order of Darkness under the former Emperor Hiram Drayson and his ally, General Balseraph. Discontent with Imperial policies continued for some time after Suntzu`s abdication, lasting until the end of Emperor Spytek`s regime � when Emperor Piett ascended to the Imperial Throne."

"The relative stability brought by the rule of Emperor Piett was soon marred by the coming of the second large-scale internal Imperial crisis, sometimes referred to as the Great Imperial Civil War. This war began twelve years ago as a political feud between Grand Admiral Veynom and Surface Marshal Trey Connel (during Piett`s rule) but later evolved into a more serious event as Piett abdicated the Imperial Throne, appointing Connel as his successor. Though it was expected Veynom was to succeed Emperor Connel, these plans were soon left in ruins as Veynom was accused of treason � departing the Empire and known space shortly thereafter. Political fallout from the feud led to the formation of the Imperial Core, and later the Dark Empire � a second political standoff between Vodo Bonias and Emperor Charon ensued, and after a merger between the Dark and Galactic Empires, Charon was overthrown. Count Uebles, a supporter of Bonias � and Bonias himself � were left to reign over the Empire, ushering in a political dynasty which would last for years � one which is still felt today."

"More recently (around eight years ago) began a third crisis surrounding the second rule of Emperor Vodo Bonias. Bonias and his supporter Grand Moff Zerk were accused of incompetence by a cadre of Imperial personnel, led by Thomas Cherokee and Garen Karrade. Following a short broadcast on the Galactic News Service, this discontented faction left the Empire to form an opposing coalition known as the New Imperial Order. In response, Vodo declared the defectors traitors to the Empire."

"Around four years ago, after a merger between the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order, anti-Vodoist Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium led a coup against Emperor Bonias � using his position to hold large portions of Imperial wealth and demanding Vodo abdicated the Imperial Throne immediately. As a result, Thomas Cherokee was elevated to the position of Emperor, and was recently succeeded by Emperor Guinar Ndengin and Executor Seele."




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Shortly following Major Rendell`s surprise speech, Executor Seele gave assembled Imperials a lengthy personal response. Important excerpts are included in this broadcast.

"Mr Rendell, whilst an emotionally provocative young man throughout his service, has grown despondent and bitter about a number of things. I`m not sure exactly where his unyielding and romanticized ideals came from, but I can certainly say that they run contrary to many things a great many people in the New Imperial Order, and the reformed Empire work towards."

"Accusations of nepotism? This is an Empire ruled by one man; The Emperor. [...] We have a single point of ultimate decision making. The Emperor, and by flow on effect, his Inner Circle do not make decisions based on ego or personal ambitions."

"Now, I`m sure you will all have varying thoughts on the ransom paid for my release, but the simple explanation is that the Emperor determined from his knowledge of the Empire, his own staff, and the combined wisdom of the Inner Circle`s strategic and tactical experience, that the ransom was to be paid."

"Was having Seele as the Executor of the Empire, better for the Empire than the loss of a single SSD? Obviously, the Emperor said that I was, and I certainly now have a mission to ensure that he was correct in that judgement."

"Mr Rendell has sealed his fate by taking the action he did, and he has received a dishonourable discharge from the Empire for his actions."

"If others harbor similar concerns to Mr Rendell, then I will extend once again the open invitation that the Emperor and I have extended for dialogue. We are willing to discuss with any member of the Empire their concerns over what happened, and allow anyone to respectfully and privately voice their disagreement on the actions taken, without repercussion."

"You may not see it, but you certainly won`t always know what the decision makers know and see. Sometimes you need confidence and faith in your superiors, and not simply try to meet adversity and setback with conspiracy theories and pestilence."