Naboo (Planet)

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System Naboo
Sector Chommel
Galactic Coordinates (140, -268)
System Coordinates (4, 7)
Astrographic Entry Naboo
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Forest, Swamp, Rivers
Rotational Period 26 hours
Orbital Period 312 days
Population 542,685,847
Controlled By Trade Federation
Magistrate Olwin Froon
Sentient Races Naboo

A tranquil world with a reputation for culture and diplomacy, Naboo is also a renowned wellspring of naturally occurring plasma, which is prized as a stable source of pure energy. The stormy fluctuations of Naboo's plasmic nucleus create vulcanism similar to the effects of a molten core and also casts a magnetic field around the globe that protects it from solar winds. A very ancient planet, aeons of plasma activity have carved out an extensive network of tunnels and chambers that honeycomb the crust. Submerged in seawater, the oceanic labyrinth extends throughout the entire lithosphere and is known as the Abyss. Close to the surface, this is the domain of the native Gungan race, although in the deeper netherworlds of the mantle, massive leviathans prowl.

The serene beauty of the surface is unparalleled, and it is acclaimed for its breathtaking pastoral landscapes. This is the domain of the human colonists known as the Naboo, although they were not its first alien settlers. Far to the north lies the Sacred Forest, flanked by the steppes called the Ranchlands. Here can be found abundant ruins of the earliest colonists, known only as the Elders. The northern hemisphere is dominated by the Great Grass Plains and Lake Paonga, the gateway to the great Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. Just south of the equator, the savannahs gently dip into a vast marshland belt called the Lianorm Swamp, where some of the most impressive Elder ruins can be found. South of the fens lies the capital city of Theed, on the banks of the mighty Solleu River at the Virdugo Plunge.

Three moons dance with Naboo as it whirls around the sun: Rori, which also bears ancient ruined Elder statuary; Ohma D`un; and the Third Moon, nicknamed Veruna. The moons churn the Abyss and also the plasma in Naboo's core. Where the actively flowing plasma reaches the upper crust, it is mined by the Naboo and Gungans alike, both as a local power supply and also as a valuable trading commodity. Naboo's plasma has defined this world for better and for worse, as it represents the source of tremendous prosperity and tragic conflict as well. This coveted resource may have been what attracted the Elders, who waged war upon the indigenous Gungans and drove them into the ocean. Scholars can only speculate about their fate, but when humans from Grizmallt began to arrive centuries after the Elders had disappeared, the Gungans were not alarmed. They lived side by side in relative peace, albeit mutually segregated, even as they each suffered through their own warring states periods.

But it was control of the plasma trade that eventually caused the Gungans and Naboo to mistrust one another and embroiled the planet in disputes that brought chaos to the Bosses and Royal Houses alike. As the galaxy was plunged into civil war and the Republic struggled to survive, the plasma market itself came under threat, and Naboo partnered with a series of successor organizations. Today, stability has been restored by the Trade Federation, which operates a lucrative commercial outpost here.

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