Nagatee Technologies

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Nagatee Inc.
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Jeff Knight
Owner Drael Nagatee
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 204
Dissolved Year 14 Day 273
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Nagatee Inc.

Nagatee Inc. is a premier equipment manufacturing company operated by the most experienced designers and producers in the Galaxy.


Arising from the lost Nagatee Kingdom, Zarthra Zoid, the royal family member responsible for the technology and development of Nagatee, aspired to bring about a company that could help satisfy the intense demand for weapons the galaxy has developed as skirmishes and battles erupt on the surfaces of hundreds of planets throughout the entire galaxy. Nagatee Inc. was the fulfillment of that dream. It was founded in the Skeebo system in the Shadola Sector where the local population is constantly growing and itself hunger for a need of equipment.

The current leader is Jeff Knight.

The staff works with expert precision to bring the galaxy superior quality equipment and great customer service. All in all, we do what you need us to.

After falling revenues and the insanity of the Princess Drael Nagatee, Nagatee Technologies closed for business in Year 15.