Nagatee Kingdom

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Nagatee Kingdom
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Drael Nagatee
2IC Geran Nightshadow
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 265
Dissolved Year 15 Day 340
Political Information
Industry Mercenary

A long, long time ago, in this very same galaxy, a group of united individuals formed a mighty Kingdom. The Nagateans, thrilled with finding their own way in this vast galaxy chose to be led by an old, wise and powerful family, the Nagatees; and thus, the Nagatee Royal Family was born. Centuries passed and the Kingdom thrived, but after the golden age the dark times came. The Kingdom was destroyed, the royal family murdered and their young offspring was hidden from sight and scattered throughout the galaxy without knowledge or recolection of their royal origins.

Years later, as the Force would have it, the truth was discovered. The daughter of the King and Queen had a vision, a vision in which the old Kingdom resurrected from its ashes in all its glory. The surviving Nagateans gathered and asked Her Royal Highness to take her rightful place as heir apparent. The Princess was touched and together with her two cousins -the other two royal survivors- set out to make that vision a reality.

Today, the Kingdom is led by the Princess and the Nagrathean Council, formed by the other five high ranking members of her Highness' court. Each of them lead a Ministry and each of them would die before surrendering the dream. The Nagatee Kingdom rises from its ashes and the Nagateans open their doors to any sentient-beings in search for that dear place called home.