Nala Veila

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Nala Veila
Biographical Information
Race Kaminoan
Homeworld Kamino
Mother Kina Veila
Father Orun Veila
Born Year -9 Day 101
Died Year 13 Day 358
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 2.1 meters
Coloring Pale-White
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Serv-O-Droid

Kaminoan Society

House Veila

Title Chief of Sales & Logistics
"Kamino, the watery jewel of the Galaxy, there is no other place a Kaminoan should call home."
— Nala Veila

Nala Veila was very instrumental in the revivification of the Kaminoan community. Nala held several positions; Nala was leader of the Kaminoan Society, and was the head-of-house for House Veila.

Early Life

Nala Veila was born on the planet of Kamino to Orun and Kina Veila. Tipoca City, the capitol of Kamino and Nala's home was a great place for her to hone in her medical skills at a very young age. Nala lead a mostly normal Kaminoan childhood; she was very sociable, which is a trait Kaminoans tend to hide from off-worlders, or outsiders. House Veila, one of the most influential families on Kamino, and arguably in the galaxy, was a big part of young Nala's life. Working alongside her mother, she learned the trade of diplomacy. Working alongside her father, she learned the art of medicine. Suffice to say, young Nala was an asset to Kaminoan society.

At the age of ten, young Nala began to do heavier work for House Veila. This workload often included rubbing elbows with some of Kamino's finest cloners and doctors. Cloning - long a trade of Kamino; long a respected career. Amazed at what she witnessed, Nala began to heavily study cloning and it's history on Kamino. By age twelve, Nala began some experiments with cloning and medicine, which set the foundations of her future knowledge.

Teenage Years

Now fourteen, and wiser, Nala began to work non-stop in House Veila. Everything from recruiting new members, to servicing droids, to helping the cloning process was all done by Nala. Nala's parents believed for a Kaminoan to survive in the galaxy, on world on not, they must be well attuned with a lot of skills. Most would agree, they successfully passed along their philosophy to their daughter. Prideful of her duties to Kamino and House Veila, Nala began to take even a harder workload. Now fifteen, Nala was working around the clock doing anything and everything she could. Eventually driving herself mad, she eased up on her workload and chose two areas to focus on - Medicine and Diplomacy.

Medicine came naturally to Nala, but diplomacy is a different story. Due to the Kaminoan's aloof nature, it is perhaps difficult for them to become well-worded with outsiders. Kaminoans, while always polite and cordial, come off as cold and withdrawn. Nala on the other hand, perfected herself in the art of diplomacy. Always knowing what to say, and what not to say. Through what seemed many months, by the age of seventeen, Nala became one of the greeters for Tipoca City. A "Greeter" in Kaminoan society, is a being that greets all of the off-worlders. Their job is to see to their needs, and to take care of their business. Nala took great pride in being one of the few to be in this illustrious position.

At the age of eighteen, Nala continued her work in the House and her work as Greeter. Diligence and perseverance are some of the core values of Nala, and are certainly the values that kept her pushing for betterment of herself. The well-spoken Kaminoan was proud of what she'd pushed herself to do; proud of her heritage, family, and values. Nala Veila, was a name everyone on Kamino knew, and possibly off-world due to her work as a Greeter.

A Peculiar Incident

During her Early Adulthood, Nala began working again in the cloning and birth labs of Tipoca City. The months she spent in the labs, she learned a great deal of things. She learned Kaminoan genetics, cloning, birth, medicine; it was almost like heaven for Nala. Soon, Nala's expertise was called up. This time, it was on rather hectic terms. A Kaminoan was born with blue-violet eyes. The Kaminoan doctors preforming the procedure nearly panicked, Nala included. The Kaminoan was taken and isolated from society, her name, Anlyva, came up for execution. Her irregularities were considered abominable to the well-structured Kaminoan society. Nala wasn't any different, Nala felt young Anlyva was an abomination that needed to be aborted. The case came up to Doctor Raena Wynnkest, a well respected practitioner in Tipoca City. Raena became the unofficial adoptive mother to the young Kaminoan. It was then, Anlyva received her surname, Anlyva Wynnkest. Raena pleaded to the High Council to let the young girl live, and the High Council accepted it on one condition; Young Anlyva was to be sent off-world. Nala, not in knowledge at the time where Anlyva was going, nor did she care. If only Nala could see that the 'abominable' creation she shunned, would later become one of her best friends.

Death of a Matron

Nala Veila was found dead on Year 13 Day 358. Her death was shrouded in mystery and deceit. A few hypothesis have been drawn up to explain the sudden death of the renown woman. The most commonly accepted theory was that she was murdered in a political power play, to shift the balance of power on Kamino from House Veila to a rival house.