Nat Dues

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Nat Dues
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Iridonia
Mother Ma'san Dues
Father Jaak Dues
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -16 Day 250
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Brotherhood, Galactic Alliance
Rank Lord Paramount, Arkanian Brotherhood
Positions High Command, Arkanian Brotherhood
Prior Affiliation Jedi Coalition, New Republic, SoroSuub Corporation
Awards See below

Nat Dues is a Zabrak hailing from the planet of Iridonia. He is currently Lord Paramount of the Arkanian Brotherhood.

After starting off as a junior pilot in the SoroSuub Corporation's logistics department, Nat had a long career as an executive in the New Republic's Ministry of State. He was elected to the New Republic Senate three times, and served as Minister of Culture on the Advisory Council. He was a founding member of the Arkanian Corporation and leader of several Arkanian organizations. Nat has also served as Governor of the Antipose and Bpfassh systems.

After retiring from New Republic service, Nat oversaw the formation of the Jedi Coalition. In Year 13, Nat led an effort to reform the Arkanian Corporation as a government entity called the Arkanian Brotherhood.


Early life

Nat was born on Iridonia in the Year -16, Day 250. He was an only child. When Nat was just two months old, his mother was taken by Hutt slavers from the nearby world of Nal Hutta. Nat was never able to track her down. Nat grew up under the guidance of his father, Jaak Dues. Jaak, a spaceship repair expert, taught Nat how to fly and how to take care of himself. Nat had a natural talent for piloting, and on his sixteenth birthday, his father gave him a Y-Wing Longprobe as a gift. Though old and used, Nat loved the ship because he knew his father had spent all of his savings on it, and years later it pained Nat to let go of it.

When he reached the age of eighteen, Nat decided that he wanted to do something with his life. His father, who loved his son very much, knew this was best for him. So he gave him all of the credits he could afford, and told him to go explore the galaxy and bring pride to the family name. He wished his son good luck and Nat was on his way. Nat flew his Longprobe, named "Infinite" to the Sluis sector. It was a long journey and during his time in hyperspace, Nat spent alot of time studying galactic maps using an old holocron he has bought from a merchant back on Iridonia. Being tech-savvy, Nat was able to hack into the Galactic News Service feed, and was able to listen to events that took place across the galaxy. Nat had never realized until now, how many people, planets, and groups there were. From the GNS, Nat gained an interest in the Galactic Civil War being fought between the Galatic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Nat was open minded and he considered both sides carefully. However, Nat knew in his heart that he needed to help the Alliance, and that the oppression caused by the Empire needed to end.

SoroSuub Corporation

Not wanting to jump right into the middle of a war, without having proper training and knowing little of the galaxy, Nat decided to join a company which focused on a growing economy, but also sided with the Rebels on military issues. This was the mighty Sorosuub Corporation, which through the development of its Sluis worlds, was able to gain a larger population than the Empire at one point. Nat joined Sorosuub Munitions, which, while specializing in weapons production, also housed the Sorosuub Conglomerate's logistics department. Nat was assigned to Personnel Logistics, picking up new recruits, and working under Van Harrad and Johnny Moon. While piloting his way across the galaxy to transport cadets, Nat spent alot of time on his holocommunicator with Gavin Kaos, who was the Sorosuub Academy Director. Nat learned alot about construction, prospecting, and other useful skills from Gavin. Nat also at this time got into the trading world when one of his mentors, Japla Rueb, gave him a Biotech stock as a gift. Nat's trading made him more well known outside of his corporation and he was able to develop contacts with members of other groups.

Nat graduated from the Sorosuub Academy at the top of his class, in record time. Upon graduation, Nat asked Gavin if he would be able to stay on as a mentor and instructor, as he wanted to help other, confused cadets, learn the ins-and-outs of the galaxy. By this time Nat had been promoted to the rank of senior pilot in Logistics. He had also become a more reputable trader, now dealing ships and real estate.

The Birth of the New Republic

As Year 8 began, rumors began spreading that the Rebel Alliance and Sorosuub Corporation would be merging together to form the New Republic. These rumors were soon confirmed and around the middle of Year 8, the merger officially took place. Corellian Transport Services was a transport group that was owned by the Rebel Alliance. When the merger took place, the logistics pilots that had worked in Sorosuub Munitons transferred to Corellian Transport Services. At this time, Gavin offered Nat a job as the Assistant Headmaster of the soon to be formed New Republic Academy and a job as Assistant Director of Intergalatic Military Machines, the nationalised corporation which Gavin was the leader of. Nat knew he would miss logistics having worked there for the past six months, however this was an opportunity he couldn't pass up and Nat resigned from logistics, thanking Van and Johnny for their great mentoring.

Taking the job as Assistant Headmaster turned out to be a very good move for Nat, as he met many Alliance members through it. Nat was soon added to the Republic Leadership Council. Just after this, Gavin decided to devote his time fully to leading Intergalactic Military Machines production efforts, and so Nat was promoted to Academy Headmaster. A while later, when the second New Republic Senate elections came about, Nat decided to run, however through lack of military and political experience, Nat was not elected. For the past few weeks Nat had been serving as the Assistant Director of Arkanian Enterprises, the bank that his friend, Gavin, owned. However, seeing that Magnus Plaga, the leader of Arkanian Enterprises, had things under control and wanting to try out the military side of things, Nat joined Starfighter Command, and was made a Flight Officer in Legacy Battlegroup under the command of Alexandre Daigle.

The Shipbuilding Days

When Adam A Flynn and Ingo R. Vailis took over the New Republic, Nat participated in the rescue operations of some of his battlegroup members. After the coup was over, Endeavour Battlegroup was lacking members, so Kit Lorcan, who would be taking over as Endeavour's Wing Commanding Officer, asked Nat to transfer. Nat accepted, and he was soon promoted to Lieutenant Commander. In the third Senate elections, Nat ran again, and this time he was elected for a one year term on the Senate. When Gavin decided to take a break from the New Republic, he put Nat in charge of leading the New Republic fighter production operation. Wanting to spend more time on his military career and as the Chief Operations Officer for the Rebel Alliance (Intergalatic Military Machines had been renamed), Nat resigned as Headmaster, after spending about 6 months on the job.

After a while Nat returned to his roots, and took a job as the Dean of General Education at the Academy. But, again, realizing he didn't have the time, Nat resigned. On Year 9, Day 170 Nat informed his commanding officer, Thrass Karr`das that he would be resigning from his Starfighter Command position and from all positions in Endeavour battlegroup, including the Strike Team Executive Officer position he had been appointed to. Shortly after this, Incom Corporation was sold and the New Republic Ministry of Shipbuilding did some major re-organization. On Day 212 of Year 9, Nat was appointed Chief Executive of Northern Shipbuilding and was made head of The Rebel Alliance.

Under Nat, the Rebel Alliance relocated to the north, operating primarily from the Shili system, and nearby Republica. The Rebel Alliance quickly increased it's income and employee count. Along with his second-in-command, Jace Tracken, Nat lead the development of the planet Shili. The Rebel Alliance also began to increase northern production capacity, while increasing public sales and sharing their technology for profit. Under Nat, northern shipbuilding was reformed. It became more efficient and productive, both in the public sales area and the military hardware production area.

Towards the end of his Senate term, Nat had become weary. He was tired of the political business and decided with a few months left in his term that he would not run again. When the Senate elections eventually came around, he was overjoyed, and he began cleaning out his office before the elections were even complete. On Year 10, Day 23, Nat's Senate term officially came to a close, and not a moment too soon. He said goodbye, and wished the best of luck to the politicians, and headed back to the shipyards, where he fit in much better.

Senate and the Advisory Council

In early Year 10, on Day 31, Nat was officially transferred to JUGANOTH Mining Corporation, after making a request to Chief of State Traner. Dues had decided that he had been doing ship production for long enough, and wanted a change. Zeff suggested that Nat help put JMC with their expanding northern operations. The New Republic had many major projects taking place up north, and materials would be needed now more than ever. Nat left the RA confidently, in the capable hands of his Chief Operations Officer, Jace Tracken. Upon his transfer, Chief of State Traner awarded Nat the Ingenuity Award, as well as his second Leadership Award.

Nat's career in JMC was short-lived however. He felt a constant calling to rejoin his friends at Arkanian. After just a month or so serving JMC, Nat officially transferred to Arkanian Trade Syndicate, where he took the position of Deputy Director of Construction. He also continued to maintain a number of positions in the New Republic. Nat was appointed the New Republic's Grand Historian, charged with keeping records and maintaining the Republic's archives, by Gojin Zen. He also applied to become a governor and was approved to become Governor of the Antipose system on Year 10 Day 100. Shortly after, on Day 125, Nat was selected to become a Judge, in the Republic's newly formed Justice Department.

When the next Senate elections rolled around, Nat decided that after not serving for one session, he was prepared to run again. After preparing himself mentally, Nat entered the race, a few days after others had begun campaigning. On Year 10 Day 147, Nat was elected to his second term as a Senator. On Day 153, thanks to Nat's leadership, the New Republic officially gained political control the Antipose system.

Gojin Zen was appointed Minister of State on Year 10 Day 188 and two days later Nat was promoted to Minister of Culture. On Year 10 Day 358, Nat was promoted to a level 4 middleman. During his first six months as Minister of Culture, Nat saw the completion of the Belecalaryn tax planet and oversaw the initial stages of construction on Celenor. Nat personally assisted with the Felucia tax planet in addition to several shield grid projects. After six months on the job, Nat began to get weary and he felt as if he was suffering from the leadership exhaustion that had plagued so many leaders before. Having fulfilled his promise of finishing the rest of Chief of State Traner's term, Nat decided to resign and the Advisory Council selected Lance Nightsky as his replacement. Lance was officially named Minister of Culture on Year 11 Day 106, replacing Nat after 9 months.

Rejoining Arkanian

In the months following his resignation, Nat oversaw the final stages of the Felucia tax planet build. On Year 11 Day 127, Chief of State Sunfell awarded Nat with the Rimma Star of Service for his years of dedicated service to the Republic. After spending some time collecting personal assets that he aquired over the years, Nat returned to his roots in the Arkanian Trade Syndicate, assuming the position of Director of Production in the Bpfassh system. However; even up rejoining ATS, Nat continued to serve the New Republic. On Year 11 Day 275, Nat was appointed Governor of the Bpfassh system, succeeding his friend, Gavin Kaos. On Day 276, Twiggy Samp awarded Nat with the Miner's Silver Award, for his efforts in assisting JMC's operations in the Garos system.

Year 11 Day 292, Arkanian Trade Syndicate reorganized itself as Arkanian Royal Engineers, under the direction of Gavin and Nat. Nat assumed the position of Vice President of the new corporation. When Gavin went on an extended leave of absence, Nat took over as President of ARE. Under Nat's leadership, ARE continued to grow and expand. Along with the Baobab Merchant Fleet, the Arkanian Royal Engineers purchased the Fulban system in the Outer Rim F-4, opening up an entirely new realm of possibilities for the groups. In his third Senate campaign, Nat ended up with the most votes and secured a year long Senate seat. On Day 298, Nat was announced as a Senator of the New Republic. Early in Year 12, Nat joined the ARGH Committee and shortly after, he returned to the Ministry of Civil Engineering as a consultant. On Day 124, Nat resigned his Senate seat stating personal reasons.

The Jedi Coalition


The Arkanian Brotherhood


Career History

Current Positions

  • Lord Paramount of the Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Governor of Arbra

Positions Held

  • SoroSuub Munitions Senior Logistics Pilot
  • Administrator of Education
  • Assistant Director of Arkanian Enterprises
  • Lieutenant Commander of Starfighter Command
  • Chief Executive of Northern Shipbuilding
  • Grand Historian of the New Republic
  • Governor of Antipose
  • Director of Arkanian Trade Syndicate
  • New Republic Judge
  • New Republic Senator
  • Minister of Culture
  • ARGH Morale Officer
  • President of the Arkanian Royal Engineers
  • Governor of Bpfassh
  • Chief of State of the Jedi Coalition

Awards and Citations

Sorosuub Corporation

6mon.png Six Months of Service

Ssccom.png Bar of Commission

Ssclog.png Logistics Department

Sscacad.png Academy Instructor

New Republic

Rimstar 30.png Rimma Star of Service

Builder 30.png Master Builder's Award

Production 30.png Production Supplier Award

Ingenuity 30.png Ingenuity Award

Leadership 30.png Leadership Award

Leadership 30.png Leadership Award

Minersilver 30.png Miner's Silver Award

Gold0.png Five Years of Civilian Service

Tradeindust.png Ministry of Trade and Industry

Culture.png Ministry of Culture

Econdev.png Ministry of Economic Development

Employment.png Bar of Employment

1yrserv.png Military Service

Sfc.png Starfighter Command

Training.png Training Ribbon

Arkanian Order

Rao moh s.png Arkanian Medal of Honor

Ribs scons.png Silver Construction Ribbon

Ribs bprod.png Bronze Production Ribbon

Ribs bmin.png Bronze Mining Ribbon

Ribs sdip.png Silver Diplomacy Ribbon

Ribs paxir.png Operation Paxir

Ribs ant3.png Operation Antipose III

Ribs ant7.png Operation Antipose VII

Ribs ful.png Operation Fulban Security

Ribs 4yr.png Four Years of Service