Natasha Kaine

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Natasha Kaine
Biographical Information
Race Human (Hapan)
Homeworld Empress Teta
Mother Paige Wellington
Father Gabriel Kaine
Born Year -2 Day 45
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Binary, Hapan
Religion Church of Reansucru
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.65m 5'5"
Weight 54kg 119lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
House Kaine
Rank Supervisor, O-1, Black Sun
Positions Public Relations, House Kaine

Natasha Kaine (pronounced /nəˈtɑ ʃə keɪn/ or [nuh-tah-shuh keyn]; born Year -2 Day 45) is the daughter of former Lord Protector of Holowan, Gabriel Kaine. In late Year 16 Natasha was exiled from her home sector due to the cold-blooded murder of her convicted rapist; it has been speculated that this option was selected over incarceration purely due to her father's influence. Currently Kaine serves as the primary House Kaine liaison between the public and leader, Archon Kyran Caelius.

Personal Information


Kaine appears to have a slim waifish build at 1.65m and 54kg, sporting exceptionally pale skin, blond hair, and green eyes. Of the living blood members of House Kaine, Natasha Kaine is much smaller than the average. Media has frequently commented on the callousness of her facial expressions, and the dismissive distanced way with which she holds herself. Perhaps as a reflection of this, Kaine usually sports the newest galactic fashion trends despite their leaning towards the absurd. In spite of her general lack of visible emotion, Kaine seems to have mastered the art of smiling for PR photographs.


Known for being publicly emotionless and privately insatiable, Kaine is recognized as an esoteric subject of interest. Kaine represents House Kaine in the day-to-day public operations, and despite an aloof demeanor, is known for addressing all public relations with a clever competence. Much less can be said for her private interests. The media has often reported spotting Kaine in the darker corners of the galaxy insisting that, despite a lack of hard evidence, she was seen satisfying a number of physical and emotional addictions. Some women have come forward, describing ryll fueled, lustful, BDSM exchanges with Kaine. Despite never commenting on her sexuality, an examination of those who have claimed to have sexual relations with Kaine would suggest that she is homosexual.

Those who have negatively claimed there is a hidden darker side to Kaine, have referenced her conviction for the willful and premeditated murder of her rapist. That acquaintances of Kyran Caelius have stated the two family members bonded over their mutually destructive tendencies further speaks to the speculations about Kaine's actual personality. In Kaine's defense, former friends have pointed to the significant differences in personality, between Kaine's expressions and mannerisms prior to and following her traumatic event.



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Natasha Kaine

  • Spouse
  • ‐ ‐ Lover
  • † Deceased
  • ‡ Presumed Deceased

Prior to her traumatic event, Kaine's closest relationship was with her father. She was described as being her daughter's father, including sharing his penchant for frequent words of wisdom and careful speech, in spite her young age. However, she always displayed secrecy in her personal life and even as daughter of the sector leader, Kaine's whereabouts were often difficult to nail down. Following her rape, the conviction of her rapist, and his light sentencing, those closest to Kaine described a drastic shift in mood and an otherwise unknown shift towards addictive substances. Kaine's relationship with her father clearly strained, with many citing Natasha's perception of a lack of justice at her father's hands. After publicly and viciously murdering her attacker during a hearing, the transition to an infamous version of herself was seemingly completed.

Since being exiled from her home and joining her remaining family in Black Sun territories, a close relationship has formed between she and Kyran and Kristijan Caelius. Her being entrusted with the public relations of House Kaine further suggests a close and trusted mutual bond with the Caelius brothers. Her stewardship beneath the eldest Caelius appears to be fairly public, given her oft indicated attachment to his side.


Raised as the daughter of the Church of Reansucru's leader, Gabriel Kaine, Kaine is a fervent follower of the faith. Prior to her exile from Danuta, Kaine learned that her Force Shade was Red.

"This shade is the embodiment of fury, passion, emotion, and impulse. Those who follow the Shade of Red are known to be driven by their strong emotions, value the freedoms, and believe in the power of the individual. Often preferring an offensive approach to life, those in which the Shade of Red falls on tend to be dynamic and unbound, but sometimes fall victim to being shortsighted and or temperamental. Prayers to the Red Shade are often for matters of emotions, strength of power, and for action."
— Church of Reansucru Tenets