Nautolan Society

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Nautolan Society
General Information
Status Active
Leader Siejo Kutol
Headquarters Nauto Prime, Cularin, Cularin System, Hevvrol Sector
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 250
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Racial Community
Holosite Nautolan Society

The Nautolan Society is a species-centric association formed circa Year 6 Day 250 that provides a framework for Nautolans spread throughout the Galaxy. Its mission is to provide the financial assistance and networking that allows Nautolans to succeed. The Nautolan Society is composed varius clans: the Civil clan, known as the Nau’to’la, and the mysterious warrior clan, known as the Rak’Qua. They are independent of all galactic politics and all Nautolans are welcome to join.


Our Origin


The Nautolan Race evolved and developed in the deep oceans of the water world of Glee Anselm. Over time, the nomadic nature of the species came to a halt, and small underwater villages were created. The villages grew, and over many generations, large underwater cities were constructed. In the underwater Utopia, war was a rarity. There was a heavy emphasis on family, obedience and honor. Families were controlled by the eldest male and the young Nautolans were trained in whatever that head of the family specialized in. Young Nautolans were born from eggs and resembled little tadpoles. Over the first few months of their lives, the developed legs and learned to speak the difficult Nautolan language. In time, some families began to specialize in political matters. These families trained their young in the art of the spoken word, and, when these Nautolans reached adulthood, they had magnificent abilities in oratory. Debates were held in town forums, most of which were associated with music, as oratory was seen as an art form in the day. After a few generations, these political families united the Nautolan Villages into a united society. The politically minded Nautolans created an extensive government, and called it Nautola.

While in their adolescence, Nautolans were also instructed in different forms of combat. Some pupils excelled in it, and made that their chosen profession. Once they mastered the trade, they would begin training younglings in the art of fighting. The Society, itself, was very prosperous and happy. Many large festivals were held throughout the year, celebrating the mass success and praising the gods for such a wonderful existence. The underwater Utopia stayed this way for many generations, and expanded its borders to contain most of the sea floor in the largest ocean on Glee Anselm.

Many Generations Later

Younglings were always discouraged to travel up to the top of the ocean, where the water ended. It was well known that, while they could breathe on the other side of the water, the world was dull and full of danger. Rarely, some adolescent Nautolans would gather up enough courage to swim up to the surface. Through these explorations, large landmasses were discovered. When the Young Nautolans stumbled onto the large island, they could not believe their eyes. The ground was covered in soft green vegetation, which was nothing like what grew under the waves. Curiosity brought them to climb up onto the dry ground. The world was strange. There were many different colors and strange shaped objects, but nothing was as vivid as it was underwater. The normally very intense Nautolan senses were severely diminished and they found that they could barely talk. A small animal, rummaging through a close bush, scared the Youths sufficiently that they ran back into the water and swam down to the nearest city to report what they had seen.

The local authorizes found the stories to be very interesting and brought the Younglings to the head politician, called the Tecro. The Tecro, after hearing the description, sent up his most trusted Fish to investigate the claim of an “Outerworld”. The group of twelve Nautolans went up to the location, and came out onto the dry land. The coastline were covered in dense swamps, and, further inland, some dry grassland. There were many strange, new things to explore and name. The group took samples and returned to the depths. After ruling the Outerworld safe, the Tecro commissioned a forward outpost to be constructed on land. Build crews swam to the surface, and wandered the swamps of the Outerworld until a suitable area was found. They decided to set up the camp in the midst of some ancient ruins. The camp grew quickly and the city of Pieralos was created.

Pieralos was very appealing to younger Nautolan families. There was plenty of work building up the city infrastructure and the further explanation of the swamplands. The population, as well as business, swelled until Pieralos was one of the largest Nautolan Cities, on the ground or under the waves.

The first real challenge to the Nautolan land dwellers was the discovery that they were not alone; another race existed on the planet, the Anselmi. Anselmi were humanoid creatures that naturally developed on the surface of Glee Anselm. The build up huge cities in the western hemisphere of the planet and rarely traveled to the eastern hemisphere, where the Nautolans had set up camp. The Anselmi stumbled upon Pieralos while on a massive hunting trip. The Anselmi food storage had become dangerously low, leading to a planet wide search for food. Several Nautolan scientists were out in the field when the Anselmi spotted them. The Anselmi, who lived in a war like culture, did not fear the strange new animal, and approached with total disregard for safety. The Nautolans noticed the visitors as they came out of the brush, and were quite startled. They tried to greet the Anselmi, but could not speak in a language that the Anselmi could understand. With no communication established, the Anselmi decided that the strange amphibians were useless and began attacking them. The Nautolans fled, but only one returned to the city walls of Pieralos.

The Tecro, outraged at the death of his leading scientists, sent word to all of the local fighting masters to meet him secretly in his dormitory. That night, the Tecro commissioned them to go to the surface and help defend the city. The warriors went up to the city, arriving just before a large party of Anselmi hunters arrived, determined to raid the city and kill all the inhabitants. A small battle took place, and the Anselmi were handily defeated by the Nautolan Warriors. Taking note of the great success the warriors showed in battle, the Tecro created a Nautolan Army, putting the Warriors in charge of the Defense of the Nauto world. The Rak`Qua clan was born. The Rak`Qua, lead by a Tecro of their own, went out into the countryside, determined on driving off the Anselmi hunting parties. But while they were searching for the Anselmi hunters, they discovered much worse in the area surrounding the Anselmi Capital. The large city of Anselm Prime was established on the western bank of the great ocean of Glee Anselm. While a great city, the area around it was environmentally devastated. Through overfishing and polluting the water, the Anselmi were using up all of their surrounding resources in order to sustain their large population, the Anselmi had severely polluted their environment and killed off most of their natural food sources. Upon seeing the devastation, especially to their water home, the Rak`Qua lead a full out assault on the Anselmi cities. While winning many battles, no real progress was made, and the unstable relationship established between the two species was maintained for many generations. Everything changed upon the arrival of outside influence.

Through prospecting projects, it was determined that Glee Anselm was a gold mine for raw materials. The Anselmi had discovered these, but didn’t have the need or ability to develop a massive mining project. After the fall of the Republic, who had lent their support to the Nautolans in many conflicts over the years, the Galactic Empire came to power. The Empire, after being contacted by the Anselmi, sent large mining parties to the planet, and started a huge attack on the Nautolan settlements. While fighting fiercely, the Nautolans were unable to fight off the Imperial armies. Some fled the planet, while others fled back to the sea. Pieralos was lost.

Year 5

During the dark reign of the Empire, not much changed on the surface of Glee Anselm, but under the waves, war was brewing. Do to the anti-Nautolan attitude of the Empire, horror stories poured into the collective minds of the amphibious people. Stories told of senseless killing of innocent Nautolans and capturing younglings and selling them into slavery. Overall, a general hate of the Empire developed by many of the Nautolan People, especially by the two Tecros, who ruled the underwater people. Due to general displeasure with the Empire, Rak`Qua numbers swelled to larger numbers then ever previously recorded, and the army grew to contain almost all of the young Nautolan males. The two Tecros worked together, and lead a full on assault on Pieralos. Using their excellent fighting ability, the Nauto Army pushed back the Empire and Anselmi forces. When word reached the galaxy about the conflict, many small groups came to the Nautolans aid, including a group known as the XXX miners. The XXX miners gave monetary support to the Nauto Army, and, with their support, Pieralos was taken by the Nauto army, as well as most of the countryside.

Unfortunately for the enemy armies, the Nauto Armies were not done. They lead a full on assault on the Anselmi Capital, Anselm Prime. When the attack came, rather than standing and helping their allies defend their city, the Empire fled, leaving the Anselmi alone to deal with the consequences of their attacks on the Nautolans. The battle was fierce, the Anselmi having barricaded themselves inside the city gates. The XXX miners provided air support, bombarding the city. After a month of fighting, the Nauto Army breached the gates of Anselm Prime and defeated the Anselmi forces. The XXX miners, as payment for their help, were given the capital city to control. The XXX miners were allowed free range on the planet to mine, giving the Nautolan leadership a percentage of the findings. These arrangements, as well as the protection offered by the XXX miners, lead to one of the most prosperous ages in Nautolan History.

Year 6 and Beyond

Not all good things last, and soon the XXX miners had complete control over Glee Anselm. While this was good for the overall economy, it left little room for the Nautolan Leadership. With little choice in the matter, most of the Society leadership voted to leave their homeworld. Forced to flee their home on Glee Anselm, a groups of Nautolans headed into the Galaxy in search of a planet to begin new civilizations. One such Nautolan was Pixelor Xess. Due to his strong ability to lead, Pixelor was appointed leader of the group. A quiet veteran in the galaxy, Pixelor was hardly heard from, but known by many. He made the most of every opportunity that has come his way. At the high point of his career, Pixelor was worth 3/4 of a billion in capital value. He used his wealth and influence of his highly successful career to help his fellow Nautolans reach such heights. Naming the exploration group, the “Nautolan Society, he helped found a new home for his people on the water worlds of the Dolomar System and established their new capital, Nauto Prime, on Valakivir. Large numbers of initial immigrants lead to an sharp increase in populations on these worlds, giving the society rule over the system.

In the years to come, the Society grew and developed colonies on the surrounding planets in system. News of the society spread throughout the galaxy and its promise of prosperity for its members. This lead to many Nautolans of different backgrounds and occupations to join the group. From billionaires to line wormers, the Society became something most called home.

After many years of peace and prosperity in Dolomar, the Nautolan Society faced its greatest trial in its history. With a growing population, and a booming economy, the members of the Nautolan Society were very pleased with the way things had worked out for their kind. With Valakivir settled, the Society sent out scout and construction crews to begin work on the other planets in the Dolomar system. Soon, Kirogost and Dolomar were under the Nautolan Society banner. Immigrants were given more diverse choices in where they could hang their hats, and many decided to set up residence on the other two planets. Arthenost, another Dolomar System Planet, was also settled by displaced Nautolans, but remained in the hands of outside Governments. While they had managed to avoid conflict for many years, multiple trade disputes and mining contracts lead to increased tension across the system that came to a head in Year 9.

Year 9

A council had been called by Pixelor Xess, for reasons unknown to the high ranking members of the Nautolan Society. The meeting was scheduled to take place in the Western District of Nauto Prime, in one of the Council Flats residing there. The holomessage was quite clear that members of both of the clans, Nau’to’la and Rak`Qua were required to attend. Siejo Kutol, Tecro of the Nautola, rocketed down to the surface in his Cobalt Blue Y TIE, some of the local sentient beings saw the ship and recognized it as Tecro Kutol’s and gathered to greet him. The ship landed and Kutol stepped out. He was greeted with a loud cheer and raised his hand to the crowd. As he disembarked his ship and walked began to walk into the crowd, a large projectile flew past him, barely missing his head, and smashed into the Ship. There was a loud explosion and the crowd panicked. Kutol tried to get up, but was very disoriented. He made his way toward the closes building, but was kicked from behind. He turned and was hit hard in the head. His back hit the building and he fell to the ground. He looked up at his attacker. The being, which appeared human, pulled out a blaster and aimed it at the Tecro’s head. Kutol, who was clearly still feeling the effects of the explosion, held up his hands to protect himself. “This is a message to your little society from its enemies!” The assailant said and leveled the blaster toward the fallen Nautolan. Just as he put his finger to the trigger, the barrel of a blaster came from the shadows. In a split second the barrel was there and the assailants’ head was gone. Kutol was stunned to still be alive. K`nithor Drevan, the Tecro of the Rak`Qua clan, stepped out of the shadows. “Blasters, such a messy alternative.” He said and helped up Kutol. Just then, more explosions ripped across the city. The two Nautolans, after contacting the other Council Members, ran through the city and made their way to the alternate meeting place in the Central District.

As they gathered together, news was pouring in of attacks all over the Dolomar System. Unofficial word that Kirogost was being overrun by unknown forces was being reported. The council convened. Two notable faces were missing from the meeting. Zao Nephalem was out on a training mission with new Nau’to’la Recruits at an unknown location, and OverlordPixelor Xess was also at an unknown location. The meeting put together a quick defensive plan, which included clearing Kirogost with the help of Strategy mastermind, Stephen Garrett, and a Scouting Mission to be headed by Nau’to’la member Saul Cohmre. With that the council convened and members went off to do their duty.

After confirmation by Cohmre that an invading for was on Kirogost, the Nautolan Society send Armies, Organic and Synthetic onto the battlefield of Kirogost. Rak`qua leadership lead the troops into battle against a still unidentified invading force. The enemy forces established two forward strongholds in the Cities of Larrisa, Lorcano, and their main base in the city of Ivory Tower. With information in mind, Stephen Garrett crept into the city of Larrisa. There was able to retrieve information on the enemy commander, and most of his current battle strategy. Word spread through the ranks, and moral was high. Meanwhile, with the newly acquired strategy, Cohmre and the Nautolan Society Army managed to make headway against the enemy forces, and managed to bring the city of Lorcano under Nautolan Society colors.

Meanwhile, in the Nautolan Society Flag ship, the L-500 Nautolan Spear, Siejo Kutol received a holomessage. It was Pixelor. He had just made his way back in system. He had just exited hyperspace and was on his way to rendezvous with the Spear. He was not surprised by the attack and promised to provide further details once he docked. After breaking connection with Overlord Xess, the bridge alarms sounded. Fighters were making their way toward the Spear near the systems main star and closing fast. Fighters flew out of the Capital ships hangar bay, and screamed toward battle.

Tecro Kutol, now on the bridge, attempted to contact Xess to find his location and warn him of the upcoming firefight. When connection was made, he was horrified to find that Xess was making his way around through the center of the system. He quickly made his way to the docking ports, entered his fastest ship and raced to protect his good friend and Overlord from harm. Xess, as he made his way around the system star, was immediately attacked by enemy forces. He attempted to out maneuver them, but his ship was badly damaged. He was able to send out one distress holomessage to Kutol, before smashing into the surface of the Dolomar Sun. The NS fighters cleaned up the remaining enemy fighters, but the Leader of the Society was dead.

Kutol was overtaken with grief when he received the message. With the loss of Pixelor, the Nautolan Society owned property fell into the hands of the private mining corporation, Onyx Evacuations. Kutol returned to the Flag ship and quickly fought off the enemy ships, and made his way to Kirogost to meet with the council.

When world began to leak of the Overlords demise, the Nautolan Society base crumbled. Most of the resources were lost, to private contractors or absorbed into the Onyx mainframe. It appeared that the militant forces had won. Upon further research conducted later, the meeting that was to be called was to address the trade disputes and rising tensions with fear of war. Unfortunately, the meeting was too late and the Society had been unprepared.

In a brash move, Siejo Kutol used most of his personal funds to purchase back Valakivir. When the residents heard of Pixelor’s death and the Nautolan Society loss of planetary control, large riots broke out in the Western and Northern Districts of Nauto Prime, destroying most of the Western District. After the transaction, Kutol called a meeting in the Central Distinct. At that meeting, He was declared the new Overlord of the Nautolan Society. After the council adjourned, a large public address was help outside. There it was announced the rebirth of the Nautolan Society, as well the reacquisition of Valakivir, Kirogost and Dolomar. After the meeting, the entire Nautolan Society fleet made its way to Kirogost to take care of the enemy forces for good. The forces met in the city Ivory Tower and a large battle took place. While Drevan and Cohmre lead the general assault, Nephalem lead one of his personally trained attack forces into the battle, behind the militant front lines in an effort to capture their forward command post. The plan was a success. Many lives were lost, but in the end, the Nautolan Society won the day, and the bandit militant forces left the Dolomar System.

After the dust cleared, Saul Cohmre was elected to replace Siejo Kutol as Tecro to the Nau’to’la Clan. Membership rose and Nautolan immigrants began to return to the system. Overlord Kutol took on an agenda of expansion in the Pantolomin System. This included the rebuilding of Nauto Prime, the reacquisition of Arthenost, and bringing Tellus under Nauto colors.

Year 10

With the militant forces gone, Overlord Kutol looked to rebuild the Society to its once great heights. Immediately initiating great construction projects on Nauto Prime, Kutol brought in large amounts of jobs, which were followed by large amounts of immigrants to take the jobs. The large metropolis started to expand and the Dolomar System entered into a second great age of growth and prosperity. A large effort was made to bring a strong economy to the System, so a wide variety of merchants and businessmen were allowed access to the planets. The idea worked and the Dolomar System was on its way to becoming the wealthiest System in the sector. The years major highlight was the construction of the Nautolan Society Orbital station, Prosperity. Not everything was perfect though. One planet, Telos, was held by an outside force. Part of the remnant of the battle in Year 9, Kutol tried many times to strike a deal to bring the planet under Society control but failed.

Year 11

While the Dolomar System seemed safe for the time being, the constant reminders of the battle in Year 9 littered the system. Many had voiced concern about another attack. Search parties were sent out to unknown regions of the galaxy in search of another suitable colony. In year 11, under the steady hand of Kutol, the Society moved most of its operation to the nearly discovered Cularin System. Similar to Valakivir in almost every way, the planet Cularin was a beautiful temperate planet that was deemed perfect for the establishment of the new Nauto-Prime. Only a days travel from Glee Anselm, the new colony flourished. A flotilla of ships, lead by the "Nautolan Spear" made its way to the Hevvrol Sector, leaving a bare bones crew in Dolomar.

Year 12

While the Society continued to expand financially, membership began to dwindle. Kutol became focused on outside tasks, namely the creation of the Confederate Government that was established mid year 12. This lead to political disagreements among the society members with some claiming Kutol was more concerned with his personal ambition than the well-being of his people. With the increasing militarization of the Cularin System and Hevvrol Sector, many members fled to other areas of the galaxy in search of a steady home. Kutol tried to turn to his allies, but unfortunately many had fled, including Zao Nephalem and Sion Plagueis. Saul Cohmre was nowhere to be found. The Dolomar System was lost. Without his leadership council, Kutol found himself overwhelmed and understaffed. He began the integration of Society Assets into the Corporate Alliance in hopes to get the support needed to keep the Hevvrol Sector safe. Sadly, this only lead to more disagreements from the remaining Society Membership. While Kutol was busy in Hevvrol, the Dolomar System was attacked again. Sadly, this time the system fell.

Year 13

Kutol was heartbroken at the loss of life in the Dolomar System. Hearing the concerns of his fellow members, he worked to try to correct his mistake. He stepped down as leader, promising to retire and focus more on his family. Sion Plagueis was elected interim Overlord. Plans were put into place to elect a full time leader but the election never took place. Arguments broke out again over Society Assets and the Confederate Government was unwilling to provide any significant assistance to the Nautolan Society members outside the colonist on Cularin. Kutol attempted to discuss this with the Senate, but was outvoted. This lead to a policy of isolation and uncertainty throughout the ranks of the society.

The Confederacy promised peace, moving assets and funding income and production facilities all over Cularin. Saldy, those not settled on the colony world saw little benefit. Their many requests for assistance from the Colony world were not answered.

Year 14

After the reported Death of Siejo Kutol, the Society was suddenly on desperate times. The CIS was quick to take control of Nauto-Prime and the surrounding planets, claiming them for their own and using them to fuel the war machine. Cularin was covered in mining cities, which polluted the once beautiful and untouched oceans. Disgruntled Nautolans protested the changes, hoping the Senate would intervene, but the complaints went on deaf ears. Head of State Samuel Ashen had little regard to the Nautolans who found themselves under his rule. After weeks of protests, some leaders on the Colony world began to disappear. Many hoped that they had found a way offworld to join with the rest of the Society, but rumors were spread about labor camps in the north.

Year 15

Nau’to’la Tecro Sion Plagueis officially decided to take up his rightful place at the top of the Nautolan Society as the next Overlord of the Society. With this he officially reformed the Society that had been dissolved completely since the disappearance of Overlord Siejo Kutol. Overlord Plagueis would be starting from nothing to reform the fallen society, with all of the society's previous possessions and planets falling to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Even so, he had had high hopes that the Society would again rise and support the Nautolans throughout the galaxy.

With the overtaking and reformation of the Nautolan Society, Overlord Plagueis decided to reform the structure of the group as well. His first act was to dissolve the military clan of Rak`Qua, deciding to reform the group as a purely political and economic group. Plagueis also believed that the title of Overlord felt too much like a symbol of an oppressive leader and Society as a whole, which he believed was counter to the ideas of the Society. His next act was to officially retired the position of Overlord, instead taking on his previous title of Nau’to’la Tecro, which would once again be the leading position of the Society.

In an effort to build support, Tecr oPlagueis reached out to all other race groups that he knew of. He contacted all of the previous member of the Council of Native Races as well as any other he could find that was supposedly active. Among those he contacted were the leaders or representatives of the Mon Calamari Society, Kaminoan Society, T'doshok Alliance, and the Duros Union. He requested information such as the current status of the group as well as if they were still actively in charge of the group.

Plagueis hoped that the groups would be able to come together in a mutually beneficial way. He knew the Council of Native Races most likely left most groups a bit weary of such a group, though he was thinking something that was completely political and economical and in no way militarily aimed. It would be a group that let all of the groups come to life again and mutually help each other and in turn help the citizens of each group. The group would be open to all groups in an attempt to help those all over the galaxy. Sadly, aid and support was not to be found.

It was at this point that the Society slipped into the Oblivion for many years.

Year 19

After many years of silence, the Society suddenly burst back onto the scene. With the oppressive Confederacy disabled, Nautolans suddenly felt free once again to live a life of freedom and peace. A young Nautolan named Yakubu Fista managed to make contact with Siejo Kutol and, together, they took to the airwaves with a message of peace and prosperity. Many nautolans answered the call, including Saul Cohmre, Rand Axim, Dex Sehrin and Dreks Selmur. With Overlord Plaugus missing, Kutol was asked to assist in bringing the group back from the brink once more. After reclaiming the title of Tecro, Kutol approved a motion generated by Fista to reopen the Rak’Qua Clan. Fista felt that in an uncertain and dangerous galaxy, There existed a necessity for those who wish to work toward the protection of the Nautolan people have a group and tutelage to help reach their potential.

Lead by Fista and Greg Yoff, a Rak’Qua ragtag group was dispatched to Cularin to confront the remaining Confederate Splinter Forces for the rights of Nauto-Prime. There, Sion Plaugus appeared and assisted in the battle.

While the Rak`Qua Clan was engaged in battle with the remaining Confederate Droid army across the plains of Cularin, Kutol took the newly christened "Nautolan Spear II" on a humanitarian voyage back to Glee Anselm.

Nautolan Society Leadership

Over the years, leadership of the Nautolan Society has changed drastically in response to the needs of the Nautolan people. At times, there have been as many as 4 clans as well as varying forms of leaders. Currently, the Society is made up of three clans. Each clan has a leader who is appointed to the leadership council who lead the group as a whole.

Leadership Council

For many generations, the nautolan race was lead by a partnership between the Tecros of the clans. Having representation both from the political and military clans usually lead to a nice mixture of ideas. Unfortunately, the two members of this “Oligarchy” not always agreed on what was the right direction for the group as a whole. In Year 8, there had been quite a bit of disagreement on how to handle the wars in Dolomar and the resettlement of the Nautolan Colonies. During that war, the Overlord was created to oversee the Tecros of the Nautolan Society Clans. In time, it was felt that this was no longer needed and the rank was phased out.

Overlord (Retired)

Depiction of a Nautolan Overlord

The office of the Overlord was not created until much more recently, with evidence of its beginning use by the Nautolan Society in general in Year 8. Originally, the Society was lead by the Tecro of the Nau’tol’a (Politcal Clan)of the Society. The warrior Clan, Rak Qua, had its own leadership and ways of working things. Its leader was also called Tecro They would only called upon by Tecro of Clan Nau’to’la in times of great need. When both clans publicly came together, through the work of Nau’to’la Tecro Siejo Kutol and Rak Qua Tecro K`nithor Drevan, that the title of Overlord began to be used to describe the overall leader of the Society. Pixelor Xess was the First Overlord, followed by Siejo Kutol. Sion Plagueis was elected to the office officially in Year 15. The office was retired sometime in Year 17. That said, in times of open war, the rank still exists and can be filled by the leadership council.


The Tecros of the Nautolan Society are the leaders of each individual Clan. They are appointed by their Clan peers and serve as the direct advisers to the Overlord, both politically and militarily.

Nautolan Society Clans


The Clan Nau’to’la is the Politically based Clan of the Nautolan Society. Focused more on diplomacy then fighting, the Nau’to’la traditionally worked with the Overlord to help the Society grow and prosper. Nau’to’la members are solely responsible for introducing new Nautolans to the Nautolan Society and managing the diplomatic relationships that the Society has with surrounding factions.

The clan Nau’to’la grew from the need of the Nautolan Race to rule itself in the underwater world of Glee Anselm. Deep in the Nautolan past, young males were groomed to be politicians. Families expected these young males to grow and help rule the underwater Utopia. Only in their spare time would youths' have the opportunity to be instructed in the are of war. It was not until the discovery of the world above, and the subsequent discovery of the war-like Anselmi, that a need for warriors was a priority of the Nautolan peoples. With this change in attitude, fewer and fewer Nautolan youths were reared with the ideal of Politics. This helped these few develop themselves into an elite group, later known as the Clan Nau’to’la, that would lead their race in this confrontation with the Anselmi and many more in the future. After the flight from Glee Anselm, the displaced Nautolans looked to the Nau’to’la Tecro to help lead them and the newly created Nautolan Society. The first Tecro to be appointed after the flight was a young Nautolan Male named Siejo Kutol. He, along with the leadership of Overlord Pixelor Xess, helped establish the young Society on the planet Valakivir. The Society grew, constructing flats and local government buildings around the Dolomar System and helped transport thousands of displaced Nautolans to their new homes. Everything was progressing better then planned until the death of Pixelor Xess. With his death, Nautolans, especially those who made the trip to their new home, looked to the Tecro Kutol and the Nau’to’la to lead them into the future. When Kutol was appointed Overlord, Saul Cohmre became the new Tecro of the Nau’to’la. Tecro Cohmre lead the charge in the War for Kirogost and helped revive the mining operations there after the war was won. Sadly, peace never lasts and the Society was forced to resettle in the Cularin System around Year 11. Cohmre made sure that the new homeworld was kept clean and clear of the growing Confederate Government and war machine. Nauto Prime was reestablished on Cularin.

In the years to come, leadership was passed to Sion Plagueis. Plagueis was never part of the Confederacy and, after Siejo Kutol disappeared, many of the assets were left in limbo.

When the Society was reawakened in Year 19, Siejo Kutol once again was elected to leadership of the diplomatic clan.







The Clan Rak`Qua is the military minded clan in the Nautolan Society. Responsible for keeping Nautolan interest safe around the galaxy, Rak'Qua members are constantly busy guarding NS cities and defending NS space from attackers.

Created many generations ago to protect the peaceful Nautolan population from the war-like Anselmi, the Rak`Qua is the warrior clan of the Nautolan Society. Kept in shroud, the clan had grown into no more than a rumor for many years. Membership was kept secret and the missions were always performed with pin point accuracy and secrecy, keeping the public totally unaware of its existence. With the flight from Glee Anselm, the Ruling class, known as Nau’to’la, made a public outcry for help from the mysterious clan.. Keeping with the traditions of old, the Rak`Qua members showed themselves and the ruling Tecro, K`nithor Drevan, made it clear that his followers would do whatever is necessary to protect the Nautolan interest in Dolomar and all around the Galaxy.

After the collapse of the Nautolan Society Fleet at the hands of the Confederacy in Year 15, The Clan was disbanded. It was felt that peace should be the primary goal of the Society. After news broke of severe Nautolan mistreatment on Cularin in Year 19, the clan was reactivated with Yakubu Fista taking the lead.







The force. A vast and powerful web of energy that connects all things as one. With such a power at ones fingertips, proper guidance is necessary. With this idea in mind, a new clan Awa'We'Nakar, of the Nautolan Society, was founded by the powerful force user Sion Plagueis. The clans purpose would be to promote and train nautolan force users across the galaxy regardless of age, sex, political affiliation, force alignment, or views.



Jororia (Retired)

Originally founded and lead by brother of Overlord Kutol Tai’ Wu Kutol, Jororia focused more on commerce and trade. It was felt that developing a clan dedicated to expanding the reach of the society and filling her cofferes would be beneficial, especially in times of conflict. Using the resources in the Corporate Alliance, Jororia was able to provides lines of credit to members in good standing as well as work the market rather efficiently. Later, the strong willed Allana Kutol] took command of the Clan.

The Clan dissolved in Year 12 after the Confederacy took command of the Corporate Alliance and cut off some of the benefits being provided to members.






Nautoli is the proper name of the native language of the Nautolan race. Words were made up of small sounds with frequent pauses. It is only fully pronounceable when the speaker is under water.

Due to the nature of Nautoli, many day to day conversations between members were carried out in Galactic Basic. That said, any truly important meetings were held underwater to prevent misinterpretation of intent.


While there is not an Official religion that members of the Society are forced to follow, many members find themselves followers of the traditional Nautolan Religion based on the teaching of a mysterious group known as the Rey’to’la. Based around the idea of an afterlife and that those who had passed on to the other side would be watching over you and passing judgement upon you, Believers do not follow a particular diety, instead following a particular moral code. Those that are deemed worthy are welcomed to the Endless Ocean. Those who are deemed unworthy are left on the dry banks for eternity. There was also a belief amongst most in “The Reaping”; a cataclysmic end of Glee Anselm that would bring all those worthy to the Endless Ocean together.


Rarely, a member of the Society violates the moral code followed by many of the nautolan race. Examples of such actions include theft, murder, and blasphemy. Accusations were traditionally not made lightly. An Accuser would need to present proof to the leadership of the Society. After a discussion from leadership and verification of acts, the offending member may be “marked and deemed unfit to be considered part of the Society. Furthermore, the mark prevents the offender from being able to enter the Endless Ocean upon death. In recent years, Borr Fedick was the last to be marked due to multiple confirmed reports of piracy and murder.

Nautolan Society Members


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