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System Sevarcos
Sector Tamerin
Galactic Coordinates (93, -371)
System Coordinates (12, 4)
Astrographic Entry Hecq Asteroid Belt
Type Asteroid
Primary Terrain: Asteroid
Rotational Period 24 standard hours
Orbital Period 368 standard days
Population 103 inhabitants
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Governor Eidola Pirates
Magistrate None
Sentient Races N/A

Necropolis is a city in the Hecq Asteroid Belt located within the Sevarcos system. It is notable for being a memorial city for fallen Eidolons and other significant individuals important to the history of the Eidola Pirates.


Necropolis is an important city to the Eidola Pirates. It was founded by Teniel Djo in Year 8, during her reign as the leader of the Eidola Pirates. The city consists almost entirely of memorial tombs and parks surrounding a central cathedral. The memorials were constructed throughout Year 9, whereas construction on the cathedral did not complete until Year 11 due to the planning and architecture involved.

Necropolis serves as the official cemetery for Eidolons and close allies killed or missing in action, and the cause and year of death are noted on each tombstone when they can be determined. Remains are interred within Necropolis when possible. In circumstances where remains cannot be recovered, tombs may instead contain personal effects left behind by the deceased in addition to any items and artifacts donated by surviving kin.

The memorial city is open to visitors year round without restriction and is regularly maintained, although access to the cathedral itself is only available to Eidolons or by special request.