Neria Derycke

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Neria Derycke-Black
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar/Zeltron
Homeworld None
Mother Chelsea Deboldere Zeltron (died)
Father Francis Derycke Kiffar (died)
Spouse Barnaby Black (husband, missing since year 15 Day 75)
Siblings Ryu Derycke Lilly Derycke (twin sister, died Year 18 Day 2)

Scott Hood (brother in law)

Born Year -11 Day 93
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.69 meters
Coloring Light
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation CorSec
Prior Affiliation Lieutenant Commander, Tresario Star Kingdom
President, Byblos Drive Yards
Star Colonel, Tion Hegemony
Director of Security (Commander), Sienar Conglomerate



Neria and her twin sister Lilly were born in a freighter that was traveling through deep space. Neria learned the the skills necessary to become a pilot at an early age. Neria's father was from Kiffex, homeworld of the Kiffar and her mother was Zeltron. It was a place the twins only heard of from the holovids and the stories their parents shared with them. It was difficult for the twins to make friends as they were the only children on the ship. Sometimes they would stay over on a space colony with their mother while their father would haul goods for the local companies in the area. It was easy to make new friends for both sisters, but keeping friends was more difficult as they would never stay long at a space colony. So the twins really had only each other to share their stories and secrets. Their bond was strong and nobody could come in between them.

At the age of 16 a small pirate gang entered the freighter of her youth. The rogues proceeded to loot the ship and execute everyone on board. Neria's father led the resistance, but it was no use. The pirates were far more skilled in the arts of war. They soon overwhelmed the crew. Neria's sister got separated from the group, while Neria was with her parent fighting off the pirates. Having no contact with her sister they didn't know if Lilly was still alive. With one last act of defiance Neria's father told her to run for their shuttle and get it ready for launch. Her father and friend Enrius covered her run for the ship. Her mother followed close behind. Neria reached the shuttle, boarded it and fired up the engines. She ran back down the ramp at the back of the loading bay just in time to see her mother gunned down by the pirates. Her father yelled at her to go on without them. Neria saw him and Enrius being executed by the rogues just as the shuttle left the docking bay. She didn't know what happened to her sister.

Neria escaped the carnage and flew away in tears. She decided to go to the desert planet close to where they where: Tatooine, a hot, dusty hideaway. From there she started her search for her sister. First she looked on Tatooine with the help of a little Jawa. She followed rumors about pirate gangs selling people off into slavery. She kept telling herself her sister was still alive.

Eventually Neria found a lead about her sister; she followed it and it took her back to the galaxy. Visiting many places and doing small jobs, she came closer to the pirate group. After 4 years of chasing leads, she found the group in a trading station in Hutt Space. She flew to the station and searched the docking bay, where she saw a very familiar ship. There was no doubt the pirates were there. It was the ship Neria and her sister grew up on. She smuggled herself onto the ship and waited for it to leave the station. Neria had gained new skills from her rough life after that event; she learned to be sneaky and to fight and she killed the pirates one by one, only the leader she kept alive. She questioned him and found out her sister was sold off as a slave. But he had no clue of where she would be, it was such a long time ago. This was a terrible blow for Neria's morale as the only lead to find her sister came to a dead end. She killed the pirate leader. She had no clue about what to do and her search for her sister diminished. However she would still hire mercenaries or freelancers to search for Lilly to keep the hope alive that she and her sister would be reunited one day...

Joining Byblos Drive Yards

Neria began work for Rev Cozmo a skilled business man building up his company, who was in need of pilots. Thus Neria goes to the Starport of FFC Budnik and waits for her ride. There's not much to see in Budnik and the starport is clearly not the most important one on Tatooine and there's barely any entertainment in the city, thus Neria is sitting there staring out in front of her, when suddenly a YT-1210 called the Sledge Hammer arrives. A rather handsome man steps out and heads to the Admin. post, then heads to the cantina where Neria is waiting for days now.

He enters the cantina and sits down on the other side of the bar where Neria is sitting; he looks up and see her and smiles at her, and she gives a small smile back. He orders a Whiskey and tell the barman to bring that girl a glass of wine. The barman gives Neria a glass of wine and says from who it comes; she looks at him and accepts the drink. The man then sits next to her and they start to talk; his name Hemi Cuda, a freelance pilot, so the whole evening he tells her of his journey in space and she tells about her life on Tatooine and how eager she is to leave this place. He has to stay a few days on Tatooine so in those few days they talk and start to get feelings for each other... He offers her a place at his side but she can't, she wants to work on her own path to fame, but they will meet and spend time together every time they get the chance. And who knows maybe she will join him on his journeys

Finally her transport arrives and she's off to pick up her ship, and to start her first job as a freelancer.

Neria and Rev Cozmo become close friends, and she tells him about her life and her dreams. After a while Rev tells her to go own her own and pursue her dreams, so with her ship Rev has given to her she sets out. But freelancing is difficult if you don't have a reputation. So after a while and some ungrateful jobs she contacts Hemi and he brings her in contact with Anax Noctru. Mr. Noctru, who is planning to start up a new company, offers Neria a spot in Byblos Drive Yards. There she quickly rises up in the ranks and becomes Head of Sentient Resources, but most important Neria is close to the man she loves. Hemi Cuda who is the Head of Prospection spoiles her with many gifts, one of them is a YT-2000 called Neo.

She starts to get a reputation of being among the best recruiters in the galaxy, some don't like her because of snatching those still green in a cockpit, but many respect her for it. Most of the recruits are grateful for her help and the care and time she puts in training them. She guides and helps every recruit personally. She gains the trust of most members of Byblos Drive Yards and the members count quickly rises to more than 40. But after a while she feels HC isnt that active; she becomes frustrated by the lack of leadership plus her current relationship is slacking as well and decides to leave BDY. Followed by 3 other members, she joins Tresario Star Kingdom. Meanwhile she met Redjon Mirrabel, and he becomes a close friend to her along with Davos Markus, Kaal Derycke,Eira Cardas, Ghecko Hex, Eta Carinea, and others.

Tresario Star Kingdom

She decides to do something completely different and join the navy of TSK, where she has yet to prove her skills. She isn't a recruiter anymore, which is something she does miss doing in her previous organization. She joined TSK with Davos Markus (one of her first recruits and friends from BDY), Kaal Derycke (her little Jawa friend from Tatooine), and Redjon Mirrabel who she met in a tavern on Polis Massa and joined BDY for a short while. After one month in service she receives a promotion for her work; she gets promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Her CO notice her work ethos and recommends her for anther promotion. At the ceremony she takes the oath and pledges her loyalty to Tresario Star Kingdom, its citizens, the King and Hall of Ministers. The Tresrian Navy undergoes some changes, Neria gets a new CO and is assigned in a special task group, under command of Barnaby Black. Both grow close to each other and start a relationship, despite deep feelings for each other, they keep their relationship separated from their assignments. However Neria would do everything BB asks and she cares allot for him Meanwhile Neria gets promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is rewarded for her hard and excellent work, Admiral Zeff Traner awards her with the next words: "Lt. Com. Derycke, your work within the navy has been fantastic. Your dedication to the tasks assigned has been of a character rarely seen. It is with that spirit that I award you the Expediency Point of the Kingdom Star."

Neria receives her first Kingdom star point, and hopes to receive many more.

However, Tresario is not what Neria though it was. Despite her hard work, she feels HC limits the freedom of its citizens and those defending Tresarian space too much. Her attempts to make the government less bureaucratic and ways to motivate those working for the said government are either limited or just refused without consideration. The paranoia towards those that proven to be loyal and effective is frustrating Neria. After a small fallout with HC and HoM Neria leaves Tresarian space. She still feels she is a Tresarian, but this Tresarian doesn't like the way how she is beeing treated by her king and Hall of Ministers. Officially Neria is no longer a Tresarian and has no home to go to. After some wandering around in this large Galaxy she joins the Trade Federation as Citizen. Barnaby Black remains in Tresario, but their love is still burning strong. Even if they will be so far away from each other.

Returning to BDY

On Year 14 day 10 Neria receives yet again a offering to return to Byblos Drive Yards by Anax Noctru. This time as leader of Byblos, Byblos that has been in decline since she left Byblos for Tresario. Neria has free reign of command and can decide how BDY runs, she accepts the offer from Anax and heads back to Polis Massa. Once she arrived she starts to reform the company with the goal to create a tight knit community and to make Byblos one of the biggest ship producers there are. At first Neria was a bit frightened for the reactions of the members in Byblos towards the sudden change in command, but most accepted her as they knew her still as the person that took care for the employee's of Byblos almost a year ago. She gets rid of the micromanagement that slows down the production progress of Byblos, place new people in directive positions and reforms the recruitment division. After one month of hard work everything that needs improvement, scrapped or reformed is almost completed. Each department has the freedom to work how they see best, as long the results are positive. Soon after the company starts to grow again and slowly the sales improve, plans are in progress to expand the Byblos Community.

By Year 14 day 150, recession has struck the market and many smaller companies struggle to survive or dissolve. A violent virus breaks out on Derra and plunge the system into chaos. A wave of fear hits the galaxy, fear that the violent may spread out, both the IU and GA forces as many others try to contain the problem. Resulting in a clash between the the IU and GA and many other groups. The Galactic Concordiate is formed by former IU members and promotes neutrality and free trade. The galaxy meets many new changes and continues to change. Neria constructs a new station in Polis Massa for herself to call home. She decides its time to plan for the future of Byblos. Byblos manage to keep its head up during the reces and aims more to preorders while keeping a presence on CPM. Neria also maneuvers Byblos into galactic politics with the aim to keep a neutral stance and for support when it is needed in case someone decides to attack the group. She starts setting up embassy's, although Byblos is a company. It has a governmental structure, with Anax Noctru as head of state. On year 14 day 140 Neria creates The Byblos Corporation, a group that has Byblos Drive yards, Byblos Resource Extractions and Byblos Security Division under its wings. Setting the base for future plans for the group. On a more personal level, Neria needs to deal with disaster. Casis Derycke, a uncle of Neria and Lilly, and a member of the Dark Star Hellions is killed by Xakic Jix, the man who he was supposed to guard with his live. The Hellions claim he was a spy for The Krath Dynasty, Neria investigates to find out if this is true or not, the investigation eventually gets stuck and the the truth remains in the middle. Not much later her sister gets abducted by Kamanina Ye, she holds Lilly hostage untill her husband Scott pays the ransom. Kamanina Ye escapes into the unknown, but Neria who stayed out of the negotiations releases a bounty of 100 mill for capturing Kamanina Ye alive. But not all is bad, as President of Byblos she gains respect. Meets new people, people with the power to change the face of the galaxy. slowly she enters the higher echelons of the galactic community. Welcomed by many, despised by some.

Tion Hegemony and Derycke Enterprises

After a fallout with the owner of Byblos Drive Yards, Neria resign her possition as President of Byblos. Among the many job offerings she decides to join The Tion Hegemony, she signs up for duty in the Hegemony's military and is assigned to the 2nd fleet, The Crimson Lions. By year 14 Day 245 she is a well respected member of the fleet and is given multiple assigments to carry out. One of them is to start up the Sentient Resources Project with Stephanie Barefoot. Furthermore, she finaly finds the time to set up a small company called Derycke Enterprises with the idea to turn the compnay into a major corporation that will represent more smaller company's under its wings. As Neria and Stephanie are starting up the SRP project, they propose the first job of SRP is to organize Tion Hegemony's 5th aniversary. As a founding member of the Galctic Concordiate they think its a perfect oportunity for Tion to open the doors of the Crystal Hall for geusts of the GC and join in the celebrations. As a symbolic and friendly gesture towards Tions allies. Neria and Stephanie gather a team of Tionese citizens to help with this event. And after 2 months of hard work on Year 14 Day 300 tion Hegemony opens its doors for foreign delicates for the first time. The masquerade ball and the celbration is a huge succes, the citizens of Tions capital city Meeshea reciece their geusts of the Trade Federation, Mandolore, Hapes Consortium, Aurodium Legion, Avance Coalition and the Akethon Corporation with open arms. especial the Hapanii's, Mandolorians and the Trade Federation are threated with great respect due their recent involvment and assistance in the Cron Conflict. Its also the proof Neria was looking for that the SRP project is a succes and she starts up several more projects that will benefit the Tionese citizen and the Tion goverment. Including setting up deals and arranging matts supliers for the citizens for easier acces and better prices, introduction to the galactic market and guidance for setting up private projects a citizen wants to start. But SRP also involves itself in assisting the Tionese goverment in deals, research and more. But the grand project for SRP would be finishing the academy project where Tion is working several years on, the Andy Quick academical institute.

On Year 14 Day 331 Neria is wedded to Barnaby Black at the Voss Mystics temple in the city Voss-Ka. A new order founded by Barnaby that serves the Tion Hegemoy and its citizens. Beeing engaged for almost a year now, they always had to delay the wedding, either because of Neria's work within Byblos or because of Barnaby's project within The Tion Hegemony. finnaly they decided to put their work on pauze, set a date and planned to towards that date. Many of their personal friends, family and citizens of the Hegemony came down to the city Voss-Ka where the rebuilted temple of the Voss Mystics is located. The Oracle of the temple performed the service, while the Crimson Lions (Fleet where Neria served) and the Golden Krayth Dragons (Fleet where Barnaby served)formed the gaurds of honor. The Admiral of the Crimson Lions Mercurio Ploméz gave Neria away. Neria asked the Admiral as a sign of respect for the Admiral while Stephany Barefoot-Rodes was the bridesmaid, who has always been a support and like a sister for Neria. The best man of the ceremonie was Scott Hood, friend and family of both Neria and Barnaby. The wedding took place in the central hall of the temple, attented by many high ranking citizens of the Hegemony. A sign that the couple was much celebrated within the Hegemony.

wedding portrait made by Malpharius Caine leaving the temple to start their honeymoon

As Neria is working on the buildup of Tions sentient Resources Project, she decides that the young division needs a budget in order to make it more efficient. She creates a busseniss plan that would allow SRP to manage its own budget without relying heavily on Goverment financial support. After carefull deliberation, the Tionese High-Council agree's to the plan and gives SRP a starters budget of 100 million credits. Neria wastes no time and with the help of the sales of offices, cantinas and hotels spread out over the galaxy that would bring in a additional 50 mill into the budget. she creates the Import and Export department of SRP with the aim to negotiate deals that would allow Tion to import weapons and Armours at reduced prices. Neria's first the focus for SRP was the Tion market. With small games that would offer highwanted prices the Import/Export department started to gain smalll proffits. Not much later, her friend Bart Roberts offered Neria a deal she could not refuse.

Bart Roberts who is a sales director of the Sienar Conglomerate offered SRP the "Sienar Exclusive" contract, making SRP a sales vendor for Sienar Technologies products. This gave SRP the means to be more active on the public market, Neria decided that in the current economical situation on a galactic level. She had to play on several markets. Members of the Galactic Concordiate would recieve small discounts while Tionese Citizens would recieve the maximum discount SRP could offer. Neria also opened a SRP sales department on the markets of the Trade Federation and Falleen Federation, but she also needed the logistical support in order to secure a optimum service. For that she contracted several transportations companies and freelance pilots to deliver sold goods to clients. Mainly Katana Fleet and Novatrans would transport the majorty of the goods to the client. The combination of this bussenis was a succes and SRP saw a more then 100% incease in sales. Not long after the Sienar contract was signed, Centurion Arms was offering the Centurion Arms Dealer contract to few companies, Neria signed the contract and place a 800+ mill order (financed with goverment and pre-order fundings)allowed SRP to start selling weapons on several markets, further expanding SRPs domination on the armour and weapons market.

SRP also became a large importer of weapons and armours for the Tionese Naval forces, special designed CPA sets would give each fleet its own identity and SRP created the Civilian security that would be under order of Hyperion Dax Owok to ensure that SRP had the means to manage a efficient security of the SRP stocks and assets. The security division would come under command of Yen Angavel who has joined the SRP division as Neria's 2nd. He would lead SRP-CS that was i charge of security and SRPs own production department, at that point SRP started to produce and sell MandalTech weapons.

Not much later Abraari To joins Neria and Yen in SRP to assist Neria as a junior diplomat for the Tion Hegemony. Dealing and negotiating contracts to other goverments or corporations in order to allow to expand even more and engaged on more local markets.

SRP was created on year 14 Day 209, where it evolved from a small division ment to lead projects that would be benefitial for the citizens and the Goverment of the Tion Cluster, to a major arms dealer on year 15 Day 178. Giving SRP the financial means to devolp civilian and military projects at maximum efficienty.

This success also reflected on her military career within the naval department of the Hegemony. she was pulled out of the second fleet to act as Fleet Liaison under direct command of the Hyperion, where she would deal with duty's the fleets would have no time for, such as the Quartermaster of the Naval weapons, armours and other Naval assets. This allowed Neria to focus on both the Navy and SRP.

This also meant that Neria had to close down Derycke Enterprises in order to focus on her new duties.

Series of Disappointments

Barnaby Black, Nerias husband and discoverer of the long lost Force group the Voss Mystics went on a mission to investigate a upcoming force sect within the Tion CLuster. The investigation was under to be kept offrecord. He would never return from his quest. Neria started a investigation and searched for her missing husband using Naval assets and a small team. Upon arrival at the last known location. A Station in Deepspace of wich the coordinates is to remain off record, she and her team found the station abandoned. With the search ending at a dead track, the team was dissolved, but Neria remains searching for cleus via her network, hoping to find her love back again.

As SRP is expanding massively, it becomes victim of its own success. Under Neria's leadership, SRP is ready to become a full fletched company under Tions wing. After Neria's request to turn the department into a Nat owned Company is denied. The spiral downwards starts.

Neria understands the Hegemonies reason why SRP isn't given the needs to structurize a new company and see it as a challenge to proof that SRP is worth its own structure. She continues to work on expanding SRP and introduces a logistical system that allows SRP to offer delivery as a premium service. The service becomes a huge success, but deu lack of proper governmental support and not able to create a own corporate structure for SRP. Neria is forced to downgrade the sales department in order to prevent a massive backlog. This and the successes of SRPs other projects and the task given to create a combat Training program for the Tionese Naval Department causes Neria to restructure SRP to where SRP can run without Neria's leadership.

She creates a minor Citizens council where each SRP department head has its own responsibility and where the council is used to discuss and decide on major decisions. While Neria stays on as advisor.

But, seeing that this solution isn't working as Neria expected it to be and unable to fully focus on SRP because of her new project for Tion, called BCT. It causes a burnout where she replies to in a rather blunt manner to one of the Fleet Admirals. This will be a series of blow outs where Neria creates a internal struggle between herself and some High Council members of Tion.

After a while, Michael Bourne comes with a solution and offers to become a Administrator for SRP to restructure the department. Promised with having a vote in the restructuring, Neria accepts the proposal and Bourne is announced as new administrator.

It doesnt take long or Neria is forced out of the restructuring with the support of a few HC members, without informing her. A few projects are redeveloped without her involvement causing a new blow out. She requests HC to be involved again with SRP but her requests are ignored by those involved with the restructuring. After she has been assigned a new CO and tasked to start a Fleet as part of the Academy and her Combat training program. She discusses SRP with her new CO Takao Asai who was appointed as the new 2IC and tasked to handle personell afairs. He wasnt informed about the ongoings within SRP and promises Neria her place back. Shortly after, Michael Bourne resigns as Administrator when his job to restructure SRP was completed. Deu Neria's constant requests and arguments that led to frustration and internal fights between the two former friends. Bourne resigns from the Hegemony.

By the time Neria's Combat Training program dubbed BCT and the launch of the Academy Fleet dubbed The Tion Flotilla She was tasked to set up the protocols and flesh out a system for ground deployemens for the Fleets and create a military arm existing of Civilian Citizens that would be tasked with mainly supporting roles should Tion ever engage in a conflict. She creates several Divisions specialized with its own roles.

  • Medical Division
  • Infantry Division
  • Mechanized Division
  • Voss Mystics Division.

Shortly after Neria's husband Barnaby Black rediscovered the Voss Mystics and recreated the long lost force group. He whent MIA. The VM was then taken over by Steve Jones to lead the VM untill BB was found or declared dead. Shortly after, the VM welcomed a young and bright young woman blessed by the force and became Steves second in the VM called Calindra Hejaran. She starts with the restructuring the VM at the same time as Neria implements the VM into her ground combat structure.

Unable to know how to structure the VM, Neria offers a solution that would allow the VM become a fully government supported Department in time. However, at that same time. She was to be expelled from the Hegemony. Partly due to her positioning within the Hegemony where she got involved on nearly all levels of the Hegemony, that made some of the other Citizens worry about their own position. And partly due to her beeing restless in getting the official rank she has worked hard for.

The High Council decided to expel Neria for her ow goodwill, to allow her to gain the recognition she deserves elsewhere.


After her expelling, Neria accepts a contract at Sienar Conglomerate and takes over the Sienar Security Force She doesn't wait long to start her journey to the Kastolar Sector and does what she can do best. Structurize a new department. After one week, 4 other officers join the SSF and they start to build up a new force that equals a Governmental Military Force. Using the best elements of that of a Military and Mercenary force. A new chapter in her story is about to start. Lets hope its a good one this time.

Neria had almost completed her formations of the Sienar Security Force, when she recieved worth from the Pirate Queen Syn that her sister Lilly Derycke was captured by Squall Chitose The king of pirates (Not married to Syn). Neria was to contact Squall to negotiate the freedom of her sister. The demand was a Veltraa-Class Cruiser, that at the time. Had a set value of 300 million credits. A ship, Neria couldn't afford at the time. Thus, began the search for a quick and creative solution to have her sister released from captivity. Neria began searching around in the higher echelons of the galactic community. And she found one, willing to help. For a price. Gilbert Reed had a Veltraa on spare, and was willing to let Neria use it. To negotiate the release of her sister with Squall Chitose. In turn, Neria had to join the Corporate Sector Authority to assist the Corporate with recruitment and forming a naval fleet. As the Corporate was about to evolve into a government structure. A week after Lilly was captured, Neria negotiated the release of her sister and made the Veltraa Cruiser over to Squall. She resigned her position as of the SSF. A decision she would later see as her "best move" so far.

Once more, Neria moved to a new group. As part of her agreement, she joined the Corporate Sector Authority She was given a fair wage and started to work on the recruitment program and the formation of the new fleet. She was to work with types like Corey Vildras who had a damaged reputation after a failed trade with his banking corporate. And other sentients with a questionable reputation. Neria her motivation was at a new low. Mainly because, she had to restart again, but with more restrictions this time. Wich wasn't to her liking. She had to work with a ground commander, who was forming the ground forces. But was proven to, as she said in her own words. "An idiot that only took the job for glory. But has no idea what he is doing." But, Neria wasn't able to leave. Because of contract agreements and she was determined to fulfill hr end of the agreement. Unless.

Neria her husband Barnaby Black is still listed as MIA. During year 17, there was a lead that indicated he was still alive, after a short investigation with the assistance of the Tion Hegemony. The lead was a death end.

Despite her expelling from the Hegemony, Neria still maintains a positive relation with the governmen. Calindra Hejaran who set Neria's expelling into motion. Shortly left the Hegemony after, joining The Kingdom of Elysia afterwards. Michael Bourne who took over Neria's SRP project and ignored the agreement to consolidate with Neria in the reformation of the project. Left the Hegemony and is considered MIA. Xyre Weltmon left the Hegemony shorlty after, and joined the Black Sun to start a new successful career. Neria met Xyre in Y17 during the gala of the 5th anniversary of Imperial throne ascension of Guinar Ndengin, they had a short conversation and Neria's relationship with Xyre is currently stable and polite.

Lilly her captivity, triggered a event. That would advance Neria herself. It lead to events that would end as her becoming the new leader of CorSec. Neria while unable, didn't need to use her personal fundings to pay the ransom. Instead, she was assisted by Gilbert Reed and later CorSec. Lilly partly payed off her debt to Neria, and after a short turbulence period. That could have harmed the reputation of Neria. She now lives a more secluded life. Al tough, would now and then reappear to "stir things up".

Corporate Sector Authority has her government structure. Corey Vildras, the 2IC of CSA at the time. Branded Neria a traitor. He disapeared from the public scene shortly after. Altough, Neria has no involment with that event. Due to political affiliations of CorSec and CSA. Relationship with CSA is unstable for the moment.

CorSec the final project, los of lily and a new love.

In Year 16 D193, Neria accepts the leadership position from the owner of the Corellian Security Authority. Which was at that moment struggling under past and current galactic events. CorSec, once considered a government by galactic standards. Was in decline for years. CorSec veterans where leaving the force, seeking fortune elsewhere, and where barely replaced. The force was declining and a solution was needed to keep the force in existence. This came in the form of Neria Derycke, who was unhappy with the situation she was in in Corporate Sector Authority, where she had to work with sentients. Who had either a shady past, or no more then glorified commanders. Neria was willing to accept the position in CorSec, on the condition that her debt was paid of to Gilbert Reed Owner of CSA. CorSec agreed and paid the debt of, on wich. Neria made her way to the Corellian sector and assumed the position of High Marshal, the highest rank of the force.

Despite her vocal protest towards the Imperials in the past, mainly in relation to the treatment of the Empires classification of "race B" and "race C" races. Neria was surprised that the Empire had no objection to her arrival. And even where cooperative upon her arrival. Neria was able to quickly establish communications with the local Corellian and Duros government. Among those communications was to reaffirm the alliance between CorSec and the Galactic Empire. While allowing CorSec to work on a independent level and forge her on way on the galactic map.

With the agreements between the Empire and CorSec. Neria's next step was to plan for the future. CorSec was a police force, struggling to keep herself afloat. With little income and low on a commanding staff. Neria decided to completely change the structure and ideology of the force. Neria started to change the structure into a more corporated philosophie. Making it able to become a player on the galactic markets. Selling unneeded assets to gain liquid assets that allows her to invest in commercial infrastructure. Reforming the police force itself, into a paramilitary structure, with the focus on defense. While being able to use military hardware, using Imperial Tech, combined with more generic tech.

With plans laid out, that allowed to keep the police force afloat short term, and plans that allowed growth on medium and long terms. Neria put the plans into motion. After a few months, the police force, was reformed into a paramilitary security corporation, offering security contracts. With most clients coming from Imperial Systems. The Corporation saw her income slightly increasing, allowing more investments. But, more was needed for a corporation such as CorSec to survive.. A presence on the markets would grant fast growth and an investment of commercial structures allow a more steady growth for the corporation. And thus, more planning was needed. A single Corporation won't allow CorSec to adapt and survive. Industrial expansion was needed, and with 23 planets under CorSecs direct influence. CorSec has the potential to grow out into an Conglomerate, existing of several corporations. Forming one. Either via partnership with other companies, or by direct ownership by taking over or establishing new companies.

This allowed Neria, to fit in her own small company that has been offering prospecting services. And turn it into a company, handling production. Plans to build production hubs where created and build up on the Froz moons in the Froz System, and the moons in the Xyquine system. And also increasing the mining operations to support the constructions of these hubs.

Meanwhile, the former High marshal Vencenti Malcuro showed up in the Hungry Hutt, wich is the main tavern where CorSec officers stationed at CorSec HQ The CorSec Plaza. Gathered to drink after work. As if the force decided faith, the Polis Masan. Who resigned a year earlier from CorSecs High marshal position, was having a drink in his and his former comrades drinking place. When Grand Marshal Neria Derycke entered the establishment, to relax after another day of meetings and solving problems. By sheer luck, the two met and started to talk, about CorSecs past, her struggles and her future. But also about the former High marshals leavings and past dealings. Neria, managed to convince the Polis Masan to be reinstated into the Corporation and retake his rank as High marshal. But this time, under a Grand Marshal. Vencenti reinstalled himself in his old office. And together with Neria. they started to rebuild CorSec and expand the Corporations reach.

The first year, the two worked hard to get the corporation running and bring her back on her feet. A new command was established. but often the recruited commanders failed short, delaying the recovery process. Eventually, they found the right persons for the right positions. Among these where: Dobbs Mottley A young Alleena, who grew up on Corellia. With great Admiration of Imperial culture and socks. Was recruited by Neria into the Corporation. The young Alleena proved to be a mastermind of logistics. And he quickly grew in rank and recognition by both Neria and Vencenti. Solving many of the logistical problems the corporation was suffering. Dobbs also was key in increasing the mining operations, and planning and calculating out commercial structures to increase income for the corporation. Dobbs rose to the rank of High marshal, becoming the left hand of Neria. Both Dobbs and Vencenti became prime advisors for Neria. Often keeping her feet on the ground, allowing the corporation to grow steadily and not running ahead of herself. This led to a massive expansion of the corporation during the second year, that Neria was leading the corporation. At that time, another individual started to make his mark on the Corporation. Jaylin Ritt, a young Vurk who proved to be a great commander, organizing tasks and operations, quickly grew to the rank of Chief Marshal, overseeing taskings and operations and formed a great team with Dobbs. It didn't take long, before the young commander was promoted to High Marshal and joined the trio of the now established SupCom as advisors and lead commanders of the Conglomerate. But, others stepped up as well.. In year 17 and 18. CorSec saw the addition of Derycke Enterprises, DeepCore Mining and eventually, Derycke and Aranyos Incorporated added under the CorSec Wing. Jeff Kronn, founder of DeepCore Mining, and old time business partner and friend of Neria. Agreed to have his company join in a partnership with CorSec. Where CorSec allowed DMC to establish itself within the Corellian Sector, build mines for itself and exploit deposits for the raw materials market. In turn, DMC manages the mining operations of CorSec. The joint venture quickly proved to be a huge success. DMC hit the RM market and became one of the most popular companies on the galactic market. This was thanks to Jeffs shrewd business ethics and vast experience. CorSec saw its mining operations doubled and was able to increase her expansion. This led to the adding of DE under the CorSec wing and the establishment of The CorSec Conglomerate at the end of year 17. Jeff joined the Conglomerate as Marshal in the Conglomerates HighCom and became a prime advisor in mining operations and urban development.

Life was good for Neria. But, as often happens in her life. When fortune smiles upon her, and the Force is being favorable. Disaster strucks. Nerias twin sister, Lily. Who'm had distanced herself from Neria in recent times. And kept herself occupied with shady business, and who had raised the concerns of many on the planet where she lives with her family on Thesme IV. Also had distanced herself from her own family. Lily ventured out and was betrayed by her closest friend Siarica Aylina who captured and murdered Lily. A great loss for Neria, one she still wants to revenge to this day.

But, Neria didn't want to risk other lifes for personal revenge, and CorSec still had much expansion needed. Her relation with the Empire was vastly improving, increasing diplomatically and was often seen with the higher echelons of the Empire. One of these, was the general Fede Vonrico. They met each other, shortly after the 5th anniversary of Emperor Guinar Ndengin. They became close friends, showing the same interests. Fede showed Neria, more of Imperials culture and Neria took Fede with her on hikings and climbing mountains, a hobby Neria found after her time as a special operations soldier in Tion hegemony and Tressario Star kingdom. Neria finally accepted that Barnaby Black would never return in her life, and after a long time. Fede and Neria became a couple. Although, both are often away for duties and business. They took every moment to be together, whenever they can. Fede also had his own small company. VTDC, that was specialized in military advisement and R&D in weapons and assets. Together, they modified weapons and other items to adapt to the needs of the markets. Creating a variety of advanced weaponry.

At the end of year 18, CorSec saw the addition of Derycke and Aranyos Incorporated. Ember Aranyos, who bought over Express Enterprices a struggling trading company, approached Neria to partner up and have the company added to the CorSec Conglomerate. Neria agreed. Ember was pivotal for bringing in more workforce, structuring out the Derycke Auction House and lead the workforce that was increasing CorSecs urban expansion. At the same time, another individual Arua Dnapp became the production manager for Derycke Enterprises increasing the production efforts of the company and was key in the reformation of the DE sales shop, reforming it into D&A Inc sales shop, making Derycke and Aranyos Incorporated, the front store of the Conglomerate.

At the start of Year 19, CorSec was finally transformed into a new form. A corporation that as quoted by Neria in Year 16, when she just joined CorSec to lead the former police force.

"An Corporation with the ambition to storm and control the galactic markets, and at the same time. ensure security, welfare and wealth-fare for the citizens of the Corellian and Duros Sectors."
— Neria Derycke

Personal Information

Neria is a cheeky girl who speaks her mind. Mostly she gets away with it, but from time to time it gets her in trouble, especially after speaking up against important sentients. Luckily she can count on her many friends to support her and speak up for her. While she may go too far from time to time, she is loyal to those she considers friends, and more importantly, to the citizens of the Tion Hegemony and her Lord Hegemon, Typhon Corbin

Neria has many big dreams. She reaches for the stars, and if she can, she will share her luck and success with those who are dear to her. She does not pursue wealth, but instead seeks to prove that she is more then just a space kid. She proves herself by rising through the ranks of Tresario's navy, and previously by becoming Head of Sentient Resources in Byblos Drive Yards. Another dream is to have her own house. Although she has been mocked for her goals by some, these reactions only increase her determination to succeed, to spite those who criticize her.

She is trained to serve in the Navy, and while growing up on a freighter gave her a head start in piloting ships, she also learned Navy tactics and procedures quickly.

Her fighting skills come primarily from her search for her sister.


Neria and Lilly, whom lost eachother at the age of 16 but reunited 8 years later.

Neria and Lilly Derycke are twin sisters. They grew up on a freighter together until a pirate party raided the ship. After 8 years of searching, Neria received a tip about where her sister might be. She requested a search and rescue mission from High Command, and they agreed, provided she remained undercover. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Barnaby Black, the Tresarian navy set out and boarded the vessel. Lilly was found and rescued. Now the sisters are reunited and both are serving Tresario with proud and dedication.

They both are in the progress of setting up a house, so the Derycke family will have a home and can leave their physical mark on the galaxy.

House Derycke

House logo of the Derycke family, inherited by Neria and Lilly's father, who had a small transportation company.

Neria and Lilly have found each other again, and know they are not alone in this galaxy as long they take care for each other. Plans for a private business where in progress but both Lilly and Neria had other things on their mind. On Year 14 Day 10 Neria became the new President of Byblos Drive Yards While Lilly met one of Neria's friends and fell in love with him. Lilly married Scott Hood on Year 14 day 35, Lilly gave birth to a healthy daughter called Kyra on year 14 day 36. A proud day for the Derycke and Hood family

Founding of the House: On year 13 day 295 House Derycke was established with the Twins as founding members. On year 14 day 35 Scott Hood married Lilly and became a family member of the house. For a while the House had little purpose as the Twins and scott had their own personal projects. On year 14 day 121 Barnaby Black asked Neria to marry her, because of this joyfull event. He was allowed to join as a family of the House. Its thanks to Barnaby that the House started to progress and plans where set in motion to set up a small company under the Banner of House Derycke.



Neria's second ship, a YT-2000 she got it as a present from Hemi Cuda. She auctioned a second version of this on CPM with a record of 20 million credits

Awards and achievements

Byblos Drive Yards: Head of Sentient Resources, Head instructor and recruiter

Tresario Star Kingdom: TSKuniversity.png university ribbon Small-3month.PNG 3 months service 6 Months(small).png 6 months service Mmoribbon2.png Ministry of Military Opperations

Stars: Expediency.png Expediency Kingdom Star Point