Neshig (Sector)

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Neshig Sector.png
General information
RegionInner Rim
Historical EventsBlack Sun Crisis (Year 3)
Controlled ByEndara Mining Corporation
Astrographic EntryNeshig

The Neshig Sector is a region of space located in the Inner Rim and contains several notable astral objects; in particular, the lunar satellite known as Vorsia Companion. The sector was one of several key areas that featured in the chaotic events of the Black Sun Crisis circa Year 3 between Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate and the Hapes Consortium. Later, the sector's name was immortalized in historical annals with the signing of the eponymous "Neshig Accords"[1][2], a famous pact signed in Year 11 between Viceroy Jacob Jansen of the Trade Federation and King James I of the Hapan government. This pact was the first of its kind for both governments: a no-strings-attached militaristic and economic alliance between the two powers.


System Position Planets Population Controller
Corvanni (94, 87) 9 58,456,249,164 Endara Mining Corporation
Vorsia (96, 90) 4 407,283,144 Trade Federation
H'ratth (102, 74) 3 762,242,218 Hapes Consortium
Manress (124, 92) 6 3,139,182,510 Trade Federation