New Plympto (System)

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This article is about the system New Plympto. For the planet New Plympto, see New Plympto (Planet)

New Plympto
General information
Sector Corellian
Galactic Coordinates (45, 0)
Date of Discovery
Planets 4
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By CorSec
Astrographic Entry New Plympto

The New Plympto system is a four-planet system home to the Core World of New Plympto.


The Trade Route

Though not officially discovered until just over ten millennia ago, it is likely New Plympto was known of by travellers for far longer than that.

More cynical historians observe that New Plympto was kept "off the books" for so long due to its most unique and desirable export - rikknit eggs. A delicacy in their own right, these eggs are also valuable for their use in various recreational substances, including the highly addictive narcotics know as ji rikknit. Republic policies regulating these substances encouraged fringe traders to keep information on New Plympto secret.

The Galactic Law

Eventually, however, officials from Corellia came to New Plympto and officially persuaded adding the planet and system to the Corellian Sector.

Though New Plympto benefited from an expanded technological and scientific base, as well as expanded trade, they failed to receive direct representation in the Republic, and over time grew very resentful of their human "colleagues". This resentment grew to hostilely as the Republic finally began passing strict laws regarding the export and uses of rikknit eggs. The fact that traded in both the eggs and the use of the rikknit's ovum sacs in the creation of ji rikknit had devastated the arboreal mammal's population did not help matters at all.