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This page is about the founding and fall of the New Republic. For other iterations of the Rebellion, see Rebel Alliance (disambiguation).

New Republic
Political information
Type of government Constitutional Republic
Head of State None
Affiliation Anti-Imperial
Societal information
Capital Republica, Republica, Grumani
Territory Expansion Region

Mid Rim

Outer Rim Territories

Unknown Regions

Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation
Date of establishment Year 8 Day 98
Date of dissolution Year 21 Day 16
Status Destroyed during The War for the Republic
Holosite New Republic

The New Republic (often abbreviated as NR) was a sovereign government and the foremost advocate of democracy in the galaxy. Originally known as the Rebel Alliance, the Alliance controversially merged in Year 8 with the SoroSuub Corporation and reformed itself as the New Republic. Its current head of state is the fourteenth Chief of State Jin Solas. It is the only government with annual elections for its leader, and is also known to have an elected legislature. It is also one of the founding members of the Galactic Alliance.

The New Republic helds dominion over numerous sectors. Its capital planet of Republica was a ecumenopolis much like Coruscant. It is believed that, while the New Republic could not deny the Galactic Empire's existence and control over Coruscant, the New Republic seeked to recreate the Old Republic in its own territories away from the Empire's control.

Shortly after its last election the New Republic was betrayed by its Chief of State Galen Darksol who surrendered all control of planets and assets to the Galactic Empire.


Main article: History of the New Republic

The Beginning

Late in the Year 7, members of Rebel Alliance High Command and SoroSuub Corporation Middle Management began to discuss the possibility of a merger between the two groups, realizing that the combination of the Alliance's military might and SoroSuub's economic prosperity would give the Galactic Alliance the greatest chance of defeating the Empire. Delegates from the Rebel Alliance, such as Phymp Mindano, Nim Orlan, and David Kellar, and delegates from SoroSuub, including Adam A Flynn, and Maradin Sandwalker had a conference where they set out the initial plans for a new government, which they called the New Republic. Using the Old Republic's Constitution as a model, they began writing a new Constitution for the new government.

When the leaders of each group announced the potential merger to the members of their factions, there were mixed reactions. Some agreed that the joining of the two groups would create a powerful new government. Others did not care for the idea, arguing that they were proud to be a member of their current group under their current name. In order to get an official measure of how many people were for the merger, or against it, both sides held a poll. Both the Rebel Alliance members and SoroSuub members had a majority vote, 'Aye' in favor of the merger.

Once both sides had officially approved the merger, the completed Constitution was presented to the public for approval. A referendum vote was held, and the New Republic's Constitution was ratified on Year 8, Day 98. The day became known as Restoration Day, a celebration of the restoration of the Old Republic.

With the Constitution ratified and the New Republic officially formed, the various departments began merging. SoroSuub logistics, which had been housed in SoroSuub Munitions, moved into Corellian Transport Services under the leadership of SSC Logistics Director Van Harrad as well as CTS Director Azzi Blackgate and Assistant Director Kit Lorcan. Liberty Medical Center and Riviera Medical merged together into Republic Medical under the leadership of Miko Niepe. Members of the SoroSuub military were transferred into previously-Alliance battle groups. The various nationalized companies of the Republic and its military began to collaborate on production, mining, and construction projects.

With all the merging came some expected problems. Former members of the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation began to disagree on how things should be run, and there were times of tension in the beginning. Over time, these problems were solved and the two groups unified with similar ideals and the goal to defeat the Empire.

During this time the first New Republic Advisory Council was formed. Initial plans had SoroSuub’s Chancellor Adam A Flynn serving as Minister of State, with the members of SoroSuub’s Middle Management team filling the roles of civil Advisory Council members. The Rebel Alliance’s High Command members would fill the military positions. This changed when just after the merger the co-leaders of the SoroSuub CorporationSoroSuub, Adam A Flynn and Ingo R Vailis, resigned their positions and decided to leave the Republic.

The End

On Year 21 Day 16, newly elected Chief of State Galen Darksol surrendered to the Galactic Empire dissolving the New Republic. In a series of devastating campaigns known as The War for the Republic, the Imperial Union soon occupied most every world once governed by the New Republic. The remnants of the former-Republic's military that escaped capture or destruction reformed under the Rebel Alliance and formed a coalition with The Resistance and other members of the Galactic Alliance to liberate the planets now under Imperial rule. While the rebel coalition succeeded in driving the Imperial Union back to their original borders, suspicion and disillusionment prevented the various groups from reforming the Republic.


"Without that spark of democracy, we would just be another government in the galaxy."
Kara DuMonte, the tenth Chief of State of the New Republic.

The New Republic is the only recognized government with an elected government. It was agreed in the formation of the New Republic that an elected process is key to a free society. While many outsiders see this as a huge risk, the New Republic has stood by its government consistently arguing it is the most free of any government. While the Chief of State and the Senate are elected representatives, the Advisory Council is an appointed body designed to lead departments within the New Republic.

Chief of State

Main article: New Republic Chief of State
The Chief of State is the leader of the New Republic.

The title of Chief of State is given to the Head of State the New Republic. It is the New Republic's elected leader. As head of the Executive Branch of the New Republic and Commander in Chief, the Chief of State is ultimately responsible for leading the government in both name and fact. In addition he or she serves as the link between the Advisory Council and the Senate of the New Republic, bringing proposals and advice from the Advisory Council to the legislature. The Chief of State is also responsible for breaking tied votes within the Senate. Furthermore, the Chief of State is responsible for management of the Senate elections and has the power to grant pardons to citizens of the New Republic.

The Chief of State is normally elected by simple majority. Campaigning is often times a difficult task. With many planets under the New Republican flag, candidates find themselves speaking to billions in an attempt to gather support for their campaign. If there is no candidate with over 50% of the votes, a run-off begins between the top two candidates. This guarantees that a candidate will win the election.

The current and fourteenth Chief of State is Jin Solas.


Main article: New Republic Senate

The Senate of the New Republic is the legislative branch of the New Republic and one of its most enduring institutions. This assembly consists of seven elected New Republic citizens. Any citizen who has been continuously in the New Republic for at least twelve months is eligible to campaign for a Senate seat. A Senator is elected for a one-year term, and two elections are held per year, on Day 78 and Day 260. At least four seats are contested on the first election of the year and at least three seats are contested on the second election.

  • Galen Darksol (!)
  • Adel Usion
  • Evan Cornforth
  • Robby Rae
  • Shu Shei Dael (stepped down)
  • Orion Chran (stepped down)
  • Bram Dupol

Advisory Council

Main article: New Republic Advisory Council

The New Republic Advisory Council consists of at least 5 members, who are appointed by the Chief of State. They are advising and providing expertise to the Senate and the CoS in operational matters and policy. They operate the day-to-day business of the civil and military departments and manage their budgets. They coordinate the strategic planning and structure of their ministries and branches. Also they support the Chief of State to ensure fair elections are run.

Chief of Military Operations 
Josh Jericho
Chief of Army Command 
Leebri Chelski
Chief of Navy Command 
Ubis Vrand
Chief of Starfighter Command Command 
Mami Ogawa
Minister of State 
Galen Darksol
Director of the New Republic Intelligence Service 
Eleonore Silvermoon
High Ambassador 
Orion Chran
Minister of Civil Engineering  
Coren Rinou
Minister of Trade & Industry 
Tengri Lethas
Minister of Natural Resources  
Owyn Darklighter

Economy and Industry

The majority of the New Republic's economy existed before its founding, courtesy of the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation. The Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation each brought their unique technologies together as well as their Nationalized Companies. With the assistance of the SoroSuub Corporation's leaders, the New Republic was propelled into extreme wealth and prosperity. Currently, the Ministry of Trade and Industry leads the way in promoting investment and productivity in the New Republican economy.

The New Republic divides its industries into two groups: Nationalized Companies and Private Sector Affiliates.

Nationalized Companies

Private Sector Affiliates

The Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for the majority of the New Republic's economic output.


Main article: New Republic Military

Nearly all governments have standing armies instructed to defend their territory or invade their neighbors, and the New Republic is no different. The New Republic military is composed of three branches: the Naval Command, the Army Command, and Starfighter Command, each designed to perform certain roles. The military has representation in the Advisory Council as well. The military is under the command of the Chief of State and Chief of Military Operations.

Naval Command

Born out of a necessity to have a navy patrol its systems, the New Republic Navy commands the New Republic's capital ships. From the Sabaoth Destroyer to the Home One, the Navy is arguably the most critical line of defense for the New Republic. With the task of carrying hundreds of fighter and bomber squadrons for the Starfighter Command and carrying landing ships for the Army, the Navy could be considered the keystone of the New Republic's armed forces.

The Navy uses a variety of vessels including:

Starfighter Command

While the Navy wages its battles in space, there is a group of pilots who dart around the large capital ships, defending and attacking all at once. They thread through impossible gaps, lead their snubfighters head-on into a volley of lasers, and duel other enemy aces to the death. These brave pilots are the sentients who make up Starfighter Command. Widely regarded as the heart of the New Republic Military itself, the esteemed Starfighter Command dates back to the origins of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

SFC pilots are employed on X-Wings, lightning-fast A-Wings, and hard-hitting B-Wings.

Army Command

Standing firm against the oncoming storm, the brave men and women of the New Republic's Army Command are known for their excellence on the field of battle, whether they are called upon to siege a planet, assist their comrades from different branches or defend holdings against the enemy. The forces of the New Republic Army are a diverse group made up of varied and highly trained soldiers, often called upon to fill multiple roles, as reported below.


Infantry units form the backbone of the New Republic Army. Blaster rifle in hand, the infantry soldier fights shoulder to shoulder with their comrades. Infantry soldiers themselves are split into two major groups dependent on their equipment and role on the battlefield. Standard infantry are the main force used to take and hold key positions on the battlefield. They are often supported by heavy infantry, who use their anti-materiel weapons to take out enemy vehicles and fortified positions. Infantry also fields countless other units, among them snipers and sappers.


Sometimes, infantry alone can't hold against the enemy; this is when the superior firepower of mechanized units is called in. Operating tanks such as the battle tested TX-130 Saber-class, mechanized units support infantry by crippling enemy vehicles and destroying large, clustered groups of infantry.

Air Support

Despite common belief, SFC pilots aren't the only ones who get to fly fast moving vehicles and bomb enemy positions. Army has their own, in the form of air support units. Using the famed T-47 Airspeeder and the heavy-hitting V-Wing Airspeeder, air support is able to clear the path for ground units to land and make their way towards their objectives.


Before any fighting can be done, soldiers and equipment have to arrive at the battle quickly, and unharmed. The logistics branch is responsible for ensuring the safe arrival of all non-hyper capable craft (and the soldiers themselves) to their destinations. The life of an army logistics pilot isn't all just cozy flying - this is Army after all - and they can be called upon to transport soldiers and equipment straight to the front lines under enemy fire, either in the venerable GR-75 Medium Transport or the nimble Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle.


Battles aren't always just won by sheer numbers and force; often times, it's the side that is able to return and keep their soldiers on the front lines that ends up victorious. This philosophy has led to the creation of a dedicated combat medic team. Though often times stationed in capital ships or behind friendly lines in a field hospital, it is not uncommon for a medic to administer first aid on the battlefield if needed. Often overlooked, it is the medic who ensures our injured troops make a full recovery and live to fight another day.

The Force

Those that wanted to be tested for force sensitivity could visit the Jedi Order. If found aligned with the force the sentient could decide to remain with the Order for training.

On Year 11 Day 315 the force group Knights of the Republic was announced. They would serve as the force group within the New Republic, this way those that did not want to leave the New Republic for training could still remain in it while being trained.

Sport and Culture

New Republicans enjoy their sports very much. Citizens can watch a variety of sports on their holoprojectors but if they had to pick their favorite, it is likely they will choose the sport of boloball. With the Colonial Shockball League no longer around, the Republican Boloball Association has been snatching up the viewers. Billions of citizens watch the sport every week. Another sport popular in the New Republic is called Clock the 'Roids and is hosted by Narvaka Entertainment.

Notable Assets

MC80 Home One Class Star Cruiser NRS Nautilus


The NRS Nautilus is the flagship of the New Republic. It was the first in a long line of MC80 Home One Class Star Cruisers designed by New Republican and Mon Calamari engineers to defend the New Republic from attack. It started as a Mon Calamari luxury cruise liner but was outfitted with a large number of turbolasers and ion batteries. The NRS Nautilus was re-purposed as a military vessel before engineers discovered a way to mass produce the warship. It is because of this that the NRS Nautilus is a one-of-a-kind flagship.

The NRS Nautilus often is used as a mobile headquarters for the New Republic. While the exterior of the NRS Nautilus is designed to be optimized for war, most of its interior seems to have been designed for crew morale. It is outfitted with suites and large mess halls courtesy of its years as a luxury liner. Most in the armed forces hope to serve on this vessel. It's arguably the most iconic vessel in the New Republic and will continue to be for many years.


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 8 Day 98: The New Republic is created after The Rebel Alliance and the SoroSuub Corporation unify their regimes to form a government.
  • Year 8 Day 121: Maradin Sandwalker was elected as the first Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 8 Day 248: Ingo R. Vailis was elected as the second Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 9 Day 24: Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar was elected as the third Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 10 Day 12: Zeff Traner was elected as the fourth Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 11 Day 6: Aves Sunfell was elected as the fifth Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 11 Day 315: The force group Knights of the Republic was announced.
  • Year 12 Day 17: Taka Aioko was elected as the sixth Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 14 Day 17: Cheda Quche was elected as the seventh Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 14 Day 75: Azzi Blackgate was elected as the eighth Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 14 Day 227: Lukastar Narvaka was elected as the ninth Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 15 Day 4: Kara DuMonte was elected as the tenth Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Year 15 Day 247: Ro Ru Wok was elected as the New Republic's eleventh Chief of State.
  • Year 16 Day 161: Endaro Kassan was named the New Republic's twelfth Chief of State.
  • Year 18 Day 3: Orion Chran was named the New Republic's thirteenth Chief of State.
  • Year 20 Day 3: Jin Solas was named the New Republic's fourteenth Chief of State.
  • Year 20 Day 74: The New Republic withdrew from the Galactic Alliance
  • Year 21 Day 16: Chief of State Galen Darksol surrenders to the Galactic Empire, dissolving the New Republic and instigating The War for the Republic.

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