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The New Republic Academy is the training centre for all members of the government and its nationalised factions, as well as some of its private sector affiliates. New recruits, cadets and old hands can enrol in courses covering a variety of areas and learn the skills they need to pursue their chosen career.

The current Academy stems from the decisions of the Superintendent Edyn Solers (Rebel Alliance Academy) and the Academy Headmaster Gavin Kaos (SoroSuub Corporation Academy) to merge the two structures in order to create the New Republic Academy. They took the teaching methods and military courses of the Rebel Alliance and the management procedures, civilian courses, and structure of SoroSuub Corporation: the extremely honed knowledge both in the military and in the civilian sectors of the two preceding academies is now offered in an unprecedented number of high-quality courses.

Organisational Structure

The Academy falls under the authority of the Ministry of State, and the Minister of State represents it within the Advisory Council.
Day-to-day running of the Academy is managed by the Administrator of Education, who oversees the Academy staff operating as three departments: Education, Administration, and Recruitment. Within each department there are various divisions and branches which delineate the overall job of Academy staff members both on-the-field tasks (giving lessons, keeping in touch with people) and in regards to administrative duties.


Democracy cannot succeed in this galaxy unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. Therefore the real safeguard of democracy, is education and it is for this reason that the New Republic Academy is both the gateway to, and heart of, the New Republic. With the possibility to think freely and with a widened spectrum of ideas the Academy provides the means through which a sentient may expand up their creativity, motivation, dignity, and knowledge.

These principles have led the Academy along its path to our present days. The Academy has known times of war, such as when the Rebel Alliance struggled to restore the usurped rights of the free beings, blended into the industrial times of peace from the civilian SoroSuub Corporation, and now it shines for the New Republic as one of the highest-caliber learning establishment in the galaxy.


The original founding principles of the Academy did not mention purposedly the word democracy but freedom. This was also the case of the original principles of the Doctrine of the Rebel Alliance which were later changed with the democracy of the New Republic Constitution.



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