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The New Republic Advisory Council consists of at least 5 members, who are appointed by the Chief of State. They are advising and providing expertise to the Senate and the CoS in operational matters and policy. They operate the day-to-day business of the civil and military departments and manage their budgets. They coordinate the strategic planning and structure of their ministries and branches. Also they support the Chief of State to ensure fair elections are run.

Ministries / Branches

Every member of the Advisory Council is responsible for the management of one of these branches / ministries, mandatory seats are denoted by (*):

  • Military (*)
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Starfighter Command
  • New Republic Intelligence (*)
  • Republic Diplomacy Command (*)
  • Ministry of State (*)
    • Ministry of Civil Engineering
    • Ministry of Natural Resources
    • Ministry of Trade & Industry (*)

The Chief of State may appoint up to 5 additional advisors on a permanent or temporary basis.


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New Republic Intelligence

The Intelligence department is led by the Director of Republic Intelligence. It's responsible for keeping information about the New Republic secure and secret, gathering important information regarding individuals, organizations and system, sectors and planets. They also hunt for Infiltrators and support the New Republic in various secret tasks. Previously it was named Center for Republic Intelligence.

Republic Diplomacy Command

The Diplomacy Command is led by the High Ambassador. It's responsible for maintenance of contact with allies, friends and neutral groups (foreign policy) and negotiation and mediation on behalf and interest of the New Republic (public affair).

Ministry of State

The Ministry of State is lead by the Minister of State. It's responsible for all civil development in New Republic Territory and overseeing the Nationalized Organizations of the New Republic.

Ministry of Civil Engineering

The Ministry of Civil Engineering is led by the corresponding Minster. It's responsible for the development of New Republic Territory. Previously it was named Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Natural Resources

The Ministry of Natural Resources is led by the corresponding Minster. It's responsible for mining and provision of raw materials from the New Republic Territory. Previously it was named Ministry of Economic Development.

Ministry of Trade and Industry

The Ministry of Trade and Industry is led by the corresponding Minster. It's responsible for the production of ships, vehicles, droids, items and weapons.

Military Advisory Council

The Military Advisory Council is a sub-council of the Advisory Council.


Chief of Military Operations 
Josh Jericho
Chief of Army Command 
Leebri Chelski
Chief of Navy Command 
Ubis Vrand
Chief of Starfighter Command Command 
Mami Ogawa

Advisory Council Members


Minister of State 
Galen Darksol
Director of the New Republic Intelligence Service 
Eleonore Silvermoon
High Ambassador 
Orion Chran
Minister of Civil Engineering  
Coren Rinou
Minister of Trade & Industry 
Tengri Lethas
Minister of Natural Resources  
Owyn Darklighter

New Republic

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Ministries State · Intelligence Service · Diplomacy Command · Civil Engineering · Natural Resources · Trade & Industry
Ministry of State Academy
Ministry of Civil Engineering Ministry of Civil Engineering
Ministry of Natural Resources JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
Ministry of Trade & Industry Ubrikkian Industries · Merr-Sonn Technologies · Industrial Automaton · Incom Corporation · Corellian Transport Services · Republic Medical
Private Sector Companies Baobab Merchant Fleet · Holowan Mechanicals · Freitek Incorporated · The Medical Circle
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