New Republic Ministry of State

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New Republic Ministry of State
General Information
Status Active
Leader Minister of State
Headquarters Republica
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Type Government Department

The Minister of State is responsible for overseeing a large part of the civilian portion of the New Republic Government. There are a number of departments that are not represented on the Advisory Council and the Chiefs of these departments report directly to the Minister of State. The Ministry of State is primarily focused on maintaining the New Republic's culture. therefor, it consists of the New Republic Academy, Culture Office, Art Team, ARGH, The Bursary and even the Department of Justice.

Ministry of State

The New Republic Ministry of State is lead by the Minister of State.


Minister of State
Gothar Elensar
Associate Minister of State
Kaja Teno

New Republic Academy

The NR Academy is responsible of educating all new and returning cadets of the New Republic.


Academy Headmaster
Anton Zadok
Deputy Headmaster
Gothar Elensar
Dean of Academics
Wesley OyKi
Dean of Recruitment
Taina Kovani

Cultural Event Planning

The New Republic CEP's goal is to actively organise events and maintain a cultural presence inside New Republic space.


Director of Cultural Affairs
Panzer Burnier


Historians are responsible for updating the New Republic's records and information hubs.


Grand Historian
Ubis Vrand

Republic News Network

The RNN regularly sends out broadcasts, giving information on current events either inside the NR or relating to the Republic.


Gile Landala

Art Team

the Art Team is a group of passionate and devoted people that seek to improve the New Republic with their artistic skills. They offer their services for customs, signatures and sometimes artistic requests from the culture office.


Art Team Leader
Shu Shei Dael

ARGH Department

The Ambassadors for Rollicking and Good Humor (ARGH), are in charge of any games or special fun projects that are meant to lift up the public's spirits.


Adel Usion
Deputy Uberjester
Alvdio Jestbul

The Bursary

The Bursary offers several projects to support citizens in their personal growth inside the NR's community. They offer loans, starter packs and more.


Coren Rinou

Department of Justice

The NRJD is an executive department of the Ministry of State. It is split into three branches: judicial, prosecutorial, and defence. All three work to serve truth, the law and order. Judicial Officers preside over and/or decide cases must be confirmed by the Senate. Republic counselors prosecute cases on behalf of the New Republic. A defence counselor will be appointed if a defendant cannot obtain another.


Associate Minister of Justice
Cal-Wan Voidrunner

Minister of State Records:

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