New Sith Order

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New Sith Order
General Information
Status Reformed into 12 Colonies
Leader Isoldor Storm
2IC Bossive Ketwol
Owner Isoldor Storm
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 232 (from DynaCorp)
Political Information


The New Sith Order was formed by Sith Master Isoldor Storm.Sith Master Storm was allied and worked for the Empire. Dyna-Corp was also originally pro-Imperial. Dyna-Corp and Storm worked frequently with Emperor Vodo and the Empire. However, several operations fell apart, resulting in loss of personnel. Master Storm and Dyna-Corp began to lose faith in the abilities of Emperor Vodo, feeling that he lacked competence and should be replaced. Storm and one of his operatives decided to launch another operation, this time excluding Vodo and the Imperial Sith. This confirmed, in the minds of Storm's men, that the problem lay with the Empire.

During another operation, Master Storm executed a pirate, and requested the standard bounty. Vodo refused to pay, insisting his bounty was only for Eidola Pirates. Angered by this snubbing of his work, Storm declared Emperor Vodo and the Imperial Sith incompetent, and unfit to reign. Storm then claimed that Vodo had failed to follow the true Sith Code. Vodo threatened Storm, warning him not to proceed with his defiance. Storm ignored this warning, and ended all relations with Vodo. It occurred to Storm to seek out other "True Sith members, others that Vodo had driven out of the Empire. Storm called these exiles together, and discussed their options. After their deliberations, a new religion was revealed to the galaxy. This new religion would train those who wanted to know the Dark Side of the Force, those who wished to be trained in the "true" ways of the Sith. This new religion was the "New Sith Order".

The New Sith Order waned out of public sight with the death of Master Storm himself. He was betrayed on-board his ship, and killed by Lance Hawke via his own governments security faction. The remnants of the New Sith retreated into anonymity, although with many choosing to follow Isoldor's second Bossive Ketwol onto his Massassi Order