Nickel One

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Nickel One
Asteroid Field.gif
System Roche
Sector Tennuutta
Galactic Coordinates (235, 155)
System Coordinates (10, 5)
Astrographic Entry Nickel One
Type cold/breathable
Primary Terrain: rock, volcanic, crater
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 67,552,242 inhabitants
Controlled By Holowan
Governor Crueya Vandron
Magistrate Crueya Vandron
Sentient Races Verpine


The biggest of the Roche Asteroids, Nickel One is considered the home world of the Verpine race. Although the actual Verpine homeworld is unknown, the Verpine have been habitants of Roche VII for over 25,000 years. Roche VII, like the other asteroids, is a series of hives held together with focused repulsor beams.