Night Thieves

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Night Thieves
Night Thieves Logo Year 1.png
General Information
Motto "Hunt This!"
"Booze, Violence, and the Corellian Way"
Status Defunct
Leader Owan D'arc (a.k.a. "Anti-Tarkin")
2IC Rik Avner
Cloud Carbine
Owner Owan D'arc
Historical Information
Founded Year 1 Day 185[1]
Dissolved Year 3 Day 98[1]
Political Information
Affiliation Chaotic Neutral
Industry Paramilitary Unit
Holosite Night Thieves (Year 4)
"We are a revolutionary group of beings from all different species who believe in the individual rights of each being in the galaxy. Each person has the right to freedom; freedom from oppression, freedom from tyranny, and freedom from unjust treatment. People have a right to choose their government, not to have one forced upon them. Governments should listen to citizens and serve them, rather than the other way around. We fight for the people and are comprised of the people. They are the galaxy's heroes, martyrs, friends and family, willing to lay their lives down for the greater good."
Night Thieves' Revolutionary Manifesto

The Night Thieves, often abbreviated as "NT," was one of the galaxy's most violent and prominent terrorist organizations during the reigns of Emperors Piett and Trey Connel. The Night Thieves described themselves as an anarchistic urban guerrilla movement engaged in armed resistance against all forms of authority. They specifically targeted large governments such as the Rebel Alliance.

The ragtag organization was formed in Year 1 Day 185 by Owan D'arc (a.k.a. "Anti-Tarkin"), Mithrandir, Idalia and C'Teal.[2] They existed until Year 3, committing numerous operations including an attempted coup d'état within the Rebel Alliance that resulted in the removal of Supreme Commander Shae Briston for high treason. Following D'arc's disappearance from the galaxy, the organization was incorporated into Hammers Slammers in Year 3 Day 98.


Owan D'arc was Chaos-in-Chief of the Night Thieves.

On Year 1 Day 185, the collective known as the Night Thieves was founded by a former Rebel Alliance Logistics Officer called Owan D'arc (also known by his nom de guerre "Anti-Tarkin"). Less than a month had elapsed since D'arc's resignation from the leadership of Centrepoint Space Station, a popular trading depot which he had built with his friend Kell Tainer.[2] Joining D'arc in this new endeavor were Mithrandir, Idalia, and C'Teal, none of whom would survive the next five years.

At the time of its founding, the original purpose of the Night Thieves remained unclear to galactic denizens. Consequently, many holonet pundits dismissed the emergence as merely another band of pirates.[2] However, by Year 1 Day 207, the Night Thieves issued a series of political commentaries criticizing the major galactic governments in the galaxy; in particular, they criticized the Rebel Alliance for their hypocrisy in pretending to be an altruistic regime while employing tactics more akin to the Galactic Empire. In responses to accusations, the Alliance High Command branded the Night Thieves as "terrorists" and placed a death mark upon them.[2]

The publicity generated by their public feud with the Rebel Alliance caused a swell in the Night Thieves' ranks. Among the new recruits who joined the Night Thieves were Rik Avner and Cloud Carbine. D'arc, Avner, and Carbine would become the nucleus of the outfit. In particular, Avner immediately formed a close friendship with D'arc. Within a few weeks, the two were often seen talking about politics, and the art of war. Though from the very beginning, others noticed that Avner wished to be a man of action while D'arc had seen enough action and would rather act as a politician.[2] Due to this friendship, D'arc soon entrusted Avner with launching the Night Thieves' first operational branch known as the Galactic Liberation Organization. The latter organization used a bootleg holonet transmitter to disrupt and to bombard the galactic news channels with endless streams of revolutionary propaganda.[2]

Rik Avner was Deputy Director of the collective.

On Year 2 Day 40, the Night Thieves and Rebel Alliance opened discussions regarding a strategic alliance. A month later, the alliance was officially announced. By Year 2 Day 130, the pact disintegrated after the Night Thieves were accused of supporting a coup within the Rebel Alliance. These accusations led to the removal of Supreme Commander Shae Briston from the Rebel Alliance. Briston was replaced as leader by David Salohah who assumed power under the new title of President of the Rebel Alliance. All rebel officers with ties to the Night Thieves were dismissed; other members were court-martialed.

Within months, the relationship between D'arc and Avner became strained for undetermined reasons. Avner parted ways with D'arc and later became a religious devotee of Alissma. After Avner left, the Night Thieves experienced internal turmoil and, on Year 2 Day 263, Carbine departed the Night Thieves and started a new company known as Paradox Resource Exploration.

By Year 2 Day 360, the activity of the Night Thieves had dropped dramatically. They issued a public statement that they were voiding all bounties on their enemies. Their diplomatic stance towards the Rebel Alliance was declared to be "neutral." On Year 3 Day 98, D'arc stepped down as Chaos-in-Chief of the Night Thieves and the remnants of the group became a mercenary subgroup of Hammers Slammers.

Eventually, D'arc attempted to rebuild the Night Thieves circa Year 4 Day 84. Whether or not he was successful remains unknown.[2]

Notable Personnel

Command Division

  • Chief Administrator: Owan D'arc a.k.a. "Anti-Tarkin"
  • Deputy Administrator: Rik Avner
  • Intelligence Operations: Agent Timeclock
  • Intelligence Operations: Agent Baron Kain
  • Intelligence Operations: Agent Jaruss Kadin
  • Intelligence Operations: Agent Novablast

Political Division

  • Director of Support: Rik Avner
  • Diplomatic Assistant: Ulic Quel Droma
  • Diplomatic Assistant: Emberlee Needa
  • Diplomatic Assistant: Mihkail al Lan

Other Positions

  • Director of R&D: Nova Andromeda
  • Weapons Specialist: Rugrin Dwaendo

Tactical Division

Space Combat Squads

The Crimson Knights

The Sulon Aces

  • Commander Kaerobani
  • Ensign Jaruss Kadin
  • Chief Petty Officer Arendi Lundar

Planetary Combat Squads

  • Director of Planetary Combat Squads: General Siather Detaan
  • Combat Officer: Colonel Mithrandir
  • Combat Officer: Captain Timeclock
  • Combat Officer: Captain Baron Kain
  • Combat Officer: Sergeant Major Arktis Auslander
  • Combat Officer: Master Sergeant Novablast
  • Combat Officer: Sergeant JG Hendrix


  • Night Thieves Banner Year 1.gif (Year 1)
  • Night Thieves Banner Year 2.gif (Year 2)
  • Old AntiTarkin Banner Year 2.gif (Year 2)


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