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Average Height1.6 - 1.9 meters
Skin colorVaried
Hair colorVaried
Known MembersList of known Nikto

The Nikto are a humanoid species that originates from the planet Kintan in the Si'Klaata Cluster.

Biology and Appearance

The Nikto are split into five distinct sub-species that all originated from a dying star's massive swell of radiation. The star M'dweshuu bathed the planet Kintan with a wave of radiation that warped and sped the rate of mutation to a frantic new level. Mutations were occurring at a level unlike ever seen on any other planet. What would have taken millions of years occurred in the tens of thousands.

The five sub-species that came forth out of the death of M'dweshuu were all distinctly different. They all, however, were deeply ingrained to be adaptable to their local geographic regions of Kintan. The mutations lead to a hugely varying appearances between the Nikto sub-species. All Nikto have some physical similarities; leathery skin, sometimes they are covered with spikes or horns near or around the face, as well as eyes that are covered with a protective membrane to shield against Kintan's harsh environment.

Lacking the musculature required for complex facial expressions, Nikto were often underestimated in assessments of their intelligence due to their 'staring' eyes and 'blank' expressions. Their equivalent of smiling was flattening their mouth flaps.


The most common sub-species the Kajain`sa`Nikto or "Red Nikto", have adapted to survive in the Wannschok, or "Endless Wastes", a desert region on the eastern half of Kintan. They have a series of forehead ridges and small facial horns surrounding their eyes and on the chin. Their noses are covered with a movable flap of skin and a semi-permeable membrane which allows the Nikto to breathe without ingesting sand and grit. The Kajain'sa'Nikto also had a pair of breathing tubes on each side of the neck with openings covered by similar membranes. These membranes also trapped exhaled water vapour and sent it back into their system.

The most notable and feared Kajain`sa`Nikto is Diabolus`ut Persolvo; leader of both the Morgukai and the Murishani Unubunko.


Kadas`sa`Nikto, or "Green Nikto", originated in the calmer environments of Kintan, such as the forests and the seacoasts. Their light green skin is complimented by small facial horns that surround their eyes and chin. Their main distinguishing feature is the long climbing claws on their hands, which have also been known to be used in combat.


Esral`sa`Nikto, or "Mountain Nikto", adapted to the variable climates on the mountains of Kintan. They have large facial fins which are used for heat regulation. These fins also helped improved the Esral`sa`Nikto's hearing making them even more efficient in their habitat. Their skin has a blue-gray hue to it and though they do not have horns or breathing tubes, they still have a covered nose similar to the Kajain`sa`Nikto.


Gluss'sa'Nikto, or "Pale Nikto", come from the Isle of Sin one of the many Islands of Kintan. Being born on these island have caused them to be natural sailors. They have a white-gray hue to their skin, eye-horns like the Kadas'sa'Nikto, and fins similar to those of the Esral'sa'Nikto, but smaller. Xenobiologists believe that the first Gluss'sa'Nikto to have been born was from the coupling of a Kadas'sa'Nikto and an Esral'sa'Nikto.


M'shento'su'Nikto, or "Southern Nikto", have no horns, a covered nose, and several pairs of breathing tubes. These tubes are much larger than those of the Kajain'sa'Nikto, and also act like a primitive ultrasonic sensory organs. Their skin color varies from white to a yellow or orange.

Cult of M'dweshuu Influences on the Nikto

The Cult Of M'dweshuu was, and still is, a Nikto-only death cult that prays to the divine M'dweshuu. It has had a sordid past in the Nikto society rife with terror, deceit and destruction. It has lead revolts and insurrections that have lead to the deaths of thousands. In its bid for control over the lives on Kintan the Cult has done everything it could to keep control. Terror was just one of the many focuses that the Cult used to codify the Nikto population that weren't a part of the cult.

The cult is still rumoured to exist in the hearts of some of the few free Nikto in the galaxy.