Nim Orlan

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Nim Orlan
Nim Orlan Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Demerilyn Orlan
Father Keitvan Orlan
Siblings Caed Orlan
Died Circa Year 8 Day 342
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Director
Positions Center of Rebel Intelligence (CRI)
Awards Operation Praxis
Beta Defense
Joint Operation Ribbon
Expert Pilot
CRI Command Citation
Service Ribbon 5+ Years
Academy Graduate Ribbon


Early Years

Nim Orlan was born on Coruscant to Keitvan and Demerilyn Orlan, third-generation shopkeepers on one of the lower levels of Coruscant proper. He had one older brother growing up, Caed Orlan. At this time the Emperor's "New Order" policy was still in its infancy and since the Rebellion had not been able to truly organize, mercenary levies were not needed. Many mercenaries had turned to the lucrative slaving market, and the urban warrens of Coruscant proved immensely profitable. Thus, at the age of six solar years, Orlan was kidnapped while running an errand for his parents' shop to the local outdoor market.

Orlan was taken to a slave market on Nar Shaddaa where a moderately wealthy Hutt landlord bought him to work his estates on the nearby Nal Hutta. Here Nim toiled for eleven years, until by chance he was freed. The only way out of his master's compound was a long narrow passage walled on either side by fortress-like embankments. It was always heavily guarded, and thus no slave would have a chance of escaping. Shortly after Orlan's seventeenth birthday a scuffle started by a disgruntled bounty hunter ended in him madly setting off a thermal detonator — at the time still firmly gripped in his own hand. Needless to say, most of the gateway guards were attempting to physically restrain him at the time and were instantly incinerated. Along with a variety of other slaves Nim managed to escape to a nearby trading post and there stowed away on the first ship out.

It so happened that the destination of his ship was the planet Sluis Van, and there he resided for the next three years. The Sluissi population was just beginning to feel the strain of the New Order policies at this time and organized resistance was soon under way. Orlan enlisted almost immediately, the idea of his new-found freedom still fresh in his mind. The resistance's resources were meager and their efforts great, but unfortunately in Nim's time there they failed to wrest the planet and system from Imperial hands.

Towards the end of his three years there, a severe crackdown on his resistance cell's operative occurred by the Imperial Security Bureau, resulting in Orlan and a few others being driven into the outlands to lay low. It was on the fringe of society that he met a Hutt trader named Kavvel and learned of the ongoing recruitment efforts by the Rebel Alliance. Using his modicum of underground contacts he finally was able to communicate with the Alliance.

Alliance Career

Orlan enlisted in the Rebel Alliance around Year 2 Day 358. He had been recruited into the Alliance by Dean of Recruits Marcus Nightcloud who wanted Nim to join the Marines, as Army was called back then. After arguing with Nightcloud for about a week, he was finally permitted to join the vaunted intelligence corps of the Alliance, the Center for Rebel Intelligence (CRI). Nim languished in the academy with the likes of Starfighter Command (SFC) pilots Alex Darkheart and Mecho Rykspin, as well as naval officer Tenx Echiveres. He finally graduated a month later.

His intelligence-gathering work was fairly low-key most of the time, but he showed enough promise to be promoted to Dean of CRI academy that spring. Upon Director Frollo's retirement, Orlan was promoted to be new Director Lazarus Metzen's deputy. Lazarus did not last long in that position, and Nim unofficially took over around Year 3 Day 195.

Two months later, Nim Orlan formally became Director of CRI. He operated without a deputy director for some time until Frollo came out of retirement and took that position once again. CRI grew in strength and numbers during the whole of his tenure. They participated in a variety of vital operations, including the allied defense of the Beta System, and planning an assault on what was the preliminary foundation of a Death Star. Nim's biggest regret was the fiasco with the Imperial spy Seele. A high-ranking member of the Empire, Seele feigned his defection to the Alliance with a variety of information and then promptly returned to the Empire about two months later. Luckily, CRI discovered that the extent of information Seele gleaned from his brief sojourn was minimal and partly inaccurate.

Around Year 5 Day 196, Nim retired from the directorship, handing the reins once again over to Frollo. He did not retire from CRI, however, and joined the military at the rank of Captain in order to oversee the Recon Wing. Unfortunately, SFC were strapped for pilots back then and the few subordinates that Nim had tended to be shiftless. The Recon Wing was abandoned and Nim primarily worked as an adviser to the High Command between this time and approximately Year 7 Day 226. He also participated in the occupation and defense of Commenor during Operation Praxis.

Assassination by Black Sun

Around Year 7 Day 200, Nim again took a more active role in CRI, this time in internal security. When Frollo once again retired circa Year 7 Day 275, Orland assumed the directorship a second time. He served as one of the key negotiators during the Alliance's unification discussions with the infamous SoroSuub Corporation. Following the controversial union of the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub into a new polity known as the New Republic, Orlan took a prominent role in the new regime.

His time with the New Republic proved to be short-lived. After publicly opposing the reign of Ingo R. Vailis as Chief of State, Nim decided to stand for election when a vote of no confidence was called against Vailis. However, when a coup d'etat carried out by the Black Sun crime syndicate transpired circa Year 8 Day 342, Nim was arrested, alongside Jedi Master Eli Lasalle and and former Chief of State Chrono von Talisman. Orlan was summarily executed by Black Sun operative Aiden Taan. The remains of his body have yet to be found.