Noah Alexandria Traner

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Noah Alexandria Traner
Biographical Information
Race Corellian/Hapan
Homeworld Calfa (Hapes Cluster)
Mother Kayda Xem
Father Kalen Traner
Corran Haliis (via Mandalorian adoption)
Siblings Wes Calais
Evan Traner
Drael Nagatee
Zeff Traner
Padme Knight (via adoption)
Born Y -11 D 266 (Age: 29)
Died Y 19 D 245
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.61 Meters
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Brown with natural blonde highlights
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads, Aliit Gav
Title "Troubles"
Rank Markgard
Positions Peasant
Prior Affiliation Sienar Fleet Systems, Tion Hegemony
"Here comes Troubles."
— Ninian Delayn

Noah Alexandria Traner, otherwise known by the callsign 'Troubles', is a half-Hapan half-Corellian female Mandalorian, adopted into Aliit Haliis. A Veteran Guardsman of the Tion Hegemony, there is little known about her; what is known is that she is an able combatant as with most Mandalorians, yet with few notches on her belt due to being relatively new to the galactic stage. Noah is noted as being disinterested in the pursuit of fame or notice, largely keeping to her own affairs.

Personal Life

As is typical of Mandalorians, Noah Alexandria Traner's life is one full of trial and tribulation, with no shortage of difficulties and challenges. Having overcome most of them through her own merit, Noah nevertheless remains a little-known member of the galactic community, though despite this many of the details of her personal life have become public knowledge - generally thanks to her own forthrightness.



Noah Alexandria Traner was born in the Year -11 to the Hapan man Kalen Traner and a Corellian woman by the name of Kayda Xem, on the planet Calfa in the Hapes Cluster. Noah was raised in Braaust, previously a small southern town inhabited by Hapans on the fringe of the law. Noah's mother Kayda Xem ranked lowly in Braaust's social ladder, and so Noah enjoyed few luxuries and much difficulty during the earlier years of her life.

Noah Alexandria's birth was one of peculiar circumstances. Her mother had spent a long time travelling and little time in Braaust, having taken the earliest opportunity possible to leave and explore the world; by the time she returned she was in the later stages of pregnancy, making her the source of much gossip and speculation at the time, not least of all being the identity of the father.

Her birth was uncomplicated - however, where her mother lived often snowed over even in the dead of summer, and the day Noah was born was no exception; on the contrary, weather conditions were noted as being particularly extreme. It snowed so heavily on the day of her birth that none were able to reach the hospital in time, leaving her mother and the hospital staff to be the only witnesses of Noah's birth. This did nothing to deter the rumours and gossip surrounding Noah and her mother.


The first few years of Noah's life were uneventful, albeit difficult. Her mother often told her that she was a special little girl, because she got to help with chores, feed the animals, bake, etc., before she was even 7 standard years, where most other children instead spent their time playing. At 7, she started in the local academy like all little girls did in the Hapes Cluster, with boys starting the year prior.

Having been sheltered up until then, it was only now that Noah learned that everyone else had a father and a mother, while she only had a mother. She asked her mother about it, and her mother said little, save to comment that he was a "heartless jerk" and not worth thinking about. She did mention that Noah's father was a Hapan however, which delighted Noah. Neither did she believe a Hapan could be a heartless jerk, for reasons of her own. This naivete lasted all the way until she was 13 standard years old.

Noah's time at the academy was unpleasant, and she found little camaraderie there. By this point everyone seemed to know she was fatherless, and her fellow girls were judgemental and harsh; Noah suffered much bullying at their hands before eventually opting to socialise with the boys several years later, who were considerably less judgemental. Spending time with the boys led to her engaging in the same activities, prompting much judgement upon her mother, especially from other parents - Hapes culture being what it was, allowing her girl to 'debase' herself to act like a boy was unheard of.

Noah herself didn't care, and her mother supported this approach, advising her to live how she chose to rather than seek the approval of others. However, the good times did not last; as the years went by, the boys themselves became more judgemental and questioned Noah's presence among them, with various childish rumors surrounding her - claims that she didn't even have a father, that she had simply appeared one day, or that her mother was a witch. Distressed, Noah eventually snapped at them. Feeling alone and abandoned, Noah was then approached by a boy called Jaden, who apologised for his words. The two became fast friends, especially upon the discovery that Jaden himself lacked a father. His mother spread the word that he was fighting in a war and earning money for the family, but Jaden told Noah the harsh truth; he had left before Jaden was born and plainly had no intention of returning. The two bonded over their shared misfortune.

To be a Mandalorian

It was towards the end of Year 2 that Noah's mother, Kayda Xem, passed away. The 13-year-old was devastated. After finishing the last academic year at the academy, with the final optional year involving etiquette, Noah made the heavy decision to leave the small town she had grown up in as her mother had done before her. Saying her farewells to her only friend, Jaden, she prepared herself for the coming journey - she gathered supplies, researched her destination and the route she would take. This process took the better part of a year.

At 14 standard years old, Noah crossed the southern river and entered the ice lands. Eventually, after much rough travel, she discovered an ice camp and worked her way into it. At first she was delegated to performing menial tasks, but as time went on and she proved her ability she was assigned rougher and harsher tasks, competing with most men. Her strength and endurance grew through hard labour as the years went by, and by the time she was in her late teens, she had proved herself the equal of most of the men, becoming a respected member of the camp.

It was in Year 5 where Noah - now aged 16 standard years - had her first encounter with life from off-world. A Mandalorian was visiting the ice camp, on his way through to another destination. Noah found the man exotic and mysterious, clad in armour and plainly very dangerous; she had never seen such an individual before, and her interest grew. While initially one-sided, this interest soon went both ways; as Noah worked and demonstrated her prowess and general level of fitness, the Mandalorian took note, and before long the two began to converse.

The Mandalorian introduced himself as Corran Haliis, Cor'Buir of Aliit Haliis. He quickly proved himself to be friendly and open to conversation, and Noah learned of the Mandalorians and of life - not only off-world, but outside of the Hapes Cluster, of the vast galaxy around them of which she knew nothing. Noah found herself fascinated by the culture, by the idea of belonging to something greater than herself, of utter loyalty to one's kin - and receiving that same loyalty in return. To a woman who had known few friends and even less family, it was an enticing fantasy. Corran Haliis went on his way, and Noah was left with it, to continue working at the ice camp.

What she did not expect was for him to return several days later, done with his business - and with an offer for her to become his daughter as is the way of Mandalorians, and to join his Aliit as one of them. He made it clear that it would be a difficult road, and she would need to undergo much hard training - but she was ecstatic at the offer. Not only would she now have a place to belong and a family to depend on, but she would at long last have a father, the thing that had been missing from her life for so long. She did not hesitate in accepting the other, and so the two made their way north to a small village named after the Clan, Haliis.

Located near to the boundary between the north-western glaciers and the boreal forests of Calfa, the village made the perfect site for Noah's training, and quickly became her new home. There, she received her very own suit of armour, and was shown out to adjust its size for when she inevitably grew. Over the course of two years, she learned what it was to be a Mandalorian, and she learned the skills and arts of war - how to use and maintain blaster weaponry, how to handle explosives, how to maintain her own armour and modify it to suit her own needs, how to use a jetpack and fight while using one, how to fly a ship, how to track and hunt prey, how to defend herself in melee combat, and countless more things besides. Fortunately, Noah proved herself to be a quick study, and she fit in to the Aliit nicely. She found contentment there. She had found a family at last.

Newly exposed to the galaxy at large, however, Noah discovered she wanted to explore it and see what was out there, as well as develop her skills - training was one thing, her Cor'Buir had made clear, but experience quite another. More, she wished to find her biological father, and in so doing find some form of closure. With encouragement and blessing from her Aliit, she prepared to set out and enter the galactic scene. No longer a helpless teenage girl.

Now, Noah was a Mandalorian.

Travels and Questions

Noah Alexandria, now typically going by the nickname of Alex, gathered her few belongings and headed off. For some unknown reason she opted to board a cheap spaceliner going - apparently - anywhere. She did not care where she went, only that she left the planet and took her first steps on her adventure. The voyage took the better part of a fortnight, but in time it landed on Callos.

Curious about the age-old warnings and stories of bandits and outlaws in the forests, the now combat-capable Noah ventured into the forests of Callos, though she found nothing but wildlife. Reaching the ocean several days later, she bartered for passage aboard a ship in one of the coastal towns, with neither objective nor destination in mind. As her wanderlust began to fade and the weeks went by, her mind turned to her father - her biological father. Who was he? Where had he gone? Did she have any siblings, was there a larger family? What had happened between him and her mother? Now with an objective in mind, and with precious little information to go on, Noah began her search.

She did not have to search for long. It was only a short time later that Noah encountered the man known as Jeff Knight and his stepdaughter Katherine Scordonian. Young and naive but sensitive to the Force, Katherine mistook Noah for her uncle, Evan Traner. Jeff's questioning led to the discovery that Alex's name also was Traner, and in the light of this coincidental stroke of fortune, Jeff helped put Noah into contact with the Traners. Mere weeks after having left her homeworld, Noah had found her biological father.

The exact details of this meeting are largely unknown - but some time later, Noah left her father and extended family behind, and carried on with her journey upon finding closure. By this point her funds were running dry, and she decided to find a job, or perhaps even a career. Noah went through a number of organisations before eventually finding her way to the Rim Mining Guild. During her time there it became Sienar Fleet Systems, and then sometime later Permanent Solutions. Remaining with the group despite these changes, Noah discovered a new sort of family in addition to her Aliit. Eventually the group merged into the burgeoning government Tion Hegemony towards the end of Y18, and Alex joined the local military as a result; while she had become competent in mining operations, as a Mandalorian her talent had always been in the arts of war, and she was eager to put them to the test.

C'est la vie

Noah's opportunity to test her skills came faster than she thought - and she was found wanting.

As the months passed, she began a relationship with the Anzati known as Aetius Morbus. His creche mistress, Kira Morbus, warned Noah that should she ever bring harm to him, she in turn would suffer at Kira's hands. This is a claim that eventually was proved true after Noah and Aetius fell apart due to the decisions of the latter. On Day 165 of Year 19, drunk and off guard at a cantina, Noah was lured away and ambushed by Kira, whereupon she was brutalised, tortured and had her right arm damaged to such a point that it had to be surgically removed by a nearby medical practitioner, Athrun Zala. While this procedure doubtlessly saved Noah's life, it left her traumatised.

This damage was only intensified when on Day 180 of Year 19, Aliit Haliis itself was attacked at its home while Noah was still recovering. Of those present there are no known survivors or witnesses, with the attackers themselves unknown, thus leaving Noah herself and Winnrel Luke as the only survivors of the Aliit, and Noah as the leader-by-default.

Consequentially, on Day 187 she made the decision to join herself to another Aliit - namely, Aliit Gav, operated by Jaster Gav. She has since spent much of her time attempting to recover both physically and mentally from her trials and tribulations, having established a true fear of Lightsabers and those who wield them, as well as a deep distrust of the Anzati as a people.

Relationships and Social Life

Her relationship with Jeff Knight was a short one, and defined entirely by her second name, Traner. A coincidental meeting with the man led to his recognising Noah's name, and putting her in contact with others who shared it. At the time however he had been depressed and grieving the recent loss of his wife, and so they never really connected on any meaningful level. Once Noah had been put in contact with her family, the two did not interact any farther, with Jeff Knight eventually dying and putting a natural end to the relationship.

Noah and Evan Traner have never met, with the latter having been missing for years; Noah has met Evan's ex-wife Drael Nagatee, however. Their initial meeting was unpleasant, with Drael having recently lost her sister; however, over time their relationship developed, and now the two exchange messages and remain in friendly contact. Noah has a similar relationship with her brother, Zeff Traner, who she speaks to whenever possible.

Very early in Year 19, Noah met the man known as Wes Calais while on a space station. As seems common with Noah, their meeting was almost entirely coincidental. Having been waiting for her ship to finish being loaded, Noah spied a man passing by the hangar holding a hologram in his hand that looked suspiciously similar to her mother, and on an impulse moved in pursuit of him. After confronting him she found out that it was indeed her mother - but more, it was his mother as well. Noah had, quite by chance, discovered her half-brother. The two have since built a strong relationship, and often speak with one another; they are considered to be very close, especially by the standards of Noah's relationships.

Insofar as romantic relationships are concerned, Noah has so far had only two notable ones. The first was with a man called Jagged Hersch, a fellow Mandalorian from Aliit Haliis. A Kiffar who was adopted several years prior to Noah, the elder Mandalorian had been something of a mentor figure to Noah during her earlier time with the Aliit. He was also Sensitive to the Force. Their relationship turned romantic at some point in Year 16, but two years later something happened and the two broke up, with Jagged returning home. The two have not met since.

The second is with Aetius Morbus, an extremely forthright Anzati of the Morbus Creche, the most famous Anzati of the contemporary age. An eager explorer and student of history, he discovered a cave near to the camp of Aliit Haliis on Calfa along with another member of his Creche, Kaidan Morbus. Noah was visiting her home at the time, and happened upon them. Some time after their adventure within the caverns, Noah was contacted by Aetius asking her out on a date, an offer which she accepted, leading to the two entering into a committed relationship since. Himself a Force Sensitive, Aetius and Noah were known to go on adventures and explore the galaxy together, and stories of the "Jedi Anzat and his Mandalorian" began to spread despite their relative secrecy.

However, it only took a short time before disaster struck. Noah learned of dark and terrible acts committed by her partner, and she turned away from him in disgust - which in turn triggered a vengeful Kira Morbus to attack Noah during a weak moment, dismembering her right arm. This led to Aetius withdrawing from galactic society for some time.

Noah has since joined with Aliit Gav, combining the remnants of her own with that of Jaster Gav. While traumatised and damaged early in to her tenure as a member of the Aliit, what little is known of Noah's activities with them implies she was happy, and had rediscovered her place in the galaxy. In particular she is attached to Jaster Gav himself, seeing him as something akin to a father figure, or at the very least an older brother.


While still a relative newcomer to the galactic scene, Noah Alexandria Traner is nevertheless a Mandalorian, and thus is in possession of a number of personal assets and effects which she makes use of in her day to day life, most notably her own suit of armour. The exact details of much of this equipment is, however, unknown at present.


Kit'n'Kaboodle Holocron.png

First and most notable of Noah's personal assets is her ship, the YT-1210 Kit n’ Kaboodle. Originally purchased for Padme Knight as a gift by Evan Traner, the ship fell into the possession of Drael upon Padme's death. Due to her sharing the name of Traner, she allowed Noah to take the ship for a price, where it has since served as her personal transport and mobile home. The ship itself is unmodified, and has all the stock capabilities of a typical YT-1210.

Details of the ship's interior are scarce, and it can safely be assumed that its room layout and contents are much the same as with most ships of this class. It does, however, contain a personal armoury on board for Noah's use. It is within this armoury that all of her personal equipment is stored.

Insofar as weaponry is concerned, her go-to projectile weapon is the A280. For shorter range encounters, she is known to make use of a Wookiee Bowcaster, possessing the physical strength necessary to wield the weapon effectively. On rare occasions she has also been observed using an X-45. While these three are the only confirmed weapons, it is doubtless she is in possession of more, and makes use of them regularly.

What Noah is known for, however, is her love of explosives - and she always carries considerable quantities of grenades and other ordnance.



The single most expensive and important asset Noah has in her possession is her armour. Gifted to her upon finishing her training with her Aliit, the armour has since been tailored and customised over time to fit her physique and personal style. Rather than the lighter contemporary Mandalorian armours, she instead favours a heavy, full-plate build, as with the Neo-Crusaders of old.

Many of the details of her armour is unknown. It is known, however, that the Kama she wears about her legs is made out of armorweave, and the armour itself is made from duraplast; the entire article alone weighs approximately ninety kilograms. Coloured blue with light white and black decorations, the armour reflects her Reliability according to Mandalorian tradition. The left bracer is angled specifically for the purpose of deflecting physical attacks, whereas the right is armoured for blocking. In addition there is breathing apparatus on the back; presumably, Noah's armour can be rendered airtight, complete with air supply.