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Xenvaer Station
General Information:
ClassTrading II
SectorHapes Cluster
SystemDeep Space
Galactic CoordinatesClassified
System CoordinatesClassified
AccessOpen to All
Heavy Lasers14
Concussion Missile Launchers2
Tractor Beams6
Cargo Stats:
Weight2,400,000 T
Volume72,000 m³
Weight Cap2,000,000 T
Volume Cap60,000 m³
Max Passengers900
Hull Stats:
Length800 m
Deflector Shields2,750
Ionic Capacity2,553

Mist House is the ancestral home of the Vir`uan Family on the world of Alsakan. Built atop a cliff, and hidden within a deep valley overlooking the ruins of Old Archais the retreat has had a long and storied history. It has survived through wars, disasters, and more. While Old Archais crumbled away, Mist House remained, veiled in the mists and shadows of her perch. Near the close of the First Galactic Civil War parts of the grounds and surrounding land was severely damaged by orbital bombardment with several parts of the surrounding Artemia Veil collapsing in on the valley below causing severe structural damage. It was during this period that the Vir`uan Family fled to the safety of the Hapes Cluster leaving Mist House in a ruined state. Starting in Year 18, recovery efforts began on the area where Mist House once stood. By the close of the year the ruins of Mist House had been recovered brick by brick and subsequently transported to the entrance of the Knot Holes where Xenvaer Station was under construction. Mist House was then carefully rebuilt within a garden scape designed to resemble the original terrain of Alsakan in a large dome at the pinnacle of the station; with only the Citadel Tower situated higher.


The Station

Citadel Tower

The Citadel Tower starts in the central dome and just up and through its top ending roughly sixty meters above its top and exposed to the brilliant light of the Transitory Mists. The Citadel Tower serves as not only a control center for Xenvaer Station, but also as a flight and traffic control hub for the entire Xenvaer Compound. The tower is managed by Station Security, but is subservient to the Heritage Guard whom is charged with defending the area of space the compound sits in. The tower's primary role is guiding traffic in and out of the area as the exit hyperspace along the Hydian Way.

The modern Citadel Tower is damned after the ancient Citadel Tower which existed at the center of Mist House in a bygone age. The predecessor to the modern Citadel Tower served a similar role, housing a shield generator barracks, security station, communications relay, meeting rooms, officers, and private quarters in its upper levels.

Due to the role the Citadel Tower plays, access to it is strictly controlled; and it can only be reached by going through Mist House an area which is already closed to the general public.

Mist House

The highest positioned section of Nocturnal, Mist House sits above the rest of the Palace and juts partially out over the cliff face. Connected to it is a private landing pad hanging out across the valley in which the personal vessels of the Ev'reuin Family can make port. Mist House serves as the primary residence for members of the Ev'reuin Dynasty, and is known to be one of the most luxurious locations in all of Old Archais. Mist House earned its name due to its posed position overtop of the primary falls that constitute the Sacrum Cataracta. As a result the grounds here are frequently filled with the chilling mists of the falls, this coupled with the fact that Nocturnal remains concealed from the sun due to its cliff perch at most hours of the day give Mist House an often eerie vibe.

While there are several entries into Mist House, the primary route is an external staircase carved into the glimmering surface of the cliff. To reach this staircase one must pass through the primary courtyard within the Nocturnal Garden. Upon reaching the staircase it's railings are overgrown with Alsakani Shade Vine,a rare type of plant that is so near to extinction it can only be found within the valley home of Nocturnal. At first glance visitors would assume the entry to Mist House relatively unguarded due to the precense of only two single Heritage Sentinel Droids flanking the top of the staircase. This is merely intended as a misleading perception, as the top of the staircase is fixed with a powerful shield gate that can seal the top of the staircase in the event of hostilities within Nocturnal cutting off the primary route to Mist House. At the base two hidden compartments on the sides of the staircase can open to release to Droidekas to defend the choke point entry to Mist House.

Reliquary Vaults

The Reliquary Vaults stretch deep under the Nocturnal Palace and can only be access from within Mist House or the Enclave. The Vaults were built by the Ev'reuin Family to serve as a replacement for the Museum of Cultural Preservation which was destroyed during the 7th Alsakan Conflict. The Vaults have, over the course of their history, held relics and information of significant note to the people of both Alsakan and the Greater Galaxy. During the evacuation and exodus from the Nocturnal Palace during the First Galactic Civil War the Ev'reuin carefully emptied the vaults, and their contents were ferried to safety aboard the 'Legatum Ex Alsakandum'. The vessel suffered a critical engine failure upon arriving at its final destination in the Hapes Cluster where it has set and served as the '"Home Away From Home"' for the family prior to their return to Nocturnal. The artifacts and data aboard have sense been resecured in the Reliquary Vaults of Nocturnal.

It is rumored that the deepest of the vaults is used to story dangerous artifacts and potentially hazardous information as it was extensively renovated and fortified prior to the contents being restored. The Vaults are patrolled by unknown droids that do not match the insignia and colors of the Ev'reuin Family and their precise purpose and affiliation is unknown.


Club Euphoria

When repairs began on Nocturnal in the early days of Year 18 Nobilis Thrall Lothbrok uncovered ancient dungeons beneath a section of the Palace. The entry to these dungeons had long been sealed over and forgotten, and no record of them remained in surviving architectural documentation of Nocturnal. After a complete mapping of the former dungeons, the Custodianship approved a project of revitalization which resulted in the complete and utter renovation of the area into a private nightclub dubbed Euphoria by its chief designer, Nobilis Lothbrok. The primary entrance to Euphoria is located outside of Nocturnal for general guests and residents of the Old District. A secondary private entrance exists within Nocturnal itself for use by residents and guests of the Palace.

The Club consists of a primary dance floor, multiple bars, and numerous private rooms overlooking the dancefloor. A private room is retained at all times for use exclusively by the Nobilis and Consilio which consists of its own bar and several private serving droids. The room is often used when the Custodianship needs to court important guests and financial investors for the Palace. All income from Euphoria goes back into the revitalization efforts of Nocturnal and the Old District. Since its opening, Euphoria has proved an important immediate financial boost to the local economy.

In the early days of Year 19 Consilio Kaidan Morbus took over as manager of Euphoria. One of his first moves was to reform one of the private rooms into his own personal office from which he could run club business out of. With his takeover, the interior of the club was overhauled from its former purple ascetic to that of a blood red. (To Be Completed)

The Grounds

Nocturnal Gardens

The Nocturnal Gardens comprise a large central portion of the Palace spreading throughout the entire center of its structure. It contains numerous courtyards, a hedge maze, ponds, fountains, and examples of exotic and rare plants from across the galaxy. The Nocturnal Gardens are home to the only remaining examples of the rare Alsakani Shade Vine, and it is carefully cultivated in the section of the gardens closest to Mist House where it thrives thanks to the excess moisture in the air.

Autumna Aria, circa Year 18 Day 74

When the Palace was occupied in the early days of Year 18 Sia Vir`uan, musing on the beauty of one of the gardens numerous central courtyards painted the Atumna Aria, showing rare insight into a brief seasonal change within the valley that lasts for roughly 40 days, in which many of the trees of the garden take on vibrant yellow and orange hues. The gardens are one of the most popular locations within Nocturnal and play an important role in the Nocturnal Ball during Carnival. During Carnival, the intrinsically rare Murakami Orchid which was planted in the central most courtyard generations earlier is opened to public display, a rare opportunity for botanists and those with a keen interest in rare and exotic things.

In the early days of Year 19, several examples of rare and exotic plants were planted and cultivated in the gardens. These specimens were provided by Dobbs Mottley and the MTAC Trading Co. The examples of Crimson Rain Moss, and Lightcap Mushroom have proven incredibly agreeable with the Alsakani Shade Vine, a plant which is typically unable to grow with any other species due to its delicate maintenance requirements.

Sacrum Cataracta

The Sacrum Cataracta is the name of the primary waterfalls that crest and fall down the cliff face to which the Nocturnal Palace sits atop. At the base the water pools into a natural basin. The Sacrum Cataracta is thoroughly filled with a misty fog at all times which permeates the entire area, allowing little sunlight to reach the often damp ground.

Sacrum Cataracta Basin, circa Year -42

The site is known to be deeply respected by the native Alsakani, as the water flow has forged deep and wonderous caverns behind the falls and deep beneath the cliffs throughout time, which has unvealed beautiful and gorgeous gemstones deep within. The caverns and falls have served as the muse for numerous artists throughout time, and in recent times has become a popular exploration and spelunking location for adventurers visiting Nocturnal. Deep within the caverns there is said to be a secure facility that only Dain Vel Iblis has access to, and that its construction was not sanctioned.

The Weeping Wall

The Hunting Grounds



The Old District

The nickname annoited to the only remaining portion of Old Archais that hasnt fallen to ruins over the centuries since the fall of the Kingdom of Archais when a one world government was formed in antiquity. The district serves primarily as a home for those in the employee of Nocturnal, and also provides a workable base for the Ev'reuin Reliquary dig operations commencing in the Old Archais Ruins. The district was heavily damaged by orbital bombardment during the First Galactic Civil War leaving the residents in a state of destitution for years afterwords. Formal restoration of the "Old District" commenced mid-year 18 with the purpose of restoring it to its former glory. As part of this operation a new starport was built to allow easy public access to the city by Nobilis Siobhan Nuullic named the Veshotini Starport. The startport serves as an important lifeline to the redeveloping settlement as it brings in valuable trade and building materials. The city is also home to the Lothbrok Trading Emporium founded by Nobilis Thrall Lothbrok which handles trade flow from across the galaxy. Finally the ancient city Forum, a public site of cultural and historic significance to Archais, has been restored to its former glory by Nobilis Dain Vel Iblis for which it has been renamed as the Vel Iblis Civics Auditorium. The auditorium continues to serve both its historic role, as well as serve the role of a cultural discovery center for Alsakan history resulting it in becoming a popular tourist spot for offworlders; a much needed boost to the exhausted regional economy in recent decades.

Old Archais Ruins

Honor Arena


Sia Vir`uan -Matriarch of the Ev'reuin Family and Primus of the Custodianship for Nocturnal

Local Holidays & Events

(Note: Section to be expanded)

Love Festival

A somewhat perverse festival, Love Festival is actually a free for all survival event in which participants are pitted against one another in a game of single sentients versus coupled sentients.


A traditional festival of Archais that has been celebrated since the earliest days of the province. Festival goers traditionally wear elegant attire and intrinsically ornate and traditional masks. The final evening of the two week long festival is marked by the Nocturnal Ball, a formal ball which takes place at the Nocturnal Palace.

Receptus Day

The celeberation of Nocturnal's Founding is an annual event in which the founding of Nocturnal by Artemia Ev'reuin is celebrated. The holiday typically consists of gifts being given in thanks by the Ev'reuin Family.

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