Nohayk Haddock

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Nohayk Haddock
Biographical Information
Race Quarren
Homeworld Dac
Mother Thif Haddock (Adopted mother: Sarchi Pasa)
Father Sqor Haddock (Adopted father: Vesfo Pasa)
Born Year 2 Day 168
Died Year 19 Day 38
Languages Basic, Quarren & Mon Cal
Quote "Don't do drugs, kids."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1m 60
Coloring Salmon
Eye Color Silver
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Industrial Automaton
Title Uberjester, ARGH
Rank 1st Lieutenant, NRAF Reserves
Prior Affiliation Republic Medical


The waters of Mon Cala were still and serene the day that Nohayk Haddock was born into the world. A Quarren by birth but Mon Calamari in spirit, the young Quarren would devote his life to the pursuit of peace for the troubled peoples of his home planet.

Troubled by Civil War, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren were separated by a rivalry exacerbated by the vast differences in their cultures: The Mon Calamari were more technologically advanced and favored peace and diplomacy whereas the Quarren were a barbaric, primitive and warrior-like race, favoring action to diplomacy. These differences in culture made peace seem to be nothing more than a fool’s dream to some, but Nohayk, despite being but eight years old, held on to the idea that one day his home world would become a bastion of peace for all and a symbol of hope for other planets struggling across the galaxy.

It was during the latter part of this conflict that the violence escalated between the two races and the Quarren turned to the utilization of children as soldiers to bolster their ranks, Nohayk among them. Issued a pike and forced to fight, Nohayk chose to abstain from combat as much as possible, instead favoring pacifism. Fortunately for him, he was assigned as an assistant to a battlefield medic, Krish Makkid. Together they would scour the various aquatic battlefields in search of the wounded to administer their care. Nohayk spent the next two years with Krish while bearing witness to the horrors of war which served only to further solidify his peaceful nature.

During a particularly heated battle, Nohayk and Krish were assigned to a unit that became separated from the main offensive force and after days of fighting, Nohayk found himself a prisoner of war, along with the other children soldiers that had been captured during the confrontation. A peaceful people, the Mon Calamari chose to educate the children in the ways of peace and intellect as opposed to killing them. The Mon Calamari King felt that if the children could be educated and civilized and subsequently returned to their people, that perhaps they could spread their knowledge and gain the trust of Quarren.

For the next six years Nohayk and the others attended rigorous reeducation programs: they studied science, mathematics, biology, engineering, philosophy and art. Nohayk’s natural ability quickly became apparent to his instructors whereupon the intensity of his training increased. He was taught by the greatest minds that the Mon Calamari had to offer at the most prestigious universities in Mon Cala City.

Then the day came that the war came to an end. The children, now young men and women, were returned to the Quarren people for reintegration into their own society in hopes that they would foster a union of peace between the two peoples. The Quarren, however, met them with suspicion and distrust, and only after much debate allowed them to return.

In the following months, the Returned as they came to be known, made great efforts to share their newfound knowledge with the elders of the Quarren tribes. Their enthusiasm was short lived, however, as those in positions of power amongst the elders endeavored to cling to the old ways. Soon after, the Returned began to be treated as if they weren’t Quarren at all, but were themselves Mon Calamari. Some of the returned chose to abandon the pursuit of peace and petitioned to return to Mon Cala City to leave their woes behind them. Nohayk, honorable in his noble pursuit, stood steadfast against the torment and refused to leave his people.

Chief among his adversaries, Nohayk’s own father took up arms against him. A well-known war hero and veteran of many battles with the Mon Calamari, Sqor Haddock took to public forum to denounce the teachings of his enlightened offspring.

It was at this point that Nohayk appealed to the Mon Calamari for guidance as to how to quiet the rising tension and alleviate another war. The Mon Calamari suggested the assembly of a joint council made of equal representations of both races to act as the ruling body of Mon Cala. Upon bringing this proposal to the Quarren elders, Nohayk possessed a renewed faith in his people as they eagerly accepted the conditions of the agreement. This renewal in faith was fleeting, as the Quarren rebuked the idea of a democratic selection process for the council members and instead chose to seat the elders already in power. Adding further insult to injury, Nohayk’s own father and philosophical adversary was chosen to lead the Quarren delegation and was awarded a seat at the head of the council.

The first order of business of the Quarren delegation was to preserve the way of the Quarren people. It was quickly decided that Nohayk Haddock was a threat to their ways and was traitor to the Quarren tribes. However, being the son of a war hero, his execution or exile was out of the question as it would bring dishonor to the Haddock name. It was decided then, under the pretenses of a necessity for greater representation in the galaxy, that Nohayk Haddock would be sent to the New Republic and given the instruction not to return until he had secured a seat in the senate of the New Republic and restored honor to his name. The penalty for returning without having completed this task was death.

Leaving behind his people, Nohayk boarded a starship and headed for Republica, anxiously awaiting what he would find there.

With his death coming to an abrupt end on Y19 D38 by a known criminal Kuga Morguul, Nohayk's mission remained unaccomplished...