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Nomads Logo.png
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Dred Furian
2IC Plaaza Biel
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 103
Political Information
Industry Recycling
Holosite Nomads


In Year 13 the term "Nomad" was coined to describe any individual or gang of sentient beings allying themselves as a loose confederation of space-faring scavengers and smugglers operating in the peripheries of known Space. To the civilized Governments of the Galaxy the nomad lifestyle is considered to be an undesirable and highly suspect occupation. Bureaucrats and law enforcement despair over the lack of formal hierarchy and seemly nonexistent accountability within the Nomad confederacy. Unauthorized and heavily armed, the Nomads are viewed as a menace and potential threat in all but the most backwater colonies of the Galaxy. To the citizens of these struggling enclaves and forgotten trade routes, Nomads are welcomed as the only force capable of securing salvage sites and defending local trade routes or willing to break blockades to sell what they have scavenged. Anywhere in the Galaxy where prosperity has been abandoned for decay, or war has devastated the infrastructure, you will find Nomads conducting salvage operations and supplying desperately needed raw materials, military technology, and ryll to its beleaguered citizens.[1]


Nomads maintains a program designed to help those who do not yet meet the Galactic Governments qualifications as a corporation. This support includes monetary support, as well as, technical and logistical support. This program helps freelancers to achieve their dreams of their own legal corporations within the galactic community.[2]


Nomads Legal

Troyter Rogue

Shortly after the formation of the Nomads there was an indictment issued against one Troyter Rogue. The indictment was filed Year 13 Day 104 going into effect on Year 13 Day 107. The indictment was declassified thereafter on or before Day 109 of the same year. It was signed by Khanate Milas`terli Nuroudo.

The charges against Mr. Rogue included: Conduct Unbecoming, Conspiracy to commit harm to the Nomads, Sedition, Conspiracy to overthrow the rightful leadership of Nomads, corporate espionage and treason. The maximum penalty was death for his charges.[3]

He was later executed by the Khanate on Day 108 of Year 13 having been found guilty.[4]

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