Nova-class Battle Cruiser

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Nova-class Battle Cruiser
Nova-class Battle Cruiser.png
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 4.0
Sublight Speed 30 MGLT
Max Speed 300 km/h
Maneuverability 2.00
Sensors 8
Escape Pods CockpitPod.gif 5
Docking Bay DockingBay1.gif Yes
Hangar Bay HangarBay1.gif Yes
Landing Capacity n/a
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts n/a
Graviton Generators n/a
Docking Port DockingPort1.gif 1
Medical Room n/a
Storage Room {{{storageroom}}}
Recycling {{{recycling}}}
Weapons/Utilities n/a
Cargo Stats
Weight 170,000 T
Volume 4,050,000 m³
Weight Capacity 900 T
Volume Capacity 16,000 m³
Max Passengers 2,850
Party Slot Size 12.00
Hull Statistics
Length 400 m
Hull 2,600
Shield 2,000
Ionic Capacity 1,250
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price 5,179,332 AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum 748
Meleenium 7,845
Ardanium 709
Rudic 558
Rockivory 15
Tibannagas 505
Varmigio 4,010
Lommite 1,967
Durelium 1,337
Bacta n/a
Hibridium n/a
Varium n/a
Affiliation Hapes Consortium

The Nova Battle Cruiser is a fascinating ship, being the premier naval battle ships of the galaxy, serving as the backbone of the Hapan naval fleet. This one-of-a-kind ship is built by the Hapan engineers, starting at the bridge, going back an estimated 400m in a swept back predatory design. It carries two wings that host an array of heavy battle weapons which are the vessels main attack firepower, not to mention its clearly superior deflector shields that protect the ship from any slight damage inflicted on it.

The Nova Battle Cruiser does not rank well when it comes to maneuverability, but it packs a powerful punch to strike terror, and holes, into any foe. This warship holds a large crew of a little over two thousand passengers, and it strike fear into the hearts of any sentient that dares to go up against this mighty warship; pirate clans, mercenaries, and smugglers have all been known to run at the arrival of a Hapan fleet comprised of the Nova warship. This ship is a threat to anything that opposes it and is more than capable to take the battle to the enemy and has earned a reputation as a formidable first strike vessel.

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