Nova Demons

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Nova Demons
Nova Demon Logo.png
General Information
Motto Demons Forever Forever Demons, DFFD, HFFH
Status Dissolved
Leader Xer`rac Jobal
2IC Graphicvs Maximvs
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 294
Dissolved Year 14 Day 49
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions
Industry Vehicle Modifications


Since thier invention Swoops have always been a popular mode of transport due to their ease to operate, fast and sleek, they are utilized by every being from every walk of life. Be it a planetary security force or the infamous swoop gang the Dark Star Hellions, to professional and illegal racing circuits that span many of the worlds both core wards and in the outer rim.

The Execution of Ayres Argetlam left many galactic citizens in shock. It was a little known fact while working with fellow Enforcer for the Dark Star Hellions Xer`rac Jobal, Ayres and Jobal were planning on creating another swoop gang. Ayres envisioned a swoop gang that would take over the Hellions. While Xer`rac had planned another chapter of Hellions, once Ayres was killed by Hellions for being a traitor, Xer`rac felt he should bring the true meaning of the Nova Demons to light.

To bring speeders, swoops, and vehicles back to the galaxy like no one else could. The Nova Demons were born From his success as an Enforcer for Hellions to the creation of the Hellions 3rd Chapter. President Xer`rac Jobal brings Vice President Graphicvs Maximvs and as well former enforcer with him to take on all challenges that may be presented to them as they enter into this market. Beyond the customized looking assets Nova Demons -DSH plans to bring back swoop and pod races.