Nyarlathotep Alaks

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Nyarlathotep Alaks
Nyarlathotep Alaks Holocron 01.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Died Year 15 (CGT)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Brown hair
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Positions Ex-Marshal (GenoHaradan)
Ex-Director (Black Watch)
Ex-Vigo of Shadows (Black Sun)
Prior Affiliation GenoHaradan
Black Sun

Nyarlathotep Alaks, also known as "Nyar", was best known for his position as the Vigo of Shadows for the Black Sun syndicate. In this role, he served as the director of Black Sun's intelligence division, Black Watch, and handled all intelligence-related matters for the syndicate. Nyar was the nephew of Tar Alaks, former Lord Marshal of Black Sun. He later served as the leader of GenoHaradan.

Marshal (GenoHaradan)
Preceded By:
Coeus Ahlstedt
Nyarlathotep Alaks
15.9515.208 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Tomas o`Cuinn
Vigo of Shadows (Black Sun)
Preceded By:
Nyarlathotep Alaks
Unknown — Year 15 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Kyran Caelius