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Commonality Emblem Year 13.png
Political information
Type of government Democracy
Head of State Supreme Chancellor Wim Jurgen
Head-of-Government Vice Chancellor
Commander-in-Chief Minister of Defense Sirius Dogstar
Executive branch Commonality Ministry
Legislative branch Commonality Senators
Judicial branch Commonality Ministry of Justice
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Territory Lol, Herios,Instrop, Ferra, Quiberon and Tammuz Sectors
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Telegron Rothani Shipworks
Date of establishment Year 5 Day 163 (as a shipwright)
Year 11 Day 150 (as a government)
Date of dissolution Year 13 Day 327
Status Dissolved
Holosite Commonality

The Commonality was a confederation of various Outer Rim sectors.



The origins of the Commonality trace back to Telegron Rothani Shipworks, a profitable shipwright firm founded on Year 5 Day 163. The latter firm gained widespread prominence for its manufacture of the popular Modular Taskforce Cruiser (MTC), a large capital-class ship, and the swift ATR-6 Assault Transport. In a bid to seek recognition as a galactic polity, Telegron Rothani Shipworks chose to band together with several powerful corporations and governments to create a unified central authority in the Outer Rim territories. Thus a sweeping merger was proposed between the following organizations:

Once all concerns regarding the merger were resolved, the Commonality was born on Year 11 Day 150. Its initial founding, however, was clouded by concurrent troubles. On Year 11 Day 120, a high-ranking executive, Inronkini Wànnéng Alani, looted the treasury and absconded with more than three billion Imperial credits. Following communiques sent via the Holonet, rumors abounded that Alani was a clandestine operative controlled by the Falleen Federation and his treachery was repayment for a recent decision to cease all trade with the Galactic Alliance. Despite the theft, trade relations with the Galactic Alliance were normalized as no evidence could substantiate the Falleen Federation's complicity in the plot. The incident only served to intensify the strained relations with the Galactic Alliance until Year 12 Day 80.


Shortly after the foundation of the Commonality circa Year 11 Day 150, a rival Outer Rim government known as the the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA) became embroiled in a disastrous conflict with the Aurodium Legion, a ruthless mercenary contingent determined to claim the Federation's territory. Colloquially known as Fifty Days' War, the conflict began with the coup d'etat led by Kain Elderan within the Federation and culminated in the loss of many of its key territories. With the downfall of the Federation, many of its former nationalized subsidiaries such as the eXiles Corporation, Koensayr, and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage chose to seek sanctuary with the Commonality.

Following negotiations, the eXiles Corporation — its leader Han Daragon and surviving personnel — pledged allegiance to the Commonality. Soonafter, Junior Partner Helen Hawk of Koensayr requested an audience with Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard of the Commonality. The two dignitaries reached a beneficial agreement that granted the remaining eXiles personnel a safe haven in the Old Republic. Shortly thereafter, Han Daragon and his staff became integrated into the Old Republic's chain-of-command on Year 11 Day 205. This marked the beginning of a new democratic era.

During Year 11 Day 250 Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard decided to retire and leave the reins of power in capable hands with now Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras. On Year 11 Day 336, Supreme Chancellor Seth Sheppard retired in favor of Vice Chancellor Korinas Vildras.


On Year 11 Day 358, while Supreme Chancellor Korinas was inspecting local construction efforts in the Yavin system, a Black Sword Fleet assault force apprehended Korinas' vessel with access codes supplied by Minister Jormungand Gand. As the four Black Sword Fleet operatives attempted to seize control of the starship, the vessel veered too close to the Yavin sun. All four of the enemy operatives were killed including Gideon Stargazer. Surprisingly, Korinas survived the attack with only minor injuries due to the ray shielding that was placed around him to keep him safe during the takeover. In the end the ray shielding saved Korinas' life. Later Jormungand Gand was stripped of his rank and fined over one billion dollars for assisting and planning of the coup d'etat.


On Year 13 Day 327, Krath Lord Frezt Raleigh was appointed leader of the Commonality to accommodate a merger between this government and the Krath Dynasty.





Nationalized Subsidiaries


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Subsidiaries Galacian Mining Corporation · Koensayr · Maelstrom Industrial Salvage
Allies Galactic Alliance New Republic · Falleen Federation · Rogue Squadron · Triumvirate Coalition · Krath Dynasty · Infinite Empire · Jedi Order · Commonality
Other Allies N/A
Sectors D`astan · Dynali · Ferra · Gordian Reach · Herios · Instrop · Quiberon · Tammuz · Thrasybule
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